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2019 Read Harder Challenge > Task #10: A translated book written by and/or translated by a woman

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message 1: by Book Riot (new)

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Use this space to discuss books you're reading or that might fit the 1st Read Harder task.

message 2: by Justin (last edited Dec 17, 2018 02:21PM) (new)

Justin Hawley March I read Kalpa Imperial: The Greatest Empire That Never Was by Angélica Gorodischer and translated by Ursula K. Le Guin a year ago. It fits this category perfectly and is wonderful.

message 3: by Sheri (new)

Sheri Lisker | 48 comments In Other Words, Jhumpa Lahiri

message 4: by Kimberley (new)

Kimberley (kimirons) | 30 comments The Vegetarian by Han King translated by Deborah Smith.

Might finally get to this one!

message 5: by Andrea (new)

Andrea Wahle | 38 comments I'm going with The History of Bees which is both written by and translated by a woman.

This was a prompt for Reading Women last year and I read both Thursday Night Widows and The Only Girl in the World: A Memoir Again, both were written by and translated by women.

message 6: by Brandon (new)

Brandon Harbeke The Odyssey

This can be a double-dip with #15 (mythology/folklore).

Allison ༻hikes the bookwoods༺ (allisonhikesthebookwoods) I plan to read The Party Wall by Catherine Leroux for this task.

message 8: by Monica (last edited May 19, 2019 02:19PM) (new)

Monica (monicae) | 119 comments I'm reading Go, Went, Gone for this task. Written by Jenny Erpenbeck translated by Susan Bernofsky (Translator)

message 9: by Mercedes (new)

Mercedes (villadinorah) | 125 comments If you can find The Time of the Doves by Merce Rodoreda, in Spanish, La plaza del diamante, I recommend it.

message 10: by Stine (new)

Stine Hopsdal | 19 comments I'm planning on reading Dragon Sword and Wind Child for this one. It's both written and translated by women, and it looks nothing short of awesome.

message 11: by Kate (new)

Kate | 116 comments For thriller junkies, I'd recommend Kanae Minato. I read Confessions a couple of years ago. This year, I will fill this category with another book of hers, Penance.

message 12: by Jordan (new)

Jordan (justiceofkalr) | 27 comments Will definitely be reading No Echo since I'm in the middle of that series. Great Norwegian crime series both written and translated by a woman. Also narrated by a woman in the audio.

message 13: by Tracy (new)

Tracy (tracyisreading) | 9 comments I found the book Flights for the award winner by a woman/AOC and then ended up moving it here so I could use something else for that category. I've never even heard of it but it got good reviews from some of my friends here at GRs.

Also planning on reading Human Acts next year and that would fit here.

message 14: by Chandra (new)

Chandra | 11 comments I am planning on reading Disoriental which is written and translated by women. MPR named it one of the best books of the year.

message 15: by Cristy (new)

Cristy (cristy_n) | 30 comments Here's a long list of women in translation.

message 16: by Jessica (new)

Jessica (jpetersonreads) | 4 comments I really enjoyed Fever Dream by Samanta Schweblin, and plan on reading her next book, Mouthful of Birds for this prompt.

Shelldon (Aspiring Ninja) | 18 comments I think I'll be reading An Elderly Lady is Up to No Good. Love a good elderly sinister lady, gives me a great hope for my future.

message 18: by Stephanie (last edited Dec 20, 2018 07:46AM) (new)

Stephanie | 23 comments I am planning to read Daughter of Fortune or any Isabel Allende book could fit here. Always been meaning to read her books.

message 19: by Margaret (new)

Margaret (igem36) | 4 comments I've been wanting to read Convenience Store Woman by Sayaka Murata.

message 20: by Elizabeth (new)

Elizabeth Doherty | 2 comments If anyone is interested in doing a buddy read, I've been meaning to read Royall Tyler's translation of Murasaki Shikibu's The Tale of Genji for a whole bunch of years now, and I'm just not getting to it on my own.

message 21: by Modysoul (new)

