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Middle Grade/ YA Fantasy series. Book 1: Girl who travels, falls in love. Book 2: Girl is captured or stranded on island, finds man in mansion full of technology, love triangle. 3-4 books. Read around mid 2000's. Brittany 4 11 59 minutes ago  
SOLVED. Children's Coming-of-age? novel. Friends see a boy in a window, he's not allowed outside. One day he disappears, kids try to find out what happened. Read around 1998. Spoiler ahead. [s] Emily 12 200 6 hours, 1 min ago  
SOLVED. YA/ Adult? Romance, Survival. Girl wants to commit suicide in airplane by taking pills. But plane crashes, she and a boy survive. They land in a really cold place. Read 2015-2017. Spoilers ahead. [s] Madina 7 24 13 hours, 52 min ago  
SOLVED. Middle Grade fiction. Rotten little children, scare away all the nannies, leave on adventure with thieves. Spoiler ahead. [s] Aria 6 12 16 hours, 28 min ago  
SOLVED. Children/ YA fiction. Girl uses her mother's typewriter, words come off the page and wrap around her and fly her to a new land, where she enters her mother's story land in search of her mother. Villain is a pirate of sorts. Read around 2016. [s] Hannah 5 77 18 hours, 39 min ago  
SOLVED. YA Dystopia series. Brother & sister of a lower caste live in city divided by circular areas. Each area has designated clothing, jobs & living conditions. They escape city with other families to look for a "promised land". Read around 2010. [s] Ang 5 64 18 hours, 47 min ago  
SOLVED. YA book. Young girl visits aunt Val and uncle on a farm with young friend (who has a brother named Rudy, their father is an alcoholic who's abusive). Cover: kids playing in corn/ wheat field, one is whispering. Read 2002-2003. [s] Samantha 19 676 19 hours, 23 min ago  
SOLVED. YA Dystopian. Girl's scientist parents in factory? died, then every generation died young (men 25, woman 20). Girl is kidnapped to become first wife to a scientist's son. Read around 2017. Spoilers ahead. [s] Willemijn 5 36 22 hours, 22 min ago  
SOLVED. YA Sci-Fi. Young girl lives in a domed city. Ageist society euthanises people of a certain age. She tries to save the life of her grandfather or elderly gentleman friend. (Australian?) Cover: blue. Read around 2003. [s] Louisa 5 58 Jan 20, 2021 11:10PM  
SOLVED. YA dark book. Students create a secret club for those who are never the best, always the runners up or second best. 1990s or 1980s. [s] Ross 4 10 Jan 20, 2021 09:15PM  
SOLVED. YA Romance. Couple revisits significant places before they break up. Thea 3 49 Jan 20, 2021 08:47PM  
SOLVED. YA Fantasy series. Girl goes to school in clouds to train to be a dragon rider. Kate 3 50 Jan 20, 2021 08:45PM  
SOLVED. YA/teen fiction mid '90's girl sent to live w/ artist aunt as parents are divorcing she meets boy of withch family who cause brother illness which brings parents together C. 3 58 Jan 20, 2021 08:42PM  
SOLVED. YA/ Coming of Age book. Teenager works as a live-in Nanny maybe in Cape Cod/ Long Island, for a family who own a Law firm called Winner & Winner. Read in early 1990s (written 1988-1992?). [s] Sarah 8 64 Jan 20, 2021 08:28PM  
SOLVED. YA Romance. Girl meets a guy and because of a misunderstanding she thinks he's gay and she just runs off with this theory. Read around 2014. Spoiler ahead. Oumaima 3 57 Jan 20, 2021 08:08PM  
SOLVED. YA Fantasy series. A class with powers? Popular girl accidentally switches bodies with overweight girl she bullied. Read 2009-2011. Spoilers ahead. [s] Lindsey 5 10 Jan 20, 2021 08:04PM  
SOLVED. Children's Fantasy book. Girl (Abby) can make eggs spin when she tugs on her earlobe. She goes to magic camp. Read around 2018. [s] Caroline 8 27 Jan 20, 2021 04:31PM  
SOLVED. YA contemporary. Girl goes to a summer programme with other youths. Cover: blue with splodgy block colour yellow and pink butterflies? [s] Hannah 5 15 Jan 20, 2021 02:07PM  
SOLVED. Childrens Picture book. Little girl lost or is looking for something and has to get out of bed. Read before 2003. [s] Ryan 6 217 Jan 20, 2021 01:06PM  
SOLVED. YA book. Starts with a dog or wolf named Queen. She has a puppy but is by a black wolf early on, I believe. Puppy is nearly killed as well, but book is about how puppy survives & grows up. Can't remember year, I read it when I was young. [s] Ray 6 25 Jan 20, 2021 07:43AM  
SOLVED. YA Fantasy. Young princess has to escape her kingdom, goes into hiding to live with a witch who teaches her to weave and learn pagan magic. Title: girl's name? 1980's/early 1990's? Erica 3 32 Jan 19, 2021 09:51PM  
SOLVED. Middle Grade/ Kids Historical book. Blonde pioneer girl whose name starts with an H (Heidi, Hilda, Helga?). Tree blooms in her yard at old home and new home. Lots of illustrations. Read in early 2000s. Alyssa 4 24 Jan 19, 2021 08:31PM  
SOLVED. Children’s Chapter Book - The series is about a girl with magic sneakers. In one of the books, she brings the magic shoes to a wedding and saves the day. Read in mid 2000s, but it was an older book. Alyssa 3 15 Jan 19, 2021 08:30PM  
SOLVED. Children’s Picture book. Colorless world, child finds box of paint and repaints the world. Read in 1990s. Laurann 9 33 Jan 19, 2021 08:19PM  
SOLVED. YA Fantasy, Comic/ Webcomic series. A girl who falls from the sky. [s] LJF 6 30 Jan 19, 2021 08:12PM  
SOLVED. Kids Horror, Short Story compilation. Bullied girl can see the future. [s] Sarajane 8 386 Jan 19, 2021 08:02PM  
SOLVED. Children's cassette book from 80s/90s about an "ugly" girl who goes around the woods helping animals and showing that beauty is on the inside! [s] Rebecca 5 339 Jan 19, 2021 06:58PM  
SOLVED. MG/YA Fantasy, magic. Girl and her father have grey eyes that allow them to see certain things. King wants to use dad's clock/machinery abilities to solve a puzzle or make some device. She goes to search for him at the palace. [s] Anjala 5 90 Jan 19, 2021 05:36PM  
SOLVED. YA Horror. Boy finds small, Shrunken Monsters in a mansion, they ask for his help, he carries them in his hand. Travel to monster dimension? Cover: boy & blue monster standing swamp/ barren landscape? Title: Little Monsters? Read mid 2000's. [s] Emery 6 19 Jan 18, 2021 07:53PM  
SOLVED. Children's/ YA? book. Girl moves and suddenly can't speak (mutism), she copes by acting out fantasies with paper dolls (princess story). Princess story: villagers accuse her of being fake? princess & lock her up. Read around 2008-2012. [s] Lexie 4 22 Jan 18, 2021 12:18PM  

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