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message 1: by Megan (new)

Megan Lyons | 14 comments I have read only 57 of the novels on the list, but I keep plugging away at it.

message 2: by Julia (new)

Julia (juliajs) | 9 comments I have read 33 books as of last night, on to the next!

message 3: by Kristen (new)

Kristen (ravenskya) 80 or so

message 4: by Lenoir (last edited Jan 16, 2009 01:12PM) (new)

Lenoir | 27 comments I've read 40-something so far.

message 5: by Katie ATX (new)

Katie ATX (katieatx) | 74 comments I'm on my 47th

message 6: by Amira (new)

Amira I've read 72 and half of 2

message 7: by Laura (new)

Laura (laurita) | 44 comments 198. Feel like I've got a pretty good momentum going.

message 8: by Julia (new)

Julia (juliajs) | 9 comments What has been everyone's favorite?

message 9: by Stephanie (new)

Stephanie (sbez05) | 32 comments Laura wrote: "198. Feel like I've got a pretty good momentum going."

Wow - good for you! I've just hit 24 - yuck, I have a long way to go. My list would be higher if I counted high school reads, but I can't remember them so obviously didn't get much out of them. I figure I'd better give them another go-round.

message 10: by Patricia (new)

Patricia | 8 comments I've read 92 on the 2006 list and 79 on the 2008 one. I figured I'd throw in both lists b/c the 2006 one is better for me . : )

message 11: by Landi (new)

Landi | 1 comments So far I have read 56 of the books on the list.

message 12: by Daniel (new)

Daniel Teo | 10 comments I'm on 29 now.

message 13: by Christina Stind (new)

Christina Stind | 183 comments I've read 26 since I joined Goodreads in October 2007 - I have read some before that but I plan on rereading them but if I count them as well, I think my total would come to about 40 so still not that impressive...

message 14: by Princess (new)

Princess  Peach (annabananafish) | 9 comments I've read 47....which is an accomplishment for me, because when I first joined goodreads less than a year and a half ago I wasn't even at twenty! Granted, most of the books I've read so far are shorter ones, like Of Mice and Men and Siddharta whereas the books I have left are more like Ulysses and War & Peace, but it's a work in progress....I'm hoping to hit 65 by the end of this year.

message 15: by Deanne (new)

Deanne | 682 comments 613 so far, favourite probably LOTR, though I've discovered a few books to add to my favourite bookshelf.

message 16: by Katherine (new)

Katherine (katats) | 151 comments I just finished number 74.

message 17: by Esther (last edited Jan 18, 2009 11:48PM) (new)

Esther (eshchory) I've read 70 but I didn't include those I never finished and some that I'm not sure if I read them in Simplified English (EFL).

Most of the ones from the last 2 decades were the most ponderous, pretentious and occasionally turgid books I have read. Many I never want to read. None of my favourites made the list.
Once I delved further back there were quite a few good choices and several I have on my TBR list.

message 18: by Kristi (new)

Kristi (kristilarson) | 266 comments I've read 61 from the original list, and 54 according to the updated list. (I've read 63 of the combined lists, out of 1278.) My goal is to hit 100 by the end of 2009.

message 19: by Willa (new)

Willa (dryad23) Hi! I've just joined this group, but I've been tracking my list for about a year on my own. Started at 21 and am now up to 51. I'm hoping to hit 80 by the end of the year!

message 20: by Jon (new)

Jon | 5 comments 613 so far Deanne? thats insane! watch out though if you keep going at that rate youll be ready to die before you want to lol.. mind you theres always 1001 movies!

im on 75 which doesnt seem to bad considering i wasnt really trying and only just discovered the list

message 21: by Mari (new)

Mari 91 books so far - I still think there's no way I'm going to get through the list before I die lol... If I could just give up that whole sleeping, eating and working time - I'd sure get a lot more done!

message 22: by Angie H (new)

Angie H ummm 15! WOW that is bad.. but to be fair I only started reading off this list late summer..and I only read about 2 books/month off this list.. I read alot of non-list books.. I'm not sure if I will ever read the WHOLE list.. but I have 98 on my tbr pile so I'll eventually make it about 10% through =).. I've enjoyed MOST of the books so far...

message 23: by Deanne (new)

Deanne | 682 comments Jon
I'm counting on them redoing the 1001 every 2 years or I'm going to have to pick a couple of books not to read. Although I believe Land is a Korean book and only translated into French. Tried Finnegan's wake but it just seemed like another language.

message 24: by Mari (new)

Mari Deanne wrote: "Jon
I'm counting on them redoing the 1001 every 2 years or I'm going to have to pick a couple of books not to read. Although I believe Land is a Korean book and only translated into French. Tried ..."

I couldn't get through Finnegan'a Wake as well and just couldn't get through it. I think that one's on the Fadiman 100 Reading list as well, I just can't make myself finish it.

message 25: by Luiza (new)

Luiza | 20 comments I've read 27 (which is terrible), but I haven't started working on the list yet... I will as soon as I finish the Left Behind series.