Modysoul | 3 comments I would love to suggest Things We Lost in the Fire - both written by and translated by a woman. Short stories, and a little gothic creepiness.

message 22: by Hope (new)

message 24: by Jessica (new)

Jessica | 3 comments If you are OK with a little weird, I would highly recommend Memoirs of a Polar Bear. It was one of my favorite books this year, and I believe both written and translation by women. I'm planning on reading another of Yoko Tawada's books for this year.

message 25: by Tina (new)

Tina Mendenhall | 11 comments I'm planning on doing The Gray House. I've been meaning to read it forever.

message 26: by Erin (new)

Erin (erinreve) | 3 comments I’m thinking A Winter’s Promise by Christelle Dabos. I think it was originally written in French.

message 27: by Lindsey (new)

Lindsey (lindseyclare) | 34 comments Convenience Store Woman looks really good.

message 28: by Mya (last edited Dec 27, 2018 07:02PM) (new)

Mya R | 279 comments Here are some translated works with female authors that were already on my to-read list. This list includes general fiction, speculative fiction & fantasy, young adult, a mystery, children's books, & graphic novels. At least two of the works have queer characters, & two of the authors are/were lesbians. I'm including the author's names so even if a specific title doesn't appeal you can check out their other works.

My Brilliant Friend by Italian author Elena Ferrante

Ruby Red by German author Kerstin Gier

The Book Jumper by German author Mechthild Gläser

Anything by by the Finnish/Swedish author Tove Jansson - I read The Summer Book for the 2018 challenge & loved it. I haven't read any of the Moomin books, or she has some other books for mixed ages.

Crow Blue by Brazilian author Adriana Lisboa

Convenience Store Woman by Japanese author Sayaka Murata

The graphic novel Dragon Sword and Wind Child by Japanese author Noriko Ogiwara

Snare by Icelandic author Lilja Sigurðardóttir

Troll: A Love Story by Finnish author Johanna Sinisalo

The Elegance of the Hedgehog by French author Muriel Barbery

Crossing the Mangrove by Guadeloupean/ French language author Maryse Condé

The graphic novel/manga My Lesbian Experience with Loneliness by Japanese author Kabi Nagata

One Hundred Years After Tomorrow: Brazilian Women's Fiction in the Twentieth Century - short fiction by assorted Brazilian authors

Roseanna, the first of the Martin Beck mysteries by Swedish author Maj Sjöwall

The Perfect Nanny by Moroccan/French author Leïla Slimani

Graphic novel What Did You Eat Yesterday?, Volume 1 by Japanese artist Fumi Yoshinaga

message 29: by Teresa (new)

Teresa | 337 comments I suggest The Wall by Marlen Haushofer.

message 30: by P (last edited Dec 27, 2018 10:57PM) (new)

P (piamot_reader) | 3 comments Vita Nostra by Marina Dyachenko comes to mind but the book was co-written by her husband. Does that still count?

message 31: by Nancy (new)

Nancy | 48 comments I'm so excited about this prompt! I ran across an article about just this subject several years ago and marked several of the titles. Here's the article, just in case it is helpful to others:

message 32: by Shannon (new)

Shannon | 4 comments Kate wrote: "For thriller junkies, I'd recommend Kanae Minato. I read Confessions a couple of years ago. This year, I will fill this category with another book of hers, Penance."

I second Confessions - a great and surprising read.

message 33: by Stephanie (new)

Stephanie | 23 comments I will be reading Out by Natsuo Kirino, picked this book up ages ago and will finally read it.

message 34: by H. (new)

H. | 1 comments I suggest Signs Preceding the End of the World by Yuri Herrera translated from Spanish to English by Lisa Dillman.

message 35: by Lucia (new)

Lucia Kelly | 45 comments hi there! i'm compiling lists of everyone's suggestions for the challenges in case that's easier for people (I know it is for me!) c:

message 36: by Tabby72 (new)

Tabby72 | 3 comments I checked out the PEN Translation Prize. 2018 went to Hungarian author Magda Szabo's Katalin Street...then after a search of her works, this led me to her novel The Door, which looks great and is well reviewed. This translation also won awards. So, I think I'll try The Door!

message 37: by Dawn (new)

Dawn (dawnb3) | 9 comments Does it count if there are two translators, one of which is a woman? I've been trying to finish Anna Karenina forever and this might help.

