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The Ravenels #4

Hello Stranger

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Goodreads Choice Award
Nominee for Best Romance (2018)
A woman who defies her time.

Dr. Garrett Gibson, the only female physician in England, is as daring and independent as any man—why not take her pleasures like one? Yet she has never been tempted to embark on an affair, until now. Ethan Ransom, a former detective for Scotland Yard, is as gallant as he is secretive, a rumored assassin whose true loyalties are a mystery. For one exhilarating night, they give in to their potent attraction before becoming strangers again.

A man who breaks every rule.

As a Ravenel by-blow spurned by his father, Ethan has little interest in polite society, yet he is captivated by the bold and beautiful Garrett. Despite their vow to resist each other after that sublime night, she is soon drawn into his most dangerous assignment yet. When the mission goes wrong, it will take all of Garrett's skill and courage to save him. As they face the menace of a treacherous government plot, Ethan is willing to take any risk for the love of the most extraordinary woman he's ever known.

400 pages, ebook

First published February 27, 2018

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Lisa Kleypas

148 books27.9k followers
LISA KLEYPAS is the RITA award-winning author of 21 novels. Her books are published in fourteen languages and are bestsellers all over the world. She lives in Washington State with her husband and two children.

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3,917 reviews69.3k followers
May 29, 2018
3.5 stars


This was pretty cute.
Then again, anything from Kleypas usually is, so that's no great surprise, is it? I was surprised that I liked this one quite a bit better than Devil in Spring, though. Then again, I was looking forward to that one, and Hello Stranger...not so much. There wasn't much about Garrett in the past books that got me excited to read her story. It's not as though I disliked her character, but she seemed somewhat dull - not at all like the shiny Pandora! Which was odd considering she was a spunky female doctor facing all kinds of gender prejudice.
Thankfully, that sort of thing wouldn't happen today...


I liked Garrett much better than I did the nutty, childish Pandora. For one, Garrett had a much more realistic outlook on life (for a romance novel) and a pretty level head on her shoulders (again, for a romance novel). There was, of course, the part where she throws all of her common sense out the window for hot sex true love, but...
It's a romance novel.


Yes. Yes, it is. And as such, you have to go into it with the expectation that, at the end of the day, even a woman who clawed her way into the position of 1st Female Doctor in the country is going to turn into a panting ninny when her Hero comes along.


And when it comes to this genre, I'm ok with that sort of thing.
Because I don't know what your real-life romantic experiences have been like, but mine have always been a tad, well...




So as long as the hero or heroine doesn't work my nerves with their stupid, then I say go ahead and coat the story with a thick layer of cheese. Yum.
Thank you, Romance Writers! May I please have some more?


PS - Kleypas very cleverly named her heroine after England's first (recognized) female doctor, Elizabeth Garrett Anderson:

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November 30, 2018
Spoilers ahead

Hello Stranger is, in my opinion, the weakest instalment yet in the Ravenel series; which, after finishing it last night and taking a step back to mull over, seems to be an oxymoron in the context of the series.

- No obnoxious behaviour like Kathleen and Devon showed.
- No character transplant of Rhys Winterbourne and Helen’s angelic delicacy that sent me to sleep.
- No ADHD Pandora and Gabriel whose most shocking kink is bondage light.

To make myself understandable (and actually understand my dislike of the book myself), I will have to draw comparisons to previous LK books.

In short, the book was all over the place. The characters were all over the place; the plot and the romance were all over the place. At no stage did I a get a grip on Garrett and Ethan, and for the better part of the book I thought that it must be me, not the book, which might very well still be the case.

But then I thought about the books I adored and still do, written by this author, and wondered what had changed; what was different then? Just three examples:
- Seduce Me at Sunrise: I still blame Kev for the low rating, but nonetheless. How beautifully and tenderly was Kev and Win’s relationship drawn. Win’s tenacity, even when she was still very ill, inspiring; Kev’s resolve to not wanting to go on without her, devastatingly evoked by the little bottle of nightshade concoction.
- Love in the Afternoon: The letters, anyone? Christopher’s unhurried realisation that there’s more to Beatrix than meets the eye? Beatrix who knows she’s an oddball and yet follows her own heart, despite the ridicule she sometimes has to endure.
- And, of course, Devil in Winter: Do I actually need to say anything here? Evie, stuttering and awkwardly self-aware, coming to her own. Sebastian, who always showed this Ebenezer-Scrooge-like ‘bah humbug’ attitude, while we watched gleefully how Evie brought him down to his knees.
There are more but I’ll leave it here.

