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Recommendations > PLEASE………I need help with some recommendations………I think I read them all! Lol

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taylorpriziola Let me start by saying I love all of Penelope Douglas books and read them all... I’m looking for some more “enemies to lovers” books. I LOVE push and pull, slow burn books with H being A hole and h having a sassy mouth.

I’m ok with dark romance to like Fear Me and Raw or even books that are forbidden like Maybe Someday or Something in the way. I don’t mind cheating or other partners while separated. Dirty talk is great too! Lol

Some of my great loves are……Bully, Punk 57, Love in English, The unrequited, Chester, Faker, Troublemaker, After, Ten Below Zero, Bad Habit, I Dare you, Reasonable Doubt, Dirty, Stuck-up Suit, Crazy Beautiful Love, Torn, Dominic, Lick, and Beautiful disaster

If you can…please Check out my books I have read. This way you don’t suggest a book I’ve already read....I just need something that is going to keep my interest. I can’t seem to find that in any books I’ve been reading lately and I end up not finishing them.

Also I usually read my ebook along with listening to the audiobook... but not a must if you have a great book in mind!


message 2: by Sofia (new)

Sofia | 17 comments Hi!

Maybe you'll like Enthralled, it's a dark romance. If you like dark romance Pepper Winters may be an author to explore, I quite like the Dollar serie.
More contemporary romance books you may like:
Filthy Gods
Perfect Illusion
Dirty Filthy Rich Men

If you like paranormal romance Pestilence may be a book for you.
But my favourite books are written by Amelia Hutchins, the fae chronicles (and her other books, I love all of her books), are a bit darker and very graphic and there I can promise you a lot of dirty talk.
Burn, Dark Light, Born Sinner and Feral Sins is also on my all time favourites list and are quite graphic and contains a lot of dirty talk.

Hope you find something you'll like :)

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taylorpriziola Thank you! I’ll definitely check those books!

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taylorpriziola Thank you for your suggestions!

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