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Laurell K. Hamilton Sometimes I do think who hasn’t been on screen recently and try to put them front and center, but most of the time the characters choose for me. One way I know I’m doing my job right is when characters become so alive they start making decisions I didn’t plan on.
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Laurell K. Hamilton
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Laurell K. Hamilton From your question I take it you have not read my book, Jason. Read and enjoy. :-)
Laurell K. Hamilton No, it wasn’t my plan to have the sexual content go up in the Anita books. In fact, the Merry Gentry books were created in part to have a main character that was more comfortable with sex. I wrote the first Merry book, Kiss of Shadows and then sat down immediately to write Narcissus in Chains. I was surprised that the higher sexual content continued into Anita. But I’ve struggled over the years with the fact that I was more comfortable with the violence in my books, but not as comfortable with the sex. I asked myself why was I okay with the amount of violence necessary for my stories, but not okay with the sex between people who cared for each other? I’m truly sorry that the change in the books bothered you, but I believe that I have some kick ass mystery and thriller plots in the latter books, as well as the early books, so sorry that you are missing the latest Anita adventures.
Laurell K. Hamilton Yes, I am going to write another Merry book. Sorry for the long wait, but both Merry and I were pretty beat up after the last book. I am making notes on the next book, but it’s not ready to be written yet.
Laurell K. Hamilton No, there will be another Merry Gentry book. I’ve been making notes on it, but I know there are at least two novels ahead of it in my creative que.
Laurell K. Hamilton I tried to write Jean-Claude out of the series in book three, Circus of the Damned, but I couldn't do it. I realized that both Anita and I would miss him too much. I tried again in book eight, Blue Moon. Once I realized Jean-Claude was here to stay, I don't believe I ever said I didn't want to write about him. My instincts were right on one thing though, by letting him stay in the series past the early books his special brand of vampiric powers changed the direction of the series from what I had planned.
Laurell K. Hamilton Funny you should ask, because Rafael is in Dead Ice. He has more on screen time in this book then he has since, I think, Narcissus in Chains.

I have no idea when I'll get to the book where Anita goes home to visit her father and stepmother, but I do have it planned out.
Laurell K. Hamilton It has the potential to damage my copyright on my own characters and world. You can write it, but please don't tell me about it. I'll pretend it doesn't exist and we'll all coexist in blissful "ignorance".
Laurell K. Hamilton Macy's and they're from the Jessica Simpson collection, actually.
Laurell K. Hamilton I won't know until my publisher tells me the final desitantions of the next tour, sorry.
Laurell K. Hamilton I've already made notes for more Merry stories. I believe we'll see more Holly & Ash, but I can't give an absolute guarantee. 80% sure we'll see them at some point.
Laurell K. Hamilton I'm not sure that Merry has as much mundane in her life as Anita does, because the magic is even more intrinsic to Merry. I have a couple of short story ideas for Merry and her world, but they are as full of magic as the novels.
Laurell K. Hamilton I've actually been writing the Anita Blake series for over twenty years, and Merry Gentry for ten years, and each book makes it easier to get into the reality of each of my fictional worlds. Practice makes me a better writer, in all ways.

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