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message 1: by Swiftfire, is Timon (new)

Swiftfire | 7738 comments Mod
((This flock will be starting out at the School. If you don't know what's going on, please make a character first and then post in this topic to let us know you would like to be in this flock. In other words, don't randomly join the flock if you're not on the list! As soon as this flock is full, we will make another topic for a flock like it so that no one flock will get too crowded and confusing. Anddd... I think that's it. Have fun!))

message 2: by Rachel (new)

Rachel (idealandunique) | 306 comments The building vibrated slightly. She knew they were at it again. I laid her head down on the cold floor of the medium sized dog crate staring at the tube coming out of my arm. "One day,we'll get out," I whispered softly so no one could hear.
I would do almost anything to get out of this place. Away from all the needles and the overly clean smell. "One day..." Unwillingly I fell asleep. The needle in my arm must have made me. "That's it Lithos," the whitecoat said, "Sleep."

Diabolical Daemonic   (DemonicAngel) | 719 comments ((Wow!))

Pain, bone deep pain. Thoughts...running like molasses. Where? Where was I? Mother? I'm afraid...

It came, like it always did. The memories, the torturous past. And the very beginning, the beginning with a softly smiling woman fading, fading from my mind.

Ismael, I was once called Ismael, though that was not put in mind here, here in this school of the dead and dying. Of the sick and twisted.

The trash were coming, as they should, experimenting with god knows what. I do not think that it is normal to have one moving your vital organs, but perhaps I am wrong.

Cain, he was what you could call a friend, though we should have been enemies. Him being a monster, an 'eraser' as they had been dubbed, and I a mutant freak. But, he was a friend, unlike the lowly trash crouching beside him.

Hael. Just his name made me want know not.

"Come, Ismael, the doctors want to see you." Cain smiled, his fanged teeth widening in a grin.

Yes, the doctors. As if I could forget.

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Someday, either Demonic or Swifty are goinna write a book and I'm gonna laugh, saying "HEH. IT'S DEMONIC/SWIFTY" and people are going to stare me down, thinking I'm on drugs.))

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Savita (haltranger) | 7756 comments Mod
((:D Agreed.))

message 6: by Rebecca (new)

Rebecca | 1454 comments ((heh. Probably both will. Let's just hope they remember us when they're famous!))

message 7: by Savita, is Pumbaa <3 (I...don't remember who Pumba is....) (new)

Savita (haltranger) | 7756 comments Mod
((They better. *murderous look in eyes*))

message 8: by Jay (new)

Jay "Take this one back to her cage. The anistetic should wear off in a few hours, but make good sure that it doesn't get out again." A commanding voice said in the pitch dark. Jordan's head swam, all of her sences blured. What happened? Why is everything so dark?Then she remembered having that needle being jabbed into her arm bring her into a vortex of darkness. What happened after that was a mystery. Jordan suddenly felt like she was being very violently trown into a cage, hitting the back of it quite hard. But she didn't care. Se had stopped caring years ago. The constent sight of people dieng, having needles being jammed into everyinck of her body, and being forced into doing such painful and barbaric tests had dulled her sence of morning, of feeling genuine pain. Suddenly the all-to-steril room begain to swirl into a whirlpool of color, until the pitch-black darkness was all Jordan cold see.

Diabolical Daemonic   (DemonicAngel) | 719 comments ((lol, nice guys))

" see the main lab." Hael drawled, nimble fingers unlocking the dog cage swiftly.

He, he was one of them, a mutant, yet siding with scientists. How he loathed him. He crawled from his sanctuary and prison, feeling joints and bones crack.

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Swiftfire | 7738 comments Mod
((Aww, me? Y'all are so sweet. Becoming an author is my dream, but I think I get distracted wayyy to easily to be able to actually write a book. :/))

message 11: by Jay (new)

Jay ((are there Erasers still?))

message 12: by Swiftfire, is Timon (new)

Swiftfire | 7738 comments Mod
((YUP YUP.))

message 13: by Swiftfire, is Timon (new)

Swiftfire | 7738 comments Mod
((^ Erasers with wings that can breathe underwater, I think we decided.))

message 14: by Jay (new)

