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Unapologetic_Bookaholic 1.The Year of the Cat New Poems v Laura Stamps
2. Fuck the Foreplay v J.M. Snyder
3.The Name on My Wrist v J.M. Snyder
4. Love in the Library v J.M. Snyder
5. Tempting the Beast v Lora Leigh
6. The Forest of Hands and Teeth v Carrie Ryan
7. Countdown [Prequel to Patient Zero:] by Johnathan Mayberry
8. Patient Zero A Joe Ledger Novel
9. Deep, Dark by Johnathan Mayberry
10. Sword of Darkness by Sherrilyn Kenyon
11. Caressed By Ice v Nalini Singh
12. Hunters: The beginning v Shiloh Walker[swappable:]
13. Naughty or Nice antho. [swappable:]
14. Sin Eater Naughty Nooners v Evangeline Anderson
15. Burning Alive v Shannon K. Butcher[swappable:]
16. Weddings From Hell[swappable:]
17. Hell by Jet Mykles
18. Faith by Jet Mykles
19. Changing Perspective by Marilu Mann
20. First Taste by Paisley Smith
21. Bride's Holiday Gift: Naughty Nooner
22. Swing v Opal Carew
23.. Bound and Determined v Shelley Bradley
24. The Man Within v Lora Leigh
25. Kiss of Heat v Lora Leigh
26. Red [yaoi manga:] v Sanae Rokuya
27. Whiteout v Vicki Delaney
28. Honk If you love real men antho.[swappable:]
29. Storm Born v Richelle Mead [swappable:]
30. A New Earth v Eckhart Tolle
31. Only the Ring finger knows [yaoi manga:] v Satori Kannagi
32. Dark Hunger v Sara Reinke
33.BOB's fall Lora Leigh Veronica Chadwick
34. Brothers in Arms the courage to love Samantha
35. Pledge Slave (ebook) E. Anderson
36. Planet Mail Kate Pearce
37. Chain Letter Chris Pike
38. the calusari Garth NIX The X Files
39. Eve ellen steiber, cliff nielsen
40] Nauti Dreams Lora Leigh
41] Want Witches Want Laura Stamps
42]Beautiful cocksucker by Barbara Sheridan
43] The Hunted by LA BANKS
44] Tiger, Tiger the x-files
45]If Angels Burn LYNN VIEHL
46] Deathbringer by Bryan Smith
47] Craving Beauty by Nalini Singh
48] Knowing Caleb (ebook) Cameron Dane
49] Working for the Devil Lilith Staintcrow
50] Halfway to the grave Jeaniene Frost
51] Pleasure Unbound by Larissa Ione
52] Marked by Joely Skye
53] Slave Boy by E. Anderson
54]the assignment E. Anderson
55] no going home t a chase
#1 Dark Elves 1: Taken by Jet Mykles
56]Lover Eternal by J R Ward
57] Dark Elves 2: Mastered by Jet Mykles
58] Risen by J Knight
#59] Shifter anthology
#60] Desire Unchained by Larissa Ione
61] The Englor Affair
62] Phoenix Rising by Kimberly Gardner (ebook)
63] Heaven by Jet Mykles *re-read*
64] Call of the Witches by Laura Stamps
65] Family Guy: Stewie's Guide to World Domination
66] A Promise of Romance (a yaoi romance) By Kyoko Akitsu and Tooko Miyagi
this being only my 2nd full length yaoi novel I did enjoy the characters, setting and story. I would love to read more yaoi and the ill. once again were gorgeous.
67] One foot in the grave by Jeaniene Frost
68] The Cost of Eternity by Shayla Kersten
69] Broken Boundaries by Evangeline Anderson (ebook)
70] A Good Man Is Hard To Find by Jeanne Laws(ebook) A quickie. A sweet m/m novella involving The Old West, cowboys and vanilla scent body oil =D
71] Catalyst Laurie Halse Anderson (YA) What it must feel like to want to get into the college of your choice and deal with everyday life as a teen. Good.
72] Mr. Hands by Gary Braunbeck


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Unapologetic_Bookaholic 2/2

73] Land of Falling Stars by Keta DiabloWith my liking historical romance, tenative. I am glad that LAND OF FALLIING STARS was able to breath life into the Civil War era once again. A determined heroine, a love sick hero, lies and deciet. The sensual love scenes embracing the story like a lover. I became a fan of Keta Diablo after reading this book. ISO: more from this author.

74] Passion Unleashed, Demonica, Book 3 by Larissa Ione
Shawna's review, well said =D.

75] Skaterboy by J.M. Snyder(e-book, short, free) My first real read from J M Snyder. Amazing. I know I am going to love reading a full length novel. For a sweet G-rated m/m quicke. A must!

76] This Christmas by J.M. Snyder (e-book, short, free) J M Snyder develops his character is such a short amount of time. Great inner dia.

77] At Grave's End by Jeaniene Frost I still love Cat and Bones and while the story dimmed their relationship scorched the page. A must for any Cat and Bones fan.

78] Cowboy by J.M. Snyder

79] Gemini by Chris Owen
80] Delia's Crossing by V C Andrews
81] Lone Star Legacy by Roxanne Rustand
82] Paul's Dream by Rowan Mcbride
83] Orange Moon By Barbara Sheridan and Anne Cain
84] Out of Bounds by T A Chase
85 and 86] books Nahum and Obidiah :the Holy Bible
87] Last Wolf Standing v Rhyannon Byrd
88] Gentle Cage v You Shizaki
89]Set up with the Agent v Lori L Harris
90]Special Assignment v Ann Peterson
91] Sheik Seduction v Dana Marton
92] The Last Bite v Evangeline Anderson
93] The Broken H v J L Langley
94] Dark Hunter Companion v Sherrilyn Kenyon
95] Pot Culture by Shirley Halperin
96] Coach by Carol Lynne
97] Side-Lined byCarol Lynne
98] Sacking the Quarterback Sacking the QB by Carol Lynne
99] Off-Season by Carol Lynne
100] Delia's Heart by V.C. Andrews
101- Castaways by Brian Keene
102- The Empress' New Clothes by Jaid Black
103- Good Girl Seeks Bad Boy Ellora's Cave by Vonna Harper
August 2009
104- Dying to Live by Kim Paffenroth
105- The Unsung Hero by Suzanne Brockmann
106- Bound by Leather by Mychael Black
107- Bad Boys, Bad Boys by Mia Watts
108- Don't Ask, Don't Tell by Sean Michael
109- Red-headed Stepchild byJaye Wells
110- Edge Of Hunger by Rhyannon Byrd
111- Dark Whispers by Barbara Sheridan
112- Broken Vows, Blood Hustler by Evangeline Anderson
113-Fireworks by Evangeline Anderson
114- I'll Be Hot for Christmas by Evangeline Anderson Mormonism What You Need to Know
115- Beyond the Highland Mist by Karen Marie Moning
116- Reasoning from the Scriptures with the Jehovah's Witnessesby Ron Rhodes
117- Fireflies by Ally Blue
118- Outcast by Evangeline Anderson
119- Daddy's Little Boy by Alan Holloway
120- Angels' Blood by Nalini Singh
121- Unhappy Endings v Brian Keene
122- Cut Throat v Sharon Sala
123- Secrets, Skin and Leather v Sean Michael
124- With Love v J.L. Langley

2009 total books read: 124

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