Anna Karenina
by Leo Tolstoy, Richard Pevear (Translator), Larissa Volokhonsky (Translator)

message 38: by Lisa (new)

Lisa  | 1 comments Dawn wrote: "Does it count if there are two translators, one of which is a woman? I've been trying to finish Anna Karenina forever and this might help.

Anna Karenina
by Leo Tolstoy, Richard Pevear (Translator)..."

Dawn, I'd count it! PS I read this translation of Anna Karenina last year after the suggestion from (yet another) book that Pevear/Volokhonsky have done a great job with several Russian classics. It took months but I'm glad I finished it!

message 39: by Judith (new)

Judith Rich | 77 comments Mya wrote: "The graphic novel/manga My Lesbian Experience with Loneliness by Japanese author Kabi Nagata,..."

Well, that's going to work for 3 tasks, then!

I've gone with Troubling Love by Elena Ferrante, translated by Ann Goldstein. I'm finding it a bit odd.

message 40: by Gretel (new)

Gretel (gretelrot) | 16 comments Thinking of reading The Odyssey, translated by Emily Wilson. This is the first English translation by a woman.

message 41: by M (new)

M (mlknits) | 3 comments Christa Wolf's Cassandra, written in German, is worth a read

message 42: by Jessica (new)

Jessica (apsalar) | 15 comments Couldn't find who translated this but a bunch of the stories are written by women, so I'll finally read Never Stop — Finnish Science Fiction and Fantasy Stories.

message 43: by Clay (last edited Jan 06, 2019 06:09AM) (new)

Clay (claywilliams) | 18 comments I just came across Tell Them of Battles, Kings and Elephants, translated by Charlotte Mandell, which sounds interesting.

message 44: by Karin (new)

Karin (8littlepaws) | 116 comments I read Love and it was pretty good. It's originally written in the 90s but just came out in translation in the US in 2018 and was shortlisted for the National Book Award translated literature.

It's a day in the life of a mother and her 8 year old son, his birthday is the following day. Over the course of the day they get separated, and their stories are intertwined. The author/translator have done a good job in creating a feeling of dread/suspense as you read many times in this book you feel that danger is imminent. I gave it 4 stars.

message 45: by Luella (new)

Luella | 8 comments I had a ton of books on my kindle reads from World Day.

I am happy that The House by the River by Lena Manta and translated by Gail Holst-Warhaft (Translator) will count toward this task. :)

message 46: by ProfBen10 (new)

ProfBen10 | 50 comments Alice Walker (author of "The Color Purple") wrote a book of poems in both Spanish and English: "Taking the Arrow out of the Heart."

message 47: by Suzanne (new)

Suzanne (suzecate) | 10 comments I read Emily Wilson's translation of The Odyssey for this one. I've read a number of translations, and this was really fantastic (no pun intended).

message 48: by Julia (new)

Julia Tutt | 3 comments I read "Women are the Future of Islam" by Sherin Khankan. At the time of writing it also has under 100 reviews, so fits that challenge too.

message 49: by Nancy (new)

Nancy Groves | 67 comments I read The Lost Daughter by Elena Ferrante, who is Italian. The translator is also a woman. It was the first book I read (strictly speaking, listened to the audio) this year, and I didn't realize until after I looked at the challenge list that it met this goal. I think it's going to be that kind of year, where I'm not really trying to complete all the prompts but will when possible fit a book I've already ready to a category rather than seek out books to match a prompt (unless I decide that one of the prompts is a real "challenge" and decide to go for it).

message 50: by Lindsey (new)

Lindsey (lindseyclare) | 34 comments Lindsey wrote: "Convenience Store Woman looks really good."
Done! This is a short book - I read it in a day - and I really enjoyed it.

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