Hello Stranger starts with Garrett, the only female doctor in England, being set upon by three men who want to rape her. She’s not stupid and has sought lessons in self-defence but when Ethan jumps in and helps her, it becomes clear that she needs more than fencing lessons. It’s also here where I had my first hard eye-roll moment.
“I need no protection,” she informed him. “Furthermore, if I did, you’re not the one I would hire to provide it.”
Obviously, I would have cheered her on, had she been able to deal with them alone, and why shouldn’t I? But it’s not me here making it clear that her self-defence lessons are lacking, it’s Lisa Kleypas. Why she has to act so prickly? No idea. But then, she’s used to being treated with condescension as the only female doctor. So, let’s leave this as a moment of wariness on her part. We also find out that Ethan, who has been falling in love for some time, has been following her every Tuesday when she makes her rounds in workhouses and areas where the poor can’t afford a doctor. This is surely meant as a protective gesture, a romantic one, but I find it creepy. I’ve always found this typical romance-hero behaviour creepy.

They come to an agreement that he’ll show her some other, more street wise, tactics. They meet up the next day, and because I’m reading a romance, and romance rules demand sexual attraction, we have sexual attraction. He gets a hard-on, while she muses over possible other causes for his erection, because she’s a doctor, of course. But we know that she knows what’s caused his hard-on.

Another few days pass, she can’t get him out of her mind, wants to meet up with him again. So, they meet up, spend a romantic evening walking around the stalls that sell all the nice little bits and pieces. He says all the right, aka swoon-worthy, things, while I’m wondering about the speed of development in conjunction with the rather low amount of times this couple has spent together up until this moment. Garrett, who has never really shown any romantic inclination for men, is all afire for Ethan. As for Ethan: see previously mentioned hard-on.

Had it not been for Ethan’s mysterious work for the government, the book could have ended at 30-35%. We have the first passionate encounters, and then this happens: Ethan, sent to India to learn the art of Asian/Indian fighting skills, also learned the Oriental art of sex, kindly provided by an Indian woman, and he knows a whopping 120 positions. Huh. Imagine my stony-faced expression. Indian woman doing some sex-ed. Cliché much? And yeah, knowing 120 positions is definitely the minimum of positions a woman needs to be sexually satisfied. And Ethan is all ‘I know 120 positions, darling, don’t worry’, while Garrett could have simply said ‘there’s something called the clitoris.’ She’s a doctor, after all. Admittedly, it would have killed any romantic notions there and then, but no, she’s in awe of his sexual knowledge!

Here the book turns slightly into a romantic suspense novel, with Ethan telling her repeatedly that in his line of work, seeing each other is too dangerous. There are documents to be stolen, with Garrett helping Ethan, betrayals from Ethan’s superiors and colleagues left and right, and an attempt on Ethan’s life. It’s Garrett who saves him, and now I’m going to end my reiteration of the plot. Anything I’ll say from here on has to do with the direction the book took.

Which direction it was, however, was difficult to discern. Let’s go to the author’s note. Garrett’s character was inspired by Dr. Elizabeth Garrett Anderson, the first licensed female physician in Britain. To quote directly:
She was also active in the women’s suffrage movement and became the first female mayor and magistrate in England, serving in the splendid town of Aldeburgh.
It wouldn’t even occur to me to make a mockery out of Miss Kleypas’s inspiration. We needed these women who broke through male domains, as much as we needed the women in the factories, who equally fought for their rights. Having read Hello Stranger, it’s clear to me now that it was apparently never the author’s intention to focus on Garrett’s special status. We had a little discussion about it on one of my status updates, and I’ll ask the questions a little differently now. Knowing enough of Miss Kleypas’s work, knowing that she had created wonderfully strong heroines, what was the point in using the real Dr. Anderson as an inspiration for Garrett, if her status played no role in the plot? In the whole story, there was only one moment where Garrett’s sex and her position as a doctor were at odds for the times she lived in. One mistake on her part and her license would have been revoked, based on the constant suspicion she lives under as a female doctor. Apart from that, Garrett lives in a bubble, thanks to her close association to Rhys Winterborne, with the weekly work she does for the poor.

I would have loved it, if this angle had been played out, instead of a romantic/suspense thriller. I would have adored it. I would have loved to see, to quote my friend Lyuda’s words, the trials and tribulations a woman like Garrett would have faced. I would have loved to learn about her time before she came into Winterborne’s employ or her time at the Sorbonne. Ethan plays a big role here, by the way. We always complain about female characters transferred from the 21st century, but the same can be said about Ethan. I would have loved to see a sort of slow understanding and transformation of a man of the 19th century, who has reservations but who comes to love the heroine for her confidence and strength, her knowledge and tenacity. It would have made for a wonderfully romantic journey, in my opinion. Instead - in this respect - Garrett was nothing more than a poster girl.

