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August 23, 2022

Phantom Game: Looking Back and Going Forward

descriptionJonas “Smoke” Harper is in Team One of the GhostWalkers and was one of the first of a group of soldiers experimented on…enhanced. Camellia Mist was in one of the first group of orphaned girls genetically enhanced and trained as children to become elite soldiers as women. Sent out on dangerous missions and deemed expendable by the government sanctioned scientist Dr. Whitney.

In Phantom Game, as a special army comes to attack the GhostWalkers Jonas and Camellia must put their special gifts to the test in order to save their teams and their families.

This story, just like all of the GhostWalker books, is a standalone but reading Shadow Game, the first in the GhostWalker series gives you insight to how Jonas and his team escaped the horrible fate Whitney had planned for them.


In Conspiracy Game you get a glimpse at just what Whitney had in store for the orphaned girls he took for experiments…and for his breeding program.

In Phantom Game, Team One and Team Two have finally found a safe haven to raise their children. Or so they thought. When a specially trained and enhanced army comes looking for them and their children the two teams use their combined power and training to survive and claim their right to life.


I loved writing this book and bringing back some beloved characters. Team One suffered more than any of the other teams and now you get to see them as survivors who’ve taken back their lives and grown beyond anything Whitney could have imagined.
Readers who have read the series will love catching up with these characters and people who are reading Phantom Game as their first GhostWalker experience will get to experience the excitement of these GhostWalker teams!
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July 27, 2022

Writing Romantic Suspense Is Not New for Me


I’ve been asked before why I started writing romantic suspense. I think I’ve always written romantic suspense. It just also happened to have a lot of paranormal elements. Suspense is, at least in my opinion, as much of a hallmark of my stories as romance and a happy-ever-after. What I do feel is different when it comes to Murder at Sunrise Lake and Red on the River is the mystery – the whodunit. And the fact that I don’t have graphic sex in this new series.

When I look back at the Drake Sisters series and the Sea Haven series, I feel that this new series is quite similar to these. It’s a tight-knit group of strong women who empower each other and are like family to one another. There’s not as much paranormal in the new series. I’d call it paranormal-light.


Like the Drakes or Sea Haven series there’s a touch of humor, a bit of the paranormal, sisterhood, romance, suspense and a happy-ever-after. Oh! And that small town feeling. With the Drakes and Sea Haven series there is the town of Sea Haven. With this new series the town is Knightly, but it’s still a small town with interesting characters we meet along the way.

I hope to write more stories about the amazingly strong women of Knightly and hope readers will enjoy their stories.
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June 29, 2022

The Mysteries of Relationships: Red on the River

Red on the River is a romantic suspense story but it is also a mystery. If you enjoy looking for clues and guessing at who the killer is then I hope you’ll give this book a try.


I love the dynamics of relationships. I write about more than just romance and feel all relationships are interesting.

Vienna has a variety of relationships she has to face. She’s very real and down to earth in how she thinks of relationships and has respect for them. Even the difficult ones. The relationship between she and her mother has been estranged, so when Vienna ends up in Las Vegas, where her mother lives, it’s time to address what happened between them. Many people are estranged from those they love and we see how that affects Vienna during her trip.

I love how she interacts with her family and friends. She’s a heroine I hope readers admire and can see themselves as.

In Red on the Riverhe hero, Zale, is a man of mystery. Vienna isn’t really sure of what he does for a living but she knows it is secretive and dangerous. Just like he is. He is her own personal mystery.


I loved writing this couple’s story. They are both risk-takers and they put their hearts on the line to find that that is the biggest risk of all. I love that they’re complicated as individuals and as a couple, but they want to simplify their lives. It becomes something they both crave. And something that isn’t easy to achieve.

Tell me who some of your favorite heroines are!
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May 24, 2022

Feehan & Co - NEW STORE

I'm so happy to share that the Feehan & Co. store is now open!


So many readers asked about the swag from our giveaways and now readers can purchase a variety of quality items and some that's not available anywhere else.

The items include the scarf and glove sets, tarot cards, jewelry, candles, blankets and more.


My son, Brian Feehan also has items available and you can purchase books that can be signed to you.


I don't run the store. But, if you have questions you can always contact them HERE.

Let me know what you liked best in the store!

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May 18, 2022

Red on the River Puzzle

A few more weeks and Red on the River will be out! I can't wait for June 28th!
I thought it would be fun to do a puzzle based off of the book! I hope you enjoy it!

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Published on May 18, 2022 15:18 Tags: christine-feehan, murder-myster, red-on-the-river, romantic-supense

April 27, 2022

The Danger of Shadows: Shadow Fire

Shadow Fire brings us back to the discussion of how horrible it can be to ride the shadows.


From the very beginning of the series, it was made clear that riding shadows wasn’t something easy to do. Some people just couldn’t. Some people did but paid a high price for it. Having the ability to ride the shadows wasn’t a guarantee that you’d be successful at it. So above and beyond a rider’s ability to use the shadow tubes, they also had to be well versed in fighting and weapons. In killing.


The Ferraro’s lost their young brother, Ettore, in the shadows. Their mother pushed the younger Ferraro into going into the shadows in order to save her own pride and it was Stefano who had to retrieve his brother’s body from within the shadow tubes. Riding those tubes takes a physical toll on the body.


When Nicoletta was forced to ride the shadow tubes with Taviano in Shadow Flight, in order to escape a group of killers, she became disoriented and ill at first. It would take training in order for her to learn to ride the shadows like the others.

Brielle Couture is a woman who doesn’t take failure lightly. Not if she can improve herself and come out on top. She’d not been the prettiest sister. The most eligible. Riding the shadows made her extremely ill. And though no one thought she’d be a Shadow Rider, she had the Shadow Rider genes and that was where they saw her value. But, Brielle didn’t see herself that way. She would train regardless of the cost. No one would take away what she had fought so hard to do. No one would take away the life she carefully worked at having. A husband. A family. Respect and perhaps even affection.