Jay Not long after Jordan fell unconscious was she rudely awakened by a non-stop shack to here medium sized dog crate.
"You know, to some people it's considered rude to wake them up in such an unkind way." She said to the man shaking her cage with a voice that could cut you to pieces just by hearing it.
"To bad you’re not a person, freak." he said in response. "Ouch, that was uncalled for, wasn’t it? Especially considering you’re the same as me, dog."
This earned her a swipe of the Erasers claws that made contact with her face, leaving three deep cuts running along the side if her cheek.
"Was that supposed to hurt?" She looked at him; her ice cold glare had a murderous affect to them, no sign of pain anywhere. The Eraser had beads of sweat forming on his forehead. He grabbed her arm and pulled her out of the cage with tremendous force, almost dislocating her shoulder.
"Come on freak. They want you in the main lab for god knows what." He grumbled, avoiding her eyes. Good. Just the thing she needed. More of those inhuman tests were just the thing she needed.

message 15: by Jay (new)

Jay ((YAY!!!))

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GSGS | 2896 comments Mod
((Only fifteen posts?! Oh well, I'm not gonna complain.))
Skye shivered slightly as she opened her eyes. The lines of a cage were like a permanent layer over her vision. She crawled forward a little, wincing in pain. The room her cage was in was dim, but she could hear the sounds of other people. She tucked a strand of her hair behind her ear and sat back down on her knees, smiling grimly. This wasn't her School. She'd been transferred by the scientists, just like they'd been saying for about a month now. She sighed. She was going to miss the friendships she'd made at her old School, but there wasn't anything she could do about it. She decided she'd wait a while before trying to talk to anyone. She shuddered once again when she thought of the Erasers that had flown her over here, then tried to get some sleep.

message 17: by Rachel (new)

Rachel (idealandunique) | 306 comments Lithos shivered slightly, and silently, she cried. She couldn't take it anymore, the pain, the smell, everything. She hated it when she could here her friends screaming. She could feel their pain, as they could feel hers. But only one of her flock was in the same room as her, Skye. She was her best friend, the only one she could talk to where no one else could hear. "Skye, you awake?" She whispered, tapping on the box next to hers.

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GSGS | 2896 comments Mod
"Lithos?" Skye whispered. "You're here too?"

((Uh, Skye was just transferred from a different School to this one - do you want that to be the same for Lithos?))

Diabolical Daemonic   (DemonicAngel) | 719 comments The halls were blank, like the prairie fields after a blizzard, not a single splash of colour.

Ismael felt a gathering cloud of darkness gathering in the back of his mind, threatening to overwhelm him.

message 20: by GSGS, is Rafiki (new)

GSGS | 2896 comments Mod
((wow, poetic XD))

message 21: by Rachel (new)

Rachel (idealandunique) | 306 comments ((i was saying that we met when you came to this school but that works too))

She was afraid Sky would answer back. "Please don't answer, please," She thought to herself."Please she got away." But when Skye answered back, she could hardly hold back her fear.
"Oh my gosh. Please tell me I'm dreaming! I though you had gotten away!" Hot tears reformed in her eyes.

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GSGS | 2896 comments Mod
((she only came to the school right then))

"I thought you were still at the old School too," Skye replied. "But here we are... at least we're still together, I guess."

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Rachel (idealandunique) | 306 comments "Yeah I guess that's true," Lithos thought a second,"Skye? let's say I could somehow, get you out of your cage, you think you could break into the computer and cause and uproar?"

message 24: by Swiftfire, is Timon (new)

Swiftfire | 7738 comments Mod
((^ YAAYY. PLOT. :D))

message 25: by Rachel (new)

Rachel (idealandunique) | 306 comments ((hahaha :D))

message 26: by GSGS, is Rafiki (new)

GSGS | 2896 comments Mod
"I guess," Skye said. "But I think if I got out of the cage my first priority would be getting everyone else out and then escaping."

message 27: by Rachel (new)

Rachel (idealandunique) | 306 comments "That's what I'm saying," Lithos ducked back into her cage as a whitecoat walked by in the next hall, then continued talking. "We just need a big enough distraction. If I can get you out, you think you can get to the computer lab undetected and cause an uproar? Then get back here as fast as you can to help me free the others." She waited for a reply.

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GSGS | 2896 comments Mod
((Sorry, I can't remember, what's Lithos' power??))