There was a lot of vagueness in the characterisation of both, Garrett and Ethan. The same goes for their romance which felt rushed. When did lust turn into love? Especially for Garrett. Where were those moments that made one character special to the other and vice versa? As mentioned previously, if not for the whole spy/mystery business, the book could have been concluded at the 35% mark. Ethan is, by far, the weakest Lisa Kleypas hero I’ve read in a long time. It’s no secret that he’s the bastard son of the former Earl of Trenear and his backstory, like Garrett’s, could have provided so much insight into his character. Instead, we had this whole strange spy/conspiracy plot that took so much away from the main characters and from their romance. Yes, he has the Lisa Kleypas typical swoon-worthy lines:
“The first moment I saw you, I knew you were my share of the world. I’ve always loved you. If I could choose my fate, I’d never be parted from you. Acushla… pulse of my heart, breath of my soul… there’s nothing on this earth more fair and fine than you. Your shadow on the ground is sunlight to me.”
Good, right? Not enough for me, though. Not after having seen how rushed their encounters were. That it was love at first sight for him is one thing, but it certainly wasn’t for Garrett.

This vagueness also encompassed the author’s writing. I’ll quote it again:
To her self-disgust, she had broken into tears of utter relief, when she would have liked so much to muster a semblance of dignity.
Say what? There are quite a few sentences like this one which were made obsolete on the next page, mostly by Garrett, and they certainly didn’t endear her to me. Quite the opposite. I’m still wondering what their purpose was.

Actually, the only character I really enjoyed was West. Funny that, eh? He’s the hero of the next book.

Will I read the next one? I’ve put it on my TBR pile, and I can see myself having already forgotten my current annoyance. Besides, it’s Evie and Sebastian’s daughter. But no, this is not the Lisa Kleypas of old. Not by a long shot.
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December 10, 2018

Title: Hello Stranger
Series: The Ravenels #4
Author: Lisa Kleypas
Release date: February 27, 2018
Cliffhanger: No

Lisa Kleypas writes in a way that reminds me why I fell in love with reading romance. There was a simplicity to the story, while her way of expressing it was anything but. There were so many times I just stopped and stared at the eloquence of her beautifully descriptive writing, because it was just too good to not savor. I've read almost all of her books, and like with any author, you're going to have some that hit a more resonant chord than others. I can honestly say that this book was one that worked in every way for me. It was so good that I couldn't stop thinking about it for days afterward.

Let's start with Ethan. Formerly a Scotland Yard detective, currently a spy who slips through London unnoticed and alone, and isn't afraid to break a few rules to achieve his directive. Raised in poverty, he fought and clawed to make it out of the gutter. But despite his drive to become a success, he never lost his moral compass or conscience.

He had been born to this city, nursed on it, until its violent rhythms were woven through him as surely as the network of his own veins.

There's a vulnerability there that immediately makes you want to strip away the mystery surrounding him and learn everything there is to know about the man underneath. Not to mention the chemistry as he bantered with Garrett was completely addictive. He has such a devilish charm about him (That dimple and cheeky grin!) that Garrett tries to blow off, but she's no match for the attraction that blazes between them.

Dr. Garrett Gibson was easily one of my favorite heroines that Ms. Kleypas has ever written. She was a feminine anomaly during that time that no one quite knew what to do with. As the first female doctor to practice in England, let's just say that her career choice is not one that is accepted with open arms by the masses. She's not the type of woman who places matrimony and a conventional life at the top of her priorities as was expected of women back then. She followed her dream, and she lives by her own set of rules with absolutely zero shame. What else did I love about her? She's snarky, independent, smart as a whip, and let's face it...a bit of a badass. In the opening scene, she faces three attackers on a dark London street without flinching. She doesn't break under pressure, she shines.

Don't get me wrong, she may be amazing, but like any genuine character with depth she has her faults. Her biggest one probably being that she has a difficult time allowing people get close to her. Losing her mother at a young age, and her time growing up in a boarding school molded her to be closed off and very private. I think this is why she and Ethan complimented each other so well, because his ability to speak from his heart in such a compelling way. That man...oh my. That man could charm the hardest of hearts in two seconds flat.

“A queen, you are,” he said softly. “I could travel the world the rest of my life, and not find another woman with half your ways.”

One of the things I loved the most about Ethan was that he looked at Garrett as his equal partner and treated her accordingly. He wasn't intimidated or threatened by her strengths. No, instead he was even more hopelessly addicted to her, and drawn to this very capable beauty. And as tough as Ethan was, he needed a partner who would stand by his side and fight for him. Now tangled up in a web not of his making, he must find a way to extricate himself and bring proof of corruption and malice to the attention of the authorities before it's too late.

In case you hadn't noticed, I ADORED THESE TWO. I loved their heat, their passion, their dedication and need for one another. They were two totally unconventional people that fit seamlessly as if they were tailor made for each other. I was already a huge fan of this series, but this story bumped up my excitement to a whole new level for West's and Phoebe's book!! West has come such a long way from the spoiled and selfish character he once was. I got such a kick out of his scenes in Hello Stranger, and I can't wait to read his HEA. All I can say is, Lisa Kleypas has done it again! You don't want to miss the latest installment to the Ravenel series.

Every awareness converged as he went deeper and deeper into the mysterious soft depths of her, and there was no world but her, no breath, no language, no sun, no stars, nothing that didn’t begin and end with her.