Everything she worked so hard to have would be put into question, challenged or potentially taken away.
Riding could cost her everything, including her life. But she wasn’t about to let Elie Archambault dictate what she could or could not do.

Sometimes we want something so much we are willing to do what it takes to have it. And when we get it, it’s not good for us. Even when we know it’s a bad idea, we’ve fought for it for so long it feels like you’d rather take chances than give up.


Brielle will have to make compromises in her new, married, life. Making the wrong choice could be a point of no return when you’re a Shadow Rider.
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April 21, 2022

Shadow Fire: From Paris with Love

For several years we’ve followed the Ferraro family of Chicago. And though I wasn’t ready to let them go, it was time to move on and meet someone new. Someone from a different family of Shadow Riders.

I wrote Shadow Fire to introduce someone from a different family.


I hadn’t thought about writing Elie’s book. He was a fun secondary character that I enjoyed writing. But, soon he took on a life of his own and he insisted he had his own story to tell.


The Archambault family, which is centered in France, is notorious not only for their shadow riding abilities but because they are a family who also could mete out justice to other Shadow Riders. Try to imagine what kind of training you would need to be able to kill well-trained assassins who could also ride shadows.

The fact that Elie had a dark side to him made perfect sense. He was raised in the shadow of a great family. The expectations of his skills was extraordinary. Because the Archambault family was akin to royalty in its own way, a great deal of discipline and little affection was simply the way Elie was brought up.

When it was dictated to him that he would marry a woman of his family’s choosing, Elie rebelled. And the young woman his family wanted to tie him to heard every cruel word Elie had to say about why he’d not marry her. Elie tried to apologize later, but to no avail. She disappeared and he left France, joining the military and then the Ferraro security detail.

But Paris was never truly far away. Not in his memory. Or heart.


There had been a woman there who’d caught his attention. A woman who stood out. He only had to wait until she was old enough. Ready enough. Now that was gone. As was the chance of a love-match.

He accepted the terms of an arranged marriage. A woman from France. Who met a very specific criteria. She would have everything…but his heart.

She arrived in the United States already married by proxy. The ceremony just a formality. They finally were able to meet in person. And that’s when everything went to Hell.

I had such a great time writing this book and giving Elie someone that would challenge and fulfill him.
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Published on April 21, 2022 13:31 Tags: christine-feehan, elie, shadow-fire, shadow-riders

April 4, 2022

Writing Romantic Suspense Mysteries


I’ve always loved reading mystery novels. The Sherlock Holmes series was a favorite of mine. Nancy Drew, The Hardy Boys, and I loved Agatha Christie. Then I found romantic suspense and Laurie R. King’s Mary Russell mysteries series, Karen Rose’s amazing thrillers, Tess Gerritsen, Sandra Brown, the list is endless! So, to say that I’ve always wanted to write a romantic suspense mystery is an understatement.

I’ve written since I was very young. So, there are some initial mystery/thriller books that I’ve written that will never see the light of day. Let’s call those my practice run. Lol

Last year I decided to sit down and plan out a mystery novel. I normally am a linear writer and pantser. But, to write a mystery you do have to have some planning. I wanted people to really have to guess at who the killer was. It was every bit as fun as I had hoped and that is how Murder at Sunrise Lake came to be published.


I loved the women and the feeling of sisterhood in Murder at Sunrise Lake and though the next book, Red on the River, utilizes those characters it is a standalone book. It is also a romantic suspense mystery. Set in Las Vegas with a poker tournament and a killer following Vienna and her friends as they hike and boulder, this still has a touch of paranormal to it. And it has a hot hero with a secret government job and skills that can save, or end, someone.


The romance between Vienna and Zale is one of my favorite things about Red on the River . It’s an emotional relationship full of passion and hope. This is definitely an action book and I’ll be really interested in how long it will take readers to figure out who the killer is.

Murder at Sunrise Lake will be released in paperback May 24th and Red on the River releases in hardcover June 28th.

Who is your favorite mystery or romantic suspense author? Or what is your favorite mystery novel?
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March 9, 2022

Phantom Game Word Search Puzzle

Celebrating the release of Phantom Game with a fun word search puzzle!


You can download the PDF of the puzzle and print it as well. DOWNLOAD HERE

Find out about other GhostWalker books HERE.
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February 28, 2022

A Game of Betrayal: Phantom Game

Like any action film there’s a great deal of conflict in Phantom Game. The main story is, of course, a love story. But this is also science fiction and action. Lots of action.

We’re back with Team 1 and 2 and that brings with it old conflicts. These are the teams that were first experimented on. They have a lot of problems both physically and psychically. How have they fared over the last few years? We’re about to find out.


Jonas has always been a quiet character who I knew had some dark secrets he didn’t even want his team to know about. So when I realized Camellia would be the heroine of Phantom Gamet I knew immediately Jonas would be the hero. Camellia keeps secrets as well.

Put two secretive, strong, enhanced people together and add incredible romantic chemistry into the mix and stir in betrayal it is going to make things explosive.

Many readers ask about the children of the GhostWalkers and they’ll be happy to get a little information in that regard. Not only is there an enemy army coming to Montana to attack the two compounds, but they have every intention of capturing one of the children and murdering the others.


If you’ve not watched the Phantom Game book trailer you can see it here and get a little more insight to the story.

Will the betrayal within destroy them before their enemies even arrive?

Her secrets will change a lot for the GhostWalkers as they introduce new information.
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Published on February 28, 2022 17:11 Tags: christine-feehan, ghostwalker-series, military-romance, paranormal, phantom-game