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Karishma (karishmanewar) | 1612 comments Please feel free to let me know if you want to buddy read any.

I will be posting my priority series and monthly progress here.
I will be doing a 3 completed series = 1 new series but will not be counting BR's as I am already committed to several over the next year.

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Karishma (karishmanewar) | 1612 comments Master Progress Post

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Karishma (karishmanewar) | 1612 comments Incomplete Series Challenge (3:1)

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Karishma (karishmanewar) | 1612 comments August Planner

Priority Series

1. Falling Kingdoms
a. Read - Reread Required
Crimson Dagger: Parts I & II
Falling Kingdoms
Rebel Spring
Gathering Darkness
Frozen Tides
Crystal Storm

b. TBR
Immortal Reign

2. The Ravenels
a. Read - No Reread required
Cold-Hearted Rake

Marrying Winterborne
Devil in Spring
Hello Stranger
Devil's Daughter - Feb 26th, 2019

3. The Wicked Trilogy
Brave - Reread

The Prince - 14th

4. Girl Meets Duke
The Duchess Deal - Reread
The Governess Game - 28th

Planned Buddy Reads
1. Sevenwaters - 1st - BBB
2. Legends of the First Empire - 3rd - MacHalo
3. LOTR - 5th - FBR
4. Blackthorn and Grim - 11th,13th,20th - BBB
5. Innkeeper - 13th - IAA

3:1 Incomplete Series Challenge

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Zaara | 4267 comments Well....since comments are welcome here....what is BBB?

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Karishma (karishmanewar) | 1612 comments Yeah! I have another thread which I want to be comment free.

The whole August planning is bust though.

BBB is a group - Buddies, Books and Baubles

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Karishma (karishmanewar) | 1612 comments I will add the rest too

IAA is Ilona Andrews Anonymous

& MacHalo - Dust off your MacHalo group.

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