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March 2, 2018
This woman owned the sum of him, his tenderness and violence, everything good or bad.

*dreamy sigh*

I am not typically a reader that enjoys the instant connection and road to love that was shared between Garrett and Ransom, but boy did it ever work for me here. I can't even tell you why. I think it was a combination of several things, starting from wonderfully crafted and multilayered characters and ending with an engaging story and swoony romance. Whatever the case may be, I simply adored this book. ADORED IT.

Lisa Kleypas is almost always a guaranteed winner for me, and Hello Stranger definitely delivered on all sides.

Dr. Garrett Gibson is not your typical historical heroine. (side note: I love that she was loosely based on an actual person). This is a woman that's not satisfied being the status quo. A brilliant doctor, her practice and career has always been her prime concern. She doesn't want to be an accessory for a husband to be put away on a shelf when she's no longer needed. But the last man she expects to draw her interest is the enigma that is Ethan Ransom.
Have I made you uncomfortable? I beg your pardon.”
Ransom lifted his head to reveal eyes glinting with laughter. “Not at all. It’s just that I’ve never heard a lady talk as you do.”
“As I told you . . . I’m not a lady.”

I love how these two characters balance each other out. Ethan is fiercely protective of Garrett, but Garrett can also hold her own like no other lady. They couldn't be more wrong for each other. With his current dangerous mission, Ethan's days are numbered. He knows he can't offer Garrett the forever that she rightfully deserves. But Garrett knows what she wants, and she's not afraid to go after it.
There had always been a cold streak in him, but he couldn’t seem to find it now, when he needed it most. He was breaking apart inside. He would never be the same after this. “Christ, you’ve ruined me,” he whispered.

Admittedly it took a little bit to fully get into the swing of things for me, but by 30%, I was completely riveted to the pages. The romance was equally swoony and heart achingly emotional. It was perfectly written and I couldn't get enough of these two. It's so charming to see a man as ruthless as Ransom brought to his knees by Garrett and showing his sweet side. And boy did this man have a sweet side. GAH!
A queen, you are,” he said softly. “I could travel the world the rest of my life, and not find another woman with half your ways.”.

Hello Stranger was an incredibly satisfying romance that was as swoony as it was gripping. It tugged at every single heart string I had, and I absolutely adored the fierce connection shared between these characters. Yet another winner from one of my favorite go-to authors, and I'm already craving more. I'm hoping West's story is next because I was super intrigued by the little of him that we got in this book.

ARC courtesy of publisher in exchange for an honest review

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June 28, 2020
This was a four point five star read! I really enjoyed this for the most part. I got a little bored with the Spy parts but those parts were worth it to suffer through to come with the conclusion.

I'll start off with the problems of this book. We didn't know when Ransom's attraction for Garret started. It don't think it was insta love. But there's was no clear starting point for how things developed. And lastly, the difference in the audiobook and the actual book. I was reading along and there were several sections changed and some of the times I actually liked the changes. It was weird though. And we're not talking about just small nuances, we're talking paragraphs, sentences that are being said.

Our Heroine, Garret. I enjoyed her character! Not only was being a rare female doctor very cool, but she was smart in all ways.
Our Hero, Ransom. Say what you want about Kleypas BUT SHE CAN WRITE A CHARMING HERO. He had such a way with words. He was in love and devoted.

The scene with Ransom hurt?? I ALMOST DROPPED A TEAR. He says the most poetic shit.

Also I end up liking the pairing she ends up doing even if I am against them at first LOL

I like this one probably second best to Cassandra and Severin in terms of chemistry. But first place for being the best book in the series because it doesn't have a repeat of action from another book or pointless kids. But then again, Gabriel I love, I just didn't like Pandora? This series was hit and miss but still fun. I did not read West and Gabriel's sister and I wont. Widow stories especially the fact that west was her husbands bully? Not for me.

@Seffra I liked this one!

The more I think about this story the more I love it. I own two copies lol.

Gibson is gonna be with Severin.... I'll be livid if she's not. But lmaoo from the last I know she's gonna be with Ransom....

LOL "High functioning Sociopath" that explains Severin alright
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1,838 reviews6,163 followers
April 6, 2018

Garret is a the first female doctor in London who talks endlessly about how independent and strong she is. Then, she meets Ethan and it's over. She throws herself at this guy so shamelessly that feminists everywhere gave a giant embarrassed groan. She literally begged this guy to kiss her. And, I'm using the word literally correctly in that sentence. That's how bad it was!

Aw, maybe that's what happened. Did you try running it under hot water?

I really didn't like Garret all that much except when she kept talking about involuntary erections. That was pretty funny. Although, she didn't actually mean to be funny. I can appreciate humor AND erections in involuntary forms.

"Spontaneous priapism can be caused by scrotal chafing, traumatic injury to the perineum, a flare-up of gout, and inflamed prostatic duct...
As a physician I can assure you that there is nothing humorous about involuntary erections."
That nearly sent him into hysterics.

