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September 9, 2020

Dark Song Giveaway on Goodreads!


It's not too late to win a signed copy of Dark Song! We're doing a giveaway here on Goodreads and five lucky winners will get a signed copy of Dark Song as well as a bunch of fun swag!


The giveaway runs starting today, Sept. 9th and ends Sept. 27th. Winners will be emailed, but everyone will be notified one way or another.

The giveaway includes the following:

Signed copy of Dark Song
Carpathian bookmark
Dark Series pin
Dark Song collector card
GhostWalker pin
GhostWalker temporary tattoos
GhostWalker card holder
Lethal Game collector card
Shadow Rider pin
Torpedo Ink pin
Desolation Road collector card
Vendetta Road collector card
Torpedo Ink sticker
Leopard's Rage collector card
Leopard's Rage sticker

You must be a member of Goodreads to participate. You can find and apply for the giveaway HERE.

Good luck everyone!
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September 2, 2020

The Song: Dark Song

descriptionIn Dark Song Ferro and Elisabeta talk about each other’s “song”. It’s what they hear in the other’s soul. It’s like an aura of soul music that sings of that person’s character, intent and spirit. This isn’t the first time I’ve written about someone having a song or music around them. Even in other books music has always played an important role in my stories.

Sometimes a character can see notes playing or feel an aura of music coming from someone. Sometimes my characters play an instrument or sing, and the music reflects who they are or how they feel. Dark Melody and Dark Symphony both include music in the story. In Dark Peril the song is in small stanzas at the top of each chapter. And let’s not forget the Dark Troubadours!


For Dark Song I knew I wanted to include music and I asked my talented son, Caedyn to help write a song that could represent the book. We collaborated with me writing a chapter and sending it to him to write a verse that would match the mood of that chapter.
I loved the song so much it is included in the book at the front and then lines from the song appear at the top of each chapter like in Dark Peril.


I’ll be the bright star, in the dark hour of night;
When you’re feeling lost, I will be your light.
I am by your side with every step you take;
Fighting every demon, your love I won’t forsake.
When evil seeks a place, deep within your mind;
I will be your shield, protecting what’s inside.
I can’t heal your scars or take away the pain;
But I can be your shelter, a refuge all the same.

I’ll teach you the words, and show you the way;
You’re strong on your own but tell me you’ll stay.
A symphony of power rolling through the land;
You and I together, here we make our stand.
Once blinded by the wicked, now your eyes are clear;
Look inside yourself, there’s nothing left to fear.
The cage has collapsed, the prisoner stands tall;
The battle is ours to end, once and for all.
Now tell me this and tell me true;
Say you’ll choose me, as I chose you.

What once was a blaze, grows stronger than before;
A metal in the forge, turns a sword for the war.
A life of hope sings to you, melodies of devotion;
A world of love awaits, vaster than the ocean.

Do you have a song that speaks to your soul? Tell me what it is!
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August 26, 2020

Dark Song Game: What's Your Song Title?

Celebrating the upcoming release of Dark Song with a fun game. Let me know what your song title is!


Dark Song will be out Sept. 1st!
You can read the first chapter HERE

Dark Song (Dark #30) by Christine Feehan

In case you can't read those bottom words here they are in text-

First initial of your first name
A – Desire
B – Love
C – Whimsy
D – Looks
E – Smiles
F – Faith
G – Longing
H – Passion
I – Sex
J – Touch
K – Kiss
L – Caress
M – Devotion
N – Taste
O – Tenderness
P – Wildness
Q – Rapture
R – Readiness
S – Heart
T – Ecstasy
U – Ardor
V- Reverence
W – Warmth
X – Friendship
Y – Kindness
Z – Magic
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August 19, 2020

The Quiet Strength: Dark Song


I think it’s easy to see acts of courage when there’s a battle raging all around. It’s easy to see when the villain is obvious and engaged in evil. Our hero and heroine show their courage when they fight that evil either physically, psychically or perhaps with magic. But, there’s another kind of courage and strength that is often overlooked and that’s the courage of emotion.

If you think about it, being brave in light of overwhelming vulnerability can be the hardest fight of all. The scars can be the deepest. Losing an emotional battle can change you just as a physical fight can.


There’s a quiet strength to both Ferro and Elisabeta in Dark Song. Hers is perhaps more obvious. She’s fighting years and years of abuse. Years of being told she’s worth nothing. Years of head games and horror. Now, she’s escaped and every day, every decision she makes for herself, is an act of courage. Sometimes the greatest courage is not giving up. And smoldering beneath that vulnerability and fear is a quiet strength few see. But before it’s all over, her courage will surprise them all.

For Ferro his quiet strength is even more subdued. He’s a fierce warrior and even the other ancients fear him. He has a reputation from centuries of fighting. So, when his lifemate needs him as her shield he becomes that without fanfare. Without thought. He simply becomes what she needs regardless of how that makes him appear outwardly to the others.