Jon - are you doing the 1001 movies as well? I am =)

message 26: by Niche (new)

Niche 113.

message 27: by Monique (new)

Monique (moniquereads) | 9 comments I have only read 14 of them.

message 28: by Kecia (new)

Kecia On the first list I saw -- which I thought was current, but wasn't -- I'd read approximately 80, 40 of which I didn't feel the need to read again, and the remainder of which I hadn't read in a really long time and wanted to read again.

I have no idea how those numbers adjust for the most recent list.

message 29: by Lianne (new)

Lianne (eclecticreading) As of right now, only 35 books (according to the updated list; I think around 40 if you include the books from the old list) xD Slowly getting there...ever so slowly, lol :D

message 30: by H.J. (new)

H.J. Swinford (hayleejalyn) I have read 51! It sounded so impressive until I thought, "Wow...I have 950 more to go. Darn."

message 31: by Camille (new)

Camille (thefiercepanda) | 6 comments I had already read around 50 before I discovered the list... and found I already owned another 50 that I haven't read yet.

message 32: by Emma (last edited Feb 01, 2009 09:05AM) (new)

Emma (mnium) | 138 comments I've read about 62. I try not to count the ones I've read but don't remember but it's so hard...I want the credit!

Oh, plus 13 from the books that were removed.

message 33: by [deleted user] (new)

I have read 34. I plan on reading 42 this year. If I can accomplish this then it will be easy to add 42 every year.

message 34: by Asa (new)

Asa | 65 comments I have actually read 142 books, but most of them was before I knew of the list. After I decided to try to read all 1001 (this autumn) I've read 41.

message 35: by Juliane (new)

Juliane (libristar) | 26 comments Just started number 41!

message 36: by Michelle (new)

Michelle (lifeasabooknerd) I've only read 20...geez, what a loooooooooooong way to go! To be honest, I'm not only reading books from this list, so who knows if I'll ever complete this goal. I am going to try to read the 26 books on the list that I already have this year and go from there.

message 37: by Molly (new)

Molly 101, but I hadn't counted them until now.

message 38: by Trinah (new)

Trinah | 2 comments I've read 60 out of the possible 1283 on the list, including both versions.

message 39: by Katie ATX (new)

Katie ATX (katieatx) | 74 comments I'm currently on my 51st.

message 40: by Lori (new)

Lori Anderson (lorianderson) I've read 70 of them. Some of them I'm sure I read in school but can't remember them so I'm not counting those.

message 41: by Kathy-Diane (new)

Kathy-Diane I didn't expect I'd made much progress, but was surprised when I added it up to see the total is 134. Alright!


message 42: by Chel (new)

Chel | 376 comments 88 so far.

message 43: by Cheriese Vega (new)

Cheriese Vega I'm starting #11. I just started counting recently, though...

message 44: by christine. (last edited Feb 23, 2009 07:46PM) (new)

christine. (futurememory) | 6 comments I just counted. 54 books, without having ever seen this list before! That's pretty good, I'd say. That's of the compiled list.

message 45: by Jessica (new)

Jessica | -1 comments I'm at 28, up from 17 when I first picked up this book a few months ago. I have a lot of work ahead of me...

message 46: by Chel (last edited Mar 12, 2009 03:25PM) (new)

Chel | 376 comments This is very interesting. I just finished number 89. HOWEVER, I found the newer Boxall edition with 284 changes to the list and like it better because it has a greater international selection of authors. So, I am switching to the new list and with the changes I have dropped 22 books from 89 completed to 67! That's ok because alot of the books, (such as Time's Arrow by Martin Amis and Sula by Toni Morrison, or Fox by D. H. Lawrence, or Cryptonomicon by Neal Stephenson) that were dropped were excellent reads. So now, with the newer Boxall edition I am at 67 complete! If you are more of an Anglophile and like more British, American, and older authors then the older list is for you!!

message 47: by Chel (new)

Chel | 376 comments Utilizing the new Boxall edition I am up from 67 to 70 now.

message 48: by Mike (last edited Mar 04, 2009 03:33PM) (new)

Mike | 16 comments I have 14 that I have read, 3 that I am currently reading, and 49 that I have on my to-read list.
It's not impressive, but damn it I'm 16 and trying.

message 49: by Stef (new)

Stef (buch_ratte) | 5 comments So far I have read 10 books of the list. Obviously I prefer to read books that aren't on the list but I have several books on my TBR so maybe things will change by the end of the year.

message 50: by Rory M. (new)

Rory M. | 27 comments At this point in time I've read 46 of the 1001 books on the list. Since the beginning of the year I've read 4 of the titles & I'm hosting a book discussion group on facebook (1001 Books You Must Read Before You Die - The Active Book Discussion Group...however we aren't that active!). So glad I found this site!

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