See? She takes herself too seriously, but at least it's entertaining.
However, there was a pretty long part of the book, when he is healing an injury, that dragged. It was almost like we were watching him heal in real time or something.

The saving part of all of that slowness was a side character who has been around since the first book in this series, West. He is hilarious and I can't wait for his book. As for this one, though, it was on the meh side.

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829 reviews706 followers
April 7, 2021
¡¡Una delicia de lectura!! La serie Ravenel definitivamente quiere destronar a la familia Hathaway. Todo justo, maravilloso; absolutamente nada me sobró ni me faltó (bueno, quizá un epílogo, pero sólo de gazuza). Personajes principales adorables y secundarios que ya se han ganado el corazón de sus lectores.

Lisa Kleypas no sólo crea romances de ensueño, sino que cada vez se supera más al insertar de forma muy fluida hechos y avances de la época en la narración. Ella misma cuenta, al final de la novela, cómo el personaje de Garret Gibson se inspiró en la doctora Elizabeth Garret Anderson que, en 1873, fue la primera mujer con licencia para ejercer la medicina en Gran Bretaña. También aclara que algunos aspectos que tienen relevancia en el desarrollo de la novela como las transfusiones de sangre, la contaminación del Támesis y las operaciones de espionaje clandestinas, tienen una base real.

Ahora, a armarse de paciencia a la espera de la próxima entrega que, por lo que leído por ahí, tiene como protagonista al que ya se ha convertido en mi personaje favorito de la serie: West Ravenel, que en esta entrega tuvo un protagonismo no menor:

-Señora Abbott, voy a la cocina a lavarme. Avise a las criadas para que se cubran los ojos y no vean mi viril torso.

-Incluso una vida de libertinaje puede acabar en el tedio. Y he descubierto que el campo me sienta bien. Los arrendatarios tienen que prestarme atención y las vacas son la mar de entretenidas.

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August 12, 2019
My original "review" is at the bottom.

Originally posted HERE .

Hello Stranger, the fourth instalment in Lisa Kleypas’ Ravenels series, is a highly anticipated read for many. Garrett, England’s first female doctor, and Ethan, mysterious and with curious ties to the Ravenel family, have been background characters in the past two books.

This is a book that builds and builds. The two characters have met a few times before the story begins, but there’s not a lot of background you’ll be missing out on if you start the series here.

The first half is concerned with the growing relationship. What is so good about this one is that these are lower class characters than the others in the series, and so we get to see Victorian London as the commoners saw it as well as the more upper class areas.

Just past the halfway point something terrible happens to one of them, and from there the pace changes.

I liked how unique these characters were. In fact, all the heroes and heroines in this series have been so distinctive.

Maybe I’m imagining things, but I’m pretty sure Lisa Kleypas is doing more and more research with every book. Every page of this book shows SO MUCH research has gone into it. From the medical details – historically accurate medicine for the time, to the local foods, to recent (for the book) political and social changes, there aren’t many authors who will make you feel as though you’re really there in 1870s London.

I have enjoyed every instalment in this series. When you read as many books in this genre as I do, it’s hard to remember most of them after you’re done. I not only remember the Ravenels, but go back for rereads every so often.

Hello Stranger is such an unusual, unique read.
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1,881 reviews414 followers
March 6, 2018
I was afraid to start this book… many of my friends didn’t liked it and I didn’t like very much the previous books, so you can understand my fear…

But, since the first pages I was happy to have started it!

Many object to Garrett’s being to forceful with her “tough” and “I’m able to do everything” attitude. I don’t. I liked it!

I liked that she’s a very capable both in her medical profession and her private life. I would have loved to know more about her life in France!

The same can be said about Ethan! I would have liked to know what happened to him in India! How he learned his skills but in fighting and amatory! LOL

I also liked very much the information given about medical practice of the time! It was very interesting! Much more than reading about tea-time and weather like in some other romance books.

I also enjoyed the fact that Garrett didn’t have any problems telling Ethan that she wanted him! I know that it is not historically accurate, but I found that it was coherent with Garrett’s character in this book.

Ah, and it has one of the most beautiful declaration of love!!!

“I’ve always loved you. If I could choose my fate, I’d never be parted from you. Acushla… pulse of my heart, breath of my soul… there’s nothing on this earth more fair and fine than you. Your shadow on the ground is sunlight to me.”


All in all, for me this book was the best of the series!
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1,051 reviews49k followers
August 13, 2021
absolutely did not care about the romance in this but WEST IS EVERYTHING!!! literally cannot wait for my hold at the library for the next book <3

(also this wasn't bad, i really liked the lady doctor but the romance was just... eh)
722 reviews306 followers
March 6, 2018
(2.5 stars) Well, darn. I think it's official. I'm divorcing Lisa Kleypas. She's almost batting 0 for me in her latest Ravenel series, none of which are better than 3-star books, IMO. Even this one, which I had high hopes for, turned out to be a dud, with its slight romance of two underdeveloped characters mixed with a whole lot of historical information dumping. The H/h relationship doesn't develop. It just is. They decide early on they want each other and mostly ineffectually fight the sexual attraction until they don't anymore and then have lots of tediously-detailed sexy scenes that I skimmed, because, really, who needs all that? I wanted to watch them fall into love, not into bed.