"It's a good idea," Skye frowned, "but we don't know very much about this place. Where the computer lab is, for instance." She readjusted her position, shaking out the cramps in her arms.

message 29: by Rachel (new)

Rachel (idealandunique) | 306 comments ((1675957 Name: Lithos (greek for stone)
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Species (whitecoat, Eraser, bird-kid, etc): bird-kid
Appearance: tall, curly dirty blonde hair w/ bangs, tan skin, blue eyes with a ring of yellow in the center,dark brown wings but around the top rim of them they are pure white
Personality: kind, understanding, can kick butt if necessary, Bubbly, can be harsh, sometimes forceful
Powers (if any): can generate high winds or heat by flapping her wings. Can see farther than most.
Skills: can crack a safe in ten seconds flat. knows the history of things. can read a little greek.
History: i don't remember anything from before i was 13. i woke up one morning in a dark ally not knowing who i was. i eventually found my flock.
Other: my one weekness is the cold. my strength will dwindle quite a bit. ))

"Hmm," She looked around for something to give her an idea. "Wait, What time are they coming to run tests on us again tomorrow?"

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GSGS | 2896 comments Mod
"They've already done tests on you?" Skye moaned sympathetically, thinking she must have been out cold pretty long, seeing as she missed one round of tests. "Couldn't they just get results from the other stupid scientists, instead of starting new experiments?"

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GSGS | 2896 comments Mod
((and thanks for the character rundown =D))

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RCRC  (rcrc) | 392 comments "That's a good idea" Spencer said from his 5 star dog cage.

message 33: by Rachel (new)

Rachel (idealandunique) | 306 comments ((no prob :D and how did you know it was blue??? haha))

"Out cold? Well at least you couldn't feel anything." She winched at the pain in her own arm, but tried to shake it off." Anyways, i think they're coming at 2:00. So when the time comes make a dash for it. Try to avoid being seen, but try to follow the whitecoats, i'm sure they'll lead you to the lab."

message 34: by Rachel (new)

Rachel (idealandunique) | 306 comments "Spencer, I didn't know you were here! Are you ok?"

message 35: by Rachel (new)

Rachel (idealandunique) | 306 comments ((by the way, mind telling us your powers and stuff so we know? :D))

message 36: by Jay (new)

Jay "Get in your cage. Next round won't be as easy as today, freak." he shoved Jordan in to the cage shutting the door with a loud bang. Every inch of her body was covered in puncture marks from the dozens of needles jabbed into her. "....dash for it.......avoid being seen.....lab." She looked around, spying the 3 transfers talking about something in the cages across from her. "hey, are you guys trying to break out of here?" She whispered, careful not to let the white-coats and Erasers hear her. She couldn't help it, but she would grab at any chance to try and get out of here, and that doesn't mean in a body bag.

Diabolical Daemonic   (DemonicAngel) | 719 comments Kiba staggered down one of the halls, stifling a yawn. Damn that Baryons, he would kill him one of these days, he was sure of it.

"Where's the kid?" he barked at a passing doctor, black hair spiked wildly around his head.

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GSGS | 2896 comments Mod
"Spencer? Wow. They got everyone." On hearing another girl's voice, Skye tensed. She wasn't too sure whether to tell the girl anything or not. She didn't even know her name. She hesitated. "Uh, yeah... I guess." She leant closer to the cage wall, and whispered so only Lithos and Spenvcer could hear her. The two people she'd known from the old School. The only people she really trusted. "Should we tell her...? I mean, she could help with where everything is and stuff."

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GSGS | 2896 comments Mod
((@Rachel: I guessed blue... the first try. I really do think I have special powers. Here are the profiles for Skye - and Spencer, so RCRC doesn't have to - sorry, Demonic but you have to DIY, I'm so confused which of your charries are Flock 1 :D

Name: Skye
Gender: F (uh duuh)
Age: 14
Animal Characteristic: 2% avian
Looks: Blonde hair, light blue eyes (where her name came from) Medium height, very slim
Personality: Shy, a bit withdrawn. Has a sense of humour which she keeps to herself. Is passionate and sensitive to other people's feelings. Which is good when she's not fighting, not so good when she is.
Powers: Technopathy (she's good with technology)
Skills: She has strong senses (eg: hearing vision etc)
Other: She's not Australian this time. That got kinda annoying. Anywhoo...
History: Spent most of her life in a School and was recently moved to a different one.

