Thank you to everyone who helped me with this guide. I will update it from time to time as new GhostWalker books are released.
If you see any errors or have any ideas for adding to the guide please leave that in comments for me. Thank you.
A special thanks to Dana at Wicked Scribes!


- Teams and Characters -

Dr. Peter Whitney began his experiments on 12 little girls, children he found in orphanages around the world and brought back to his basement laboratory. While still very young, these girls were split up, going in very different directions. The one thing they all still have in common is that Whitney isn’t done with them yet…

Briony Jenkins – adopted out to the Jenkins family, raised as part of the family trapeze act. Identical twin sister of Marigold Smith. Paired with Jack Norton, mother of twin sons Jeremiah Ken Norton and Noah Jack Norton. Story told in Conspiracy Game.

Camellia “Cami” – placed in the breeding program.

Dahlia Le Blanc – kept in Sanitarium in the bayou. Works for the NCIS as a field operative. Paired with Nicholas “Nico” Trevane. Story told in Mind Game.

Iris “Flame” Johnson– kept in a lab in Colorado. Given a recurring form of cancer by Peter Whitney. Paired with Raoul “Gator” Fontenot. Story told in Night Game.

Ivy – put into the breeding program. Believed to have been shot and killed on orders of Peter Whitney.

Jonquille –Youngest of the original 12 girls in Whitney’s program. Was in the breeding program. Has psychic ability tied to lightning and energy. Paired with Rubin.

Laurel – fate unknown.

Lily Whitney – kept and raised by Peter Whitney as his daughter. Paired with Ryland Miller, mother of Daniel Ryland Miller. Story told in Shadow Game.

Marigold “Mari” Smith – placed in the breeding program. Skilled soldier and sniper. Paired with Ken Norton, mother of twin boys. Story told in Deadly Game.

Rose Patterson – placed in the breeding program. Has healing abilities. Paired with Kane Cannon, mother of Sebastian Kane Cannon. Story told in Ruthless Game.

Tansy Meadows – adopted out to the wealthy Meadows family. Tracked serial killers for the FBI since age 13. Paired with Kaden “Bishop” Montague. Story told in Murder Game.

Violet Smythe-Freeman – married off to Senator Ed Freeman. Widowed. Believed to be paired with Peter Whitney.

-Team One-
This is the original GhostWalkers from Whitney’s experiments. They volunteered but then the experiments went awry, and they were held captive. The experiments caused pain and sometimes the psychic gifts were dangerous.

The team is made up of special forces including Army Rangers and Green Berets. They answer to General Ranier. They are located in Montana.


Ryland “King” Miller – Is the leader. Paired with Dr. Lily Whitney, father of Daniel Ryland Miller. Story told in Shadow Game.

Nicholas “Nico” Trevane – highly decorated sniper, never misses his target. Native American and Japanese descent. Paired with Dahlia Le Blanc. Story told in Mind Game.

Raoul “Gator” Fontenot – bomb expert. A Cajun from the Louisiana bayou. Brother of Wyatt Fontenot. Paired with Iris “Flame” Johnson. Story told in Night Game.

Kadan “Bishop” Montague – second in command. Former homicide detective. Paired with Tansy Meadows. Story told in Murder Game.

Sam “Knight” Johnson – former Special Forces instructor. Highly decorated. Raised in foster homes, taken in by General Theordore Ranier. Paired with Azami “Thorn” Yoshiie. Story told in Samurai Game.

Jonas “Smoke” Harper – grew up in a circus family. High-wire specialist and pickpocket. Master of disguise.

Kyle “Ratchet” Forbes – a Doctor. Explosives genius. Abnormally strong.

Tom “Shark” Delaney – late edition to the team. Was the Murder Game player known as Scorpion. Husband of Angela Delaney.

Tucker Addison – served in an anti-terrorist unit.

Ian McGillicuddy – extremely tall and muscled.

Jeff Hollister – suffered a stroke and brain bleeds from the enhancements.

Deceased Team One members: Dwayne Gibson, Morrison, Ron Shaver, Russell Cowling.


Team two is made up of Navy SEALS. This was Peter Whitney’s “back up” team. While team one was contained at the Donovans facility, team two was held in the basement facility under Whitney’s mansion…the same lab as the original 12 orphan girls. They are under command of Rear Admiral Frank Henderson, and have built a base with team one in the mountains of Montana.