Let's discuss the info dumping. Kleypas took a hiatus from HRs a few years back before returning with this Ravenel series. It feels as if during this hiatus she was doing huge amounts of research into Victorian times so she could impress picky readers who don't like anachronistic HRs. Well, I don't like anachronistic wallpaper stories but I do like a good story. If I want information about self-defense methods and training, medicine and medical procedures in the 1800s, Victorian train service, various types of locks and patents thereof, early blood transfusions, bacterial count in the Thames, etc., I'll either read some non-fiction on the subject or Google it. Instead, please give me some appealing characters with a slow-burning romance that touches me viscerally.

Heroine Garrett Gibson should be an admirable character. She knew what she wanted to be in life and worked hard toward that goal. After studying medicine in France (because English medical schools didn't admit women), she is now the only female medical doctor working in England. Well, after all these years of struggle against The Man, with his superior attitudes and mansplaining and all, is it any wonder she's the Queen of Peeve, Prickle and Stubborn Attitude? Maybe not, but I still wasn't all that fond of her and her "I've got this. I don't need you. I'm a strong, roaring woman with no weaknesses" attitude.

Now our hero Ethan Ransom is a different animal. He's the romantic nurturer in the pairing. Not afraid to show his care and concern and feelings with his Guardian Angel act, flowers, a silver whistle (just call and I'll be there for you), sexy Irish brogue, and heartwarming words. That's lovely. What's not lovely is his tedious "This is the last time you'll see me" every single time he sees her. All this supposed self-denial because he doesn't want to endanger her and then he doesn't really deny himself and does endanger her and himself.

Ethan is an ex-policeman, now agent for the Crown. He's in a spot of trouble at the moment because of terrorist incidents which took place in DEVIL IN SPRING, the previous book of the series. Now he realizes that his longtime mentor and superior in the department is crooked and working with, not against, the terrorists. When he tries to collect evidence against this man, the proverbial can of worms is opened and other crooked law enforcement folks pop out and his life and that of Garrett are in jeopardy.

So there is some action/adventure, interspersed with sex between Garrett and Ethan, interspersed with plot lines that can show off Kleypas's research. There's a near-death experience for Ethan which only Garrett's medical expertise and a blood transfusion can prevent. There's some cloak and dagger stuff involving the bad guys. There's some ridiculous sex between doctor and patient only a week or so after patient almost dies. There's an escape from London by train to the Ravenel estate in Hampshire to get away from the bad guys when it turns out they are no safer there than they would have been staying in London and allowing Ethan to recover more efficiently after his delicate, risky operation. Darn. I must stop enumerating the things that upset me. There were more but enough is enough.

(BTW, an off-topic aside. Is it necessary for every Ravenel book to have a life-threatening situation to a character which requires bedside care from a SO? We had Helen caring for Winterbourne after the train accident. Gabriel staying by Pandora's side after the terrorist incident. And now this one.)

We also learn about Ethan's pedigree within the Ravenel family and about his financial situation, because, of course, he needs to really be Somebody and a Somebody with Funds. And speaking of the Ravenel family, next up is West Ravenel's story, a pairing with Gabriel's sister Phoebe. Another one tying second generation Wallflowers to the Ravenels. Should I read it? Will that violate the terms of my divorce?
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March 12, 2018
“She was sunlight and steel, spun into a substance he’d never encountered before.”

One of the things I love Lisa Kleypas' books is how vividly written her characters are especially her heroines. In Hello, Stranger, we see Garrett Gibson, the first female physician in England and Ethan Ransom, former detective of the Scotland Yard and current spy fall in love. It was glorious.

I liked their banter and how their relationship progressed. Garrett was intrigued by Ransom but was also suspicious about where his loyalties lie. Ransom for his part can't help but be attracted to the doctor but because of the nature of his job, he felt that he can't give Garrett what she needs. But they're drawn to each other and even with the risks involved, a romance developed between them.

I simply adored Garrett's character. If you follow Lisa Kleypas on social media or have read Devil in Winter, then you know that Garrett was inspired by a real living female doctor in Victorian England. Garrett was such an interesting heroine. Yes, she's strong but she also shows vulnerability and isn't afraid of showing it.

Ethan Ransom was a good Lisa Kleypas hero but not really an exciting despite the fact that he's a spy. He's definitely not my fave Kleypas hero. As much as I love how he's all in with Garrett, I find some of his background problematic and convenient. I could do without the orientalism bit which may not bother some people but it's definitely there. What I'm saying is, I wish his characterization is a lot deeper than what we got and less problematic. It was lazy and if it was any other author, I would understand but this is Lisa Kleypas! She's a skilled writer who could've done better. Other than that, Ransom and Garrett are perfect together and their relationship works.