Name: Spencer
Gender: M
Age: 15
Species (whitecoat, Eraser, bird-kid, etc): Bird-dude. (( I was going to be a evil bird chick, but I changed my mind!))
Personality: Laid-back, not fussed about life.
Powers (if any): Can withstand extreme conditions. E.g.- extreme heat and cold.
Skills: Dunno…Find some later.
History: Doesn’t know his parents and grew up at the ‘School’.
Other: Pffffffft….

Uh, JD, did you make a character profile? I couldn't find one, sorry))

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GSGS | 2896 comments Mod
((Found it!
Species (whitecoat, Eraser, bird-kid, etc): Bird kid
Appearance: Charcoal black hair with copper highlights (or are they lowlights?**shrugs**), misty grey eyes, medium colored skin, caucasian face, athletic/cuvy body, lean, really strong but not much muscular build but more than average, 5'7", with hawk-like wings.
Personality: tough, quite, protective, strong willed, stubern(sorry, no spell check), not an easy person to read, first asumptions of her are almost always wrong, and she's not good at showing emotion.
Powers (if any): (Flying being the duh factor,)extrodinary strength and when she draws a picture it suddenly appears somewhere in the room.
Skills: master martial artist, weapons expert, and survival specialist
History: joined the flock 3 years ago, but they still don't know much about her before she joined besides that she got her scar that runs down from the middle of her left shoulder blade down to the end of her mixd back. Her spotted falcon wings cover it up though.
Other: Hawk vision ((hehe....)), hears things from long distinces like it's 5 ft away, and can push about 235 at the bench (but she punches WAY harder than that.)))

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Jay Great, now my only chance to get out of this place is slipping away. Jordan thought harshly, desprite for any chance of escape. "Look, they aren't doing the tests at 2:00, thier taking us at 8:00 am. and thier putting 2 Erasers to gaurd each kid, but at 7:00 thier only putting 3 Erasers and a small handful of unarmed whitecoats on this floor.Trust me or not, this is the only chance we're going to get in years." She was telling the truth, those new assistents were reviewing the information that the lead whitecaot gave them, saying everything out loud. as quite as they triedto be, they were not quite enough for her to hear thier every word in lovely detail. Ah, she loved how ignorent the whitecoats could be. The littlest slip up that they made would end in the complete termanation of thier jobs.

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GSGS | 2896 comments Mod
"Are you sure?" Skye asked nervously. As nice - and honest- as the girl may seem, Skye had forgotten how to trust people. It was an easy thing to do in a world of cruelty and fear.

message 43: by RCRC (new)

RCRC  (rcrc) | 392 comments "Well this sucks! Is it just me or is anyone’s 15ft wings getting awful uncomfortable in this stupid cage?" Spencer attempted to stretch out his wings, but failed. “I can not take this anymore. We gotta get out. We gotta get out NOW!” Spencer said shaking the cage door.

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GSGS | 2896 comments Mod
"That's why we're making plans, Spencer," Skye smiled a little at his impatience. "And I don't think shaking the door's gonna help or everyone else would've escaped ages ago."

message 45: by RCRC (new)

RCRC  (rcrc) | 392 comments "Well sorry for trying to get out!" Spencer said and sat against the back of the cage.

message 46: by GSGS, is Rafiki (new)

GSGS | 2896 comments Mod
"You don't have to get so agro," Skye said, wondering where exactly Spencer's cage was; she couldn't see it.

message 47: by RCRC (new)

RCRC  (rcrc) | 392 comments "Sorry...I guess this whole being-trapped-in-the-cage thing is messing with my head." Spencer replied.

message 48: by GSGS, is Rafiki (new)

GSGS | 2896 comments Mod
"You've been trapped in a cage for how long, Spencer? The better part of your life, right?" Skye stretched out her back. "I guess that's why your head is like it is," she said, outloud but more to herself.

message 49: by RCRC (new)

RCRC  (rcrc) | 392 comments "I heard that!" Spencer called out. "Remember- super hearing or whatever..."

message 50: by GSGS, is Rafiki (new)

GSGS | 2896 comments Mod
"Damn super hearing," Skye said, rolling her eyes.

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