Jack Norton – legendary sniper. Twin brother of Ken Norton. Paired with Briony “Bri” Jenkins, father of twin sons Jeremiah Ken Norton and Noah Jack Norton. Story told in Conspiracy Game. Makes an appearance in Lethal Game.

Ken Norton – legendary sniper. Twin brother of Jack Norton. Left badly scarred after being captured and tortured by General Ekabela. Paired with Marigold “Mari” Smith, father of identical twin boys. Story told in Deadly Game. Makes an appearance in Lethal Game.

Jesse Calhoun – NCIS agent. From a wealthy family. Brother of Patsy Calhoun. Spent months confined to a wheelchair after being tortured. Paired with Saber Wynter. Story told in Predatory Game.

Antonio Martinez – reported Peter Whitney’s abuses to his superiors.

Logan Maxwell – team leader. Works for NCIS. Former Green Beret.

Martin Howard – highly decorated Green Beret. Born Stefan Martinelli. Brother of Roman Martinelli.

Neil Campbell - Introduced in Deadly Game. Could do almost anything with sound. Can even kill with sound. He's considered the "soundman" for the team and can help with audio tech. Sniper.

Todd Aikens – brother of Trace Aikens.

Trace Aikens – brother of Todd Aikens.


Group three the Marine Force Recon Urban Warfare Team. They are unique in that they have been together since childhood. They formed their own family on the streets of Chicago, brought together by their shared psychic abilites. Some went on to college, while the rest joined the Marine Corps. They were reunited in the GhostWalker program, and specialize in Urban Warfare. They are under command of Sergeant Major Theodore Griffen. They make their base in San Francisco.

Jaimie Fielding – computer genius. Mother murdered when she was a teenager. Paired with Mack “Top” McKinley. Story told in Street Game.

Mack McKinley – team leader and leader of their “family”. Paired with Jaimie Fielding. Story told in Street Game.

Kane Cannon – second in command. Assigned to work in Peter Whitney‘s breeding program. Paired with Rose Patterson. Story told in Ruthless Game.

Brian Hutton – lived on the streets as a child. Sent undercover to guard Saber Wynter.

Ethan Myers Is hard to spot. Appears in Street Game. Considered a "dreamwalker". Likes to play cards. Admires Sergeant Major Theodore Griffen. Had to remove a chip from the sergeant major's hip. Was badly injured in Street Game.

Gideon Carpenter – top sniper. Never misses his target. Can see in the dark. Can hear like an owl. Telepathic. Hard to detect. Appears in Street Game.

Jacob Princeton – enhanced for underwater work. Considered a "sniffer" (ref. Street Game). Very competitive.

Javier Enderman – brilliant but unpredictable. The most dangerous member of the team. Believed by some to be a psychopath.

Lucas Atherton – excellent marksman. Good looking like a model. Considered a "dreamwalker". Considered a smooth talker.

Marc Lands – field medic. Has some healing ability. Likes coffee.

Paul Mangan – excellent marksman. Has multiple Doctorate degrees. Son of Sergeant Major Theodore Griffen.

Rhianna Bonds – Usually underestimated because of her looks. Does undercover work sometimes. Described as more of a tomboy, edgier.


The existence of team four, the Elite Air Force Pararescue Team, was a closely guarded secret even from the other three teams. Completing hundreds of nearly impossible rescue missions, each of the men of the team are highly trained medics and skilled warriors. They have built their base in the bayou of Louisiana.

Wyatt Fontenot – natural healer and surgeon. Brother of Raoul “Gator” Fontenot. Paired with Pepper. Biological father of triplets Ginger, Cannelle and Thym. Dark, wavy black hair. Eyes that shine like a cat in the dark. Story told in Viper Game.

Trap Dawkins – self-made billionaire and genius scientist. Paired with Cayenne. Story told in Spider Game.

Ezekiel “Zeke” Fortunes – grew up on the streets of Detroit. Raised his younger brothers Malichai Fortunes and Mordichai Fortunes. Paired with Bellesia Adams. Story told in Power Game.

Gino Mazza – nearly impossible to spot. A doctor. Very dominant. Paired with Zara Hightower. Story told in Covert Game.

Draden “Sandman” Freeman – Paired with Shylah Cosmos. Former male model. Navy-blue eyes. Famous high-demand model. Quiet and moody. Fast with his hands. Loves to run long distances. Doesn’t sleep much. Is a rare anchor who can pull psychic energy. Natural healer. Has a Master’s degree at first, but has doctorate by Toxic Game. Heals rapidly. Story in Toxic Game.