Hello, Stranger is another solid entry to Ms. Kleypas' Ravenels Series. And speaking of Ravenels, I'm so happy we get to spend more time with West before his book comes out. I already adored his character. I can't wait!

An ARC was provided by Avon Books for review purposes.
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February 17, 2020
*** 3.5 Stars!!!***

As I have said before in my other reviews for this series, I am enjoying the stories and characters very much! In this 4th installment, I will admit that there were parts that I became bored with. The story on the whole though, was enjoyable to me. So far, this one is my least favorite one; but only because I found there to be a lot of medical jargon, and stuff on politics. It all goes with the story, and therefore was important to be included. I just found my mind wandering at times when it wasn't about the main characters directly.

What I enjoyed very much was how DR. Garrett Gibson (our heroine), and Ethan Ransom ( Hero), gave us a different perspective on what we usually get when reading a historical romance. Our main characters are "commoners" and so we got to see parts of London that isn't usually seen by Earl's and other upper class society members. There were a few scenes that I loved and they took place while Garrett and Ethan wandered around town and saw all of the shops..etc.

I also am amazed by the knowledge that Lisa Kleypas has of all things back in that time period. She usually includes a summary at the end of the story about where she found her information, and in this case....certain medical procedures that Dr. Garrett had performed. I feel the need to give her a shout out for that considering that a lot of authors nowadays don't put that much research into their stories. I highly respect Lisa Kleypas for that, and I never fail to find it fascinating!

All in all, a wonderful read...even if it wasn't my favorite of the series. Oh, and I am extremely intrigued by the side character; West Ravenel. He is the hero in the next installment and I am so eager to read it! He was highly entertaining, funny, and sexy!! His heroine isn't going to stand a chance with not falling in love with him! I am pretty certain already that I am going to adore his book!!!
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March 7, 2018
How do you know when a book (or in this case, a series) is a keeper?

*When you've finished the book and you have no desire to read anything else.

* When you find yourself thinking about it and reliving all the best parts.

*When you're dying to start reading the series all over again but then your brain tells you 'No, you have plenty of books to read on the TBR pile--just leave it be.'

*When you realize that you havent't read any historicals in the past year except ones written by Lisa Kleypas, and you can't wait for the next one in the series.

*When you realize that not only do you adore the romance between the hero/heroine, but that you look forward to actually learning something too. (In this case, I was fascinated to learn about how medicine was practiced in the late 1800s).

*When you have not only a to-die-for-hero, but also a to-die-for-heroine! I absolutely loved Ethan Ransom, and Dr. Garrett Gibson is one of my all time favorite heroines.

*When your historical romance not only has a swoon-worthy romance, but also a bit of intrigue and danger. What a potent combination!

As you can see, this series has me thoroughly captivated. I'm not one who reads many historical romances anymore, but I absolutely cannot resist anything by Lisa Kleypas--the woman has no equal. I just love the research she does to put you right into the story and the time frame of 1870's London. The sights, the smells, the food (omg how can anyone be repulsed by spaghetti?) the clothing..LK paints pictures with her words that just draw you into the story.

And the romance? So, so sensual...I just loved the devotion that Garrett and Ethan displayed towards one another. I loved their conversations, I loved their words of love, I loved their sizzling chemistry. I loved their joking too! I loved seeing Ethan soften towards the Ravenels, and start to accept their friendship. I loved that Ethan was finally going to get the family he longed for. I loved that he would no longer be a solitary man. And don't get me started on West Ravenel--I'm already half way in love with him and don't know if I can wait for his book!

Fans of the Hathaways or the Wallflowers--you have to try this series! I think you'll agree with me that this is some of LK's best work.
5 big stars
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July 4, 2022
I think I enjoyed reading the reviews on this almost as much as I did reading the book itself. They are all over the place from people writing critical essays to others who love it so much they are nearly without words. I liked it, maybe not quite as much as Devil in Spring, but I enjoyed reading it and finished it in one day.

There was a lot of instalove in Hello Stranger and the strong, smart, woman doctor suddenly dissolves into a hopeless puddle over a good looking man. Silly but sweet and who reads this stuff for reality anyway! I thought the character of West came across really well and I am really looking forward to his book now.

Loving this series and looking forward to #5 now!
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May 9, 2021
4.5 rounded up to 5 stars

I know a lot of people don't like this book, but I think this is the best book in the Ravenel series so far. As far as I know, Kleypas has never written a book like this one. I think she took a risk writing Hello Stranger because 1) the hero and heroine are unconventional characters and 2) this is not the typical ballroom romance we've come to expect from Kleypas. In fact, I think that the tone of this book is a little similar to her Bow Street Runner books. Ultimately, Hello Stranger reminds me of all the reasons why I love and read romance. At one point, Ethan tried to fight Cam for the #1 Kleypas hero award. This book was not perfect; there was one thing that bothered me (nothing to do with the couple) and there was one unresolved plot point. I will talk more about these in my review below. But Ethan and Garrett were just so darn good together, so I'm bumping it from 4.5 to 5 stars.

