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Map of Fates (The Conspiracy of Us, #2)
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SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. YA Mystery. Girl is blackmailed into finding prophecy in 2 weeks or else her mother is killed. Book cover: girl walking down stairs wearing purple dress. [s]

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i read this book very recently, around february to march of this year. I assume that it was made recentaly as well, maybe 2016-2020? I remeber the plot well, charecter names not so much. i think that it is in a series and probrably the second book. A girl is in this family legacy thing and shes like the heir to something, which is why she has violet eyes. She has 2 "guards" one is british and she is close to the other is russien i think and she has an arranged marriage w him. She is givin 2 weeks to find i think a prophocy to get better clues on where to find this thing she decides to go back to her bio dad and half siblings (a half sister and half brother) whom she recently discovered. She is forced to agree on going around the world to find a suitable husband (arranged marriage) but soon after about halfway into this trip someone starts murdering them (it was to bad because the ones that got murdered were acc chill and had good personalities). I forgot to mention this but she had an older half brother whose name was oliver im pretty sure but he was murdered in a car accident and his guard at the time was the main girl's british gaurd. during all this her russien guard is always finding places for her and her british gaurd to meet up with him so they can find this thing (again im sorry that my memory is spotty but i think what they needed to find was a prophocy of some sort). they acc found this bracelet which they belived held the prophocy somehow but at the time they couldn't figure out how. somewhere in the book they make friends with a house maid and their other friend tags along too (again - terrible memory but their friend was importent i think). anyways the maid was pretty badass btw so just mind you the main girl and the british gaurd were kinda a thing but they never said they were but you could definetly see that they were a ship. eventually the main girl finds out that her british guard and her half sister used to be dating or something so she got mad and thought that the british gaurd only stayed close w her jus bc she looked like her half sister. i remember a scene where she and her russien guard are out practicing fighting and useing a gun and from that scene they got pretty close. they all go to paris bc i think they had some event to go to and they later realize that the main girls half sisblings are evil and want to get their hands on the prophocy so at the event the half siblings place a bomb and everyone gets hurt and their bleeding then the half siblings get everyone in the room and they mix the main girl and her russien gaurds blood bc it made something special ig and that opened the bracelet and revealed the prophocy which i am pretty sure was that their blood when mixed together would make a bad and deadly disease/poisen. i am sorry but i cant remember anything much after this sp if anyone has read this before or reconzizes it please let me know!
thank u for reading thru my confusing summary of the book haha and also the cover was a girl walking down the stairs and her dress is purple.
thank u!

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J, I removed the ALL CAPS from the topic header. It looks like shouting.

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J | 3 comments omg yes thank u so much!

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