Diego Campo – skilled sniper. Brother to Rubin Campo.

Joe Spagnola – Team four leader. Skilled pilot.

Malichai Fortunes – grew up on the streets of Detroit. Paired with Amaryllis. Brother of Ezekiel Fortunes and Mordichai Fortunes. Very muscular with golden eyes. Always hungry. Lethal Game

Mordichai Fortunes – grew up on the streets of Detroit. Brother of Ezekiel Fortunes and Malichai Fortunes.

Rubin Campo- Grew up in the Appalachian Mountains. Brother is Diego. They’re mountain men who learned survival in a very small community in the woods. His mother and sister both died, leaving he and Diego to raise themselves. Paired with Jonquille.

Major General Tennessee Milton is the commander of Team 4.

The GhostWalker Symbol and Definitions



The GhostWalker Crest


The GhostWalker Creed

We are the GhostWalkers, we live in the shadows
The sea, the earth and the air are our domain
No fallen comrade will be left behind
We are loyalty and honor bound
We are invisible to our enemies and we destroy them where we find them
We believe in justice and we protect our country and those unable to protect themselves
What goes unseen, unheard and unknown are GhostWalkers
There is honor in the shadows and it is us
We move in complete silence whether in jungle or desert
We walk among our enemy unseen and unheard
Striking without sound and scatter to the winds before they have knowledge of our existence
We gather information and wait with endless patience for that perfect moment to deliver swift justice
We are both merciful and merciless
We are relentless and implacable in our resolve
We are the GhostWalkers and the night is ours

Here is a list of all the GhostWalker books- GhostWalker Series

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A more extensive GhostWalker Guide is about to be put on the Community under the GhostWalker Series page under "Goodies".

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Carollee Umstead Will there be more books in the Ghost Walker series?

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Karen Since gator and flame can not have children whitney storef sperm and eggs why not have him implant identical quadruplets in a surrogate and than ajail break by the guorls in one of the facilities near San Francisco who are desperate to escape 8 of them each taking a child and gators other 2 sons 9 months old and 21 month old. All the girls head to Frisco and the guys there all teams get involved and band together


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Robert Moakley while this is a good start for a list i have seen lists that were very comprehensive listing all the official Ghost walkers and the unofficial ones who are both allied with the four teams and those who were taken out as well as an accounting of various Peter Whitney supersoldiers and their individual enhancements as well as listing those enhancements that the Ghost walkers and the various orphaned girls weather currently paired with a ghost walker or not and their children based on the authors discri[ptions contained in each of the books. I was wondering if it would be of any help if we the readers helped Mrs. Feehan build the guide by enteering this information somewhere for her to have cross checked by a dedicated support staff of either her choosing. its something i thought could not only be very helpful by interactive for the readers and fans as well as giving something no matter how small back to Mrs. Feehan for her gifting us with in my opinion is a rare and unique series that covers more ground socially militarily scientifically medically technologically and romantically than any other series I have ever had the pleasure of reading. It would not only be a great honor but a privledge to help in this endeavor, each submition if this idea is accepted should contain the book and page numbers were said information came from so that those dedicated to insuring overall accuracy can cross check it and verify it before its added. like wise once the guide starts to fill out a check sheet could be posted with whats been covered and what still needs to be added per character. Mrs. Feehan is incredibly detailed in her writing and has gone very in depth with most of her characters which when added to the guide gives an amazing overview of the overall series, this could even be published for electronic distrubution to fans so they can add on to it as the series progresses. There is so much potential and no clear ending to the series (something I'm very pleased with and hope it remains so) and the possibilty of spin offs from the various unofficial Ghost walkers the teams have saved over the life of the series where our favorites could make appearances, see what i mean about potential lol. Anyway just my thoughts and opinions i hope this is helpful to some degree.

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Robert Moakley Christine wrote: "I appreciate any and all help.
A more extensive GhostWalker Guide is about to be put on the Community under the GhostWalker Series page under "Goodies"."
Am wondering if you have plans to write another book about team three. it appears as if you hinted at storylines involving Brian from team three and Jess Calhouns (from team two) sister and Javier and Rhianna from team three possibly being more than a passing aquaintence with Brian and Patsy and more than just family/team mates with Javier and Rhianna. Would love more books about teams 2&3 either way thank you for an amazing series that has gotten me through many sleepless nights. in my opinion one of the best miltary paranormal series out there and a must read for Vets just trying to reacclimate to a world we have been away from for so long.

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