I waited so long to read Hello Stranger even though it was my most anticipated release of 2018. I was just waiting for the right moment and I was a little scared this book would disappoint me because the last one in the series was just so drab. Unlike other readers who have been dying for more Sebastian and his brood, I have actually been pining for Garrett and Ethan since Book 2. Their confirmed pairing from Book 3 was a dream come true for me, so this book is literally everything and more than I had ever expected for Ethan and Garrett. I know everyone hates how serious this book is, but I love that Kleypas deviated from her typical and conventional ballroom romances. It's also the main reason why I love her unconventional Hathaways series the most.

I loved everything about Ethan and Garrett. The pace of their relationship. The way they felt about each other. The way they talked to each other. Their relationship made me feel the way I usually feel when I listen to Yiruma's beautiful music. My heart felt light and full at the same time. All of my senses were engaged. I felt...comforted. I felt love. I felt intimacy. I felt everything that Garrett felt for Ethan. She was surprisingly the most relatable heroine from this series, even though I am the furthest thing from a doctor. Whenever Ethan would leave, she would uncharacterically fall into this unknown whirlpool of sadness and I knew exactly how she was feeling. She felt lonely for the first time ever. And I got that. It was so easy to put myself in her shoes because she was so similar to me in personality. For instance, her views on marriage and children were very similar to mine. But after she met Ethan, her perspective started changing:
"When you meet the right man, the list of things you would never do suddenly becomes much shorter."
Even though I've yet to meet anyone to make me change my mind, I completely understood why Garrett's views on marriage and children were changing...because she met the right man.

Ethan...sigh...I don't know how Kleypas does it, but her heroes are always so swoon worthy. Ethan fought bravely for the #1 spot in my heart, but I think that spot will always belong to Cam. However, Ethan is a definitely one of my top LK heroes:
"The first moment I saw you, I knew you were my share of the world. I've always loved you. If I could choose my fate, I'd never be parted from you. Acushla...pulse of my heart, breath of my soul...there's nothing on this earth more fair and fine than you. Your shadow on the ground is sunlight to me."
Talk about a silver tongue. He sounds poetic even when he talks dirty to Garrett. I love how he could easily be himself with Garrett. He thought Garrett would never have fallen in love with someone like him. He never expected her to love him. And I love how she noticed everything about him, like his dimple. I love how encouraging and supportive he was. Their mutual respect for each other only enhanced the attraction and the love. I cried so many ugly tears reading this book because I felt their pain and loneliness every time they were separated. The conflict separating them was out of their hands and I really felt Garrett's need to have something to remember Ethan by. I felt her tears and pain when her whistle was so thoroughly destroyed. I felt EVERYTHING.

The other thing I would like to mention is how much I enjoyed the glimpse we got into the middle class Londoner life. Like I said, this was a very unconventional Kleypas book. She has always written about affluent characters, even if they were not always aristocratic. Hello Stranger was a breath of fresh air because this time around, Kleypas fell in the middle of the spectrum, showing us the lives of middle class folks as well as immigrants. This was a first for Kleypas and I hope she decides to branch out and write about even more different people in the future. I am kind of sad she's going back to a predictable ballroom romance with conventional characters. In terms of the medical jargon, I am no expert, but it looks like Kleypas did her research thoroughly in that aspect. Personally, it was super easy for me to follow and understand the medical procedures. I think Kleypas managed to write all of that in a way that was easy for me understand what was happening. It didn't feel like an information overload to me and I have no scientific background whatsoever.

What did not necessarily work for me:
This list is short haha. Just 2 things.

I did not like how long it took for the story to transition from London to the countryside. I think those chapters could have been cut short, especially because I was anxious for Ethan to get well. The little scene with Garrett and Rhys was beautiful and I loved it so much. But the part where West and Garrett were in the train and West has a monologue about how much he loves farming....how about no? This is not West's book. I don't need to know that many details about his love for farming. Move the story along so I can get to more Ethan and Garrett, please and thank you. I think Kleypas probably came to the realization that readers do not actually know much about West and felt that she had to push all this information about him down our throats because his book is next. Please don't. I only care about Ethan and Garrett, especially at this critical point in the story. This is why the Ravenel family should have been harmonized early on in the series. We shouldn't be getting to know West NOW. He shouldn't be relevant all of a sudden NOW. He should have been relevant throughout the series. I also felt that West's jokes were inappropriate and distasteful at times. For instance, when he was assisting Garrett during the surgery. Talk about wrong timing. I did end up liking him better towards the end though. But I still find the pairing of West and Phoebe very awkward — it makes no sense