As a couple their strength is in their patience with each other. And later, when everything falls apart, it is in the total trust they must give each other in order to survive.

Dark Song (Dark #30) by Christine Feehan
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August 5, 2020

Waiting in the Dark: Dark Illusion

descriptionInDark Illusion Isai Florea is an ancient Carpathian warrior who fought vampires, keeping the human race safe, for centuries before he finally realized he may never find his lifemate and he’d become extremely dangerous. So dangerous he made his way to a monastery high up in the Carpathian Mountains where others, like himself, sequestered to keep people safe. Though some Carpathians decide to meet the dawn, to end themselves instead of turning vampire, Isai and the ancients of the monastery felt that was not the honorable thing to do. He and his brethren decided to wait.

Waiting was a double-edged sword. During that time, he and the other ancients carved a promise into their skin to hold out for their lifemate. But, waiting in such a remote place did not offer much hope. So, when outsiders came offering the hope of lifemates out in the world, Isai and the others took that call and went to the United States.

There, Isai would help keep humans safe, continuing his fight against vampires. He would continue to wait.


When he came across the woman who’d helped them save a long-lost Carpathian he wondered why she’d not talk to him. What was she up to traveling the mountains all alone?

When she finally spoke Isai’s wait was over.

He’d fought evil. He’d remained honorable. He’d sequestered himself to keep others safe. He’d carved his promise into his skin. When the wait was finally over…she rejected him.

I always knew Isai and Julija’s story wouldn’t be an easy romance. There would be struggle and doubt. Not all love stories are easy. Some required patience. Some required them to fight for it. Julija had her own reasons for what she did. They made sense to her. That didn’t make Isai’s long wait easy.

Of course, true love always prevails. It’s just not always predictable.

I hope you’ll enjoy Isai and Julija’s story.
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July 30, 2020

Interviews, Book Schedule and a Thank you!

First, I want to thank everyone who bought Desolation Road. I am so grateful to all of my readers and am excited about how well the book did!
Even though the book was released early in some places, you pre-ordered the book and those sales counted toward the bestseller lists.

It's not too late! Order Dark Song by Aug. 3rd and you can have it signed and personalized! Gallery Bookshop is at it again!
They are sponsoring the opportunity to have me sign and personalize the book for you or a friend! If you’d like to get a signed and personalized copy of Dark Song just go here- Gallery Bookshop

If you don’t need your copy of Dark Song personalized, but would still love to have it signed, Barnes & Noble are offering signed copies at B&N HERE


Books Connect Us interview with myself and my editor, Cindy Hwang. Talking about my books and writing. This was so fun since I’ve not done an interview with Cindy before! INTERVIEW

Book Schedule for the rest of 2020

Dark Illusion in paperback Aug. 4
Dark Song in hardcover Sept. 1

Lethal Gamein paperback Sept. 29

Leopard’s Rage Nov. 10

Conspiracy Game with Walmart exclusive, collector’s cover Dec. 8


Reckless Road Feb. 9th

Lightning Game (no date yet)

Shadow Storm (no date yet)

More to come

Aug. 7th come celebrate the paperback release of Dark Illusion and listen on a bit about onDark Song Reader’s Entertainment Radio. We’ll be talking about my Dark series, answering reader questions and having a great time! It’s at 1PM Pacific/ 4 PM Eastern and lasts half an hour -RADIO
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July 15, 2020

The Mystery of Scarlet – Desolation Road

Never forget that a woman who reads is a dangerous woman indeed. If you're already read Desolation Road , you know that.


I can really see Scarlet becoming a favorite for so many, myself included. She is full of mystery. She is a kick-ass librarian both smart and courageous. She’s beautiful inside and out. Of course, Absinthe was going to fall in love with her.
She’s a very layered character so writing her was fun for me. I enjoyed writing every single page. Even the difficult ones. These characters, Absinthe and Scarlet were so well matched, so strong they were fun to write. Having her have her own psychic gifts was really fun. And for her, dangerous in ways she never dreamed of.

Scarlet has a former life she has to deal with. A former life that comes back on her when she’s not yet prepared. She’d hoped for more time. But, she knew it was possible her past could cost her her life. Having a relationship wasn’t in the cards for her. Maybe it never would be. Then along comes the most sexy, intelligent, incredible man in the world and what’s a girl to do?


Scarlet and Absinthe have amazing chemistry. She wants him with everything she is. Then, her past starts to take a dark turn. And some of it surprises Absinthe…and Torpedo Ink.

I’m excited to have readers meet her and discover how courageous and amazing she is.

My Official Website

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Christine Feehan Instagram

(Exclusives, Sneak Peeks, Discussions and more) - Exclusive Online Community
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July 8, 2020

The Magic of Absinthe - Desolation Road

descriptionHis psychic talent has been the most used throughout the series so far and it makes him intriguing now that he has his own book. I love that he’s this mystery, not just to readers, but to me. Writing Desolation Road was as much a journey for me as I hope it will be for the reader. Absinthe and Scarlet are an amazing couple who I feel are well matched on every level.

There are a lot of reveals in this book. Things I’ve always known were coming and soon I’ll find out what readers are most excited about when they discover it.

Absinthe doesn’t tell his brothers and sisters about the little librarian he’s been coming to see. He doesn’t even let Scarlet know he’s in a club at first. Not because he’s ashamed, but because he wants her to know him just as himself first. For a while she doesn’t even know his club name. So, you can imagine the scene when that gets revealed, right? LOL


Absinthe is very sexy. In my mind I see him so clearly. It’s not just his perfect body, handsome face or bad boy lifestyle. He is super brilliant. And to me, intelligence is sexy. This man is layered in sex appeal and Scarlet isn’t a silly girl. She sees it too. Unfortunately, her past and her plans don’t really align into having a relationship. So, our guy Absinthe has to use his considerable charm and training to convince her otherwise.

We find out what his intimate needs are and that was a discovery for me, too. It’s something that’s actually kind of popular though not something people talk about openly unless you’re in that lifestyle. Some people will love it, some won’t, but I hope people at least find it interesting.


Just like all of Torpedo Ink he has his tragic backstory that follows him and tries to crush any possibility of being in a relationship. Of being loved and accepted.

Absinthe has found a woman that has the potential of giving him everything. Now they just have to survive their past and the challenges of being together to get their happy ever after.

My Official Website

Christine's Facebook

Christine Feehan Instagram

(Exclusives, Sneak Peeks, Discussions and more) - Exclusive Online Community
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July 1, 2020

Desolation Road – The Music Behind the Book Trailer

I love music. I listen to it when I write, when I exercise, to meditate or dance. Music has always been a part of my life even though I am not a musician. So, when I first heard the music they wanted to use for the Desolation Road book trailer I was excited and approved it right away.


The song is haunting and the words were perfect for the trailer that gives a glimpse inside the book that is Absinthe and Scarlet’s story. Ironically, the song could represent each character individually, or as a couple.
Desolation Road (Torpedo Ink #4) by Christine Feehan

I love the song so much I reached out to the artist, Will Van De Crommert to ask him about the song and to show him some of the many comments posted on social or emailed to me about the song.


From Will - Composers and authors actually have a lot in common. We’re both artists that work and create primarily on our own, in solitude. We spend countless hours honing our respective crafts and when we finish an album or a book, we have no idea how it will be received after the work goes public. It’s both creatively fulfilling and terrifying, so you can imagine how gratifying it is when there’s such a positive response to a track or album I have created.

I am incredibly grateful and humbled when I receive a positive response to my music. Creativity almost always requires risks on the part of the artist, so it’s always a pleasure to see a track, like Last to Fall, be well received by fans like yours. Many thanks!

Will watched the Desolation Road book trailer and said, “The trailer for Desolation Road looks like an exciting addition to her Torpedo Ink series, and I’m pleased to have my music alongside a promo for what looks to be a very exciting addition to this literary world.”

Quotes from readers about the song-

I love the music in this trailer. Who is it by?
Love the trailer!!!
Love the music, who is it and what's the title????
I love this whole series!! Can't wait for Absinthe's book!
Love this series What is the song called, it is brilliant?
Ok I think I need to track down the music from the trailer! lol what is the title of it and who is it?
Omg I soooooo cant wait Christine Feehan may I ask what song is used in this trailer pleaseeeee
This is beautiful. And the music is prrfect.
Not usually a fan of the trailers but...OMG this is fantastic....where can I get this music!!?

I knew how the song made me feel, both while watching the trailer and just listening to the entire song on its own so I asked Will more about the song.

From Will - This album (called Last to Fall for the title track) arose in collaboration with a music house in my native Minnesota. For this release, I wanted to create a sonic backdrop that could support larger-than-life worlds, exciting stories, and dark narratives. Much of my musical training is based on my university classical training, my pop music sensibilities, and my time as a film and television composer in Minneapolis and Los Angeles.

You can see Will’s music video for Last to Fall here-


Will’s album releases on June 19th on iTunes and pre-orders start on June 11th! If you enjoyed Last to Fall I hope you’ll check out his album.


Desolation Road releases July 7th. I’ll be taking questions on Ask the Author for Torpedo Ink the entire week of the release starting July 6th. I can’t give out spoilers, but I’ll answer any questions I can.

Check out Will's album!

Link to album.
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June 26, 2020

Desolation Road Video Teaser Gives More Hints

descriptionI love how this book has already caused some conversation with the book trailer. I’m hoping the story will be one readers talk about for a while after they read it.

I thought it would be fun to surprise everyone with an extra book teaser for Desolation Road. This has a different approach to it though.

I think men should always be careful of women who frequent libraries or bookstores. Women who surround themselves with books. You should never underestimate them. You don’t know what she’s read. So you don’t know what she knows. Her mysteries are as vast as her TBR pile. LOL

I hope you enjoy the teaser! Let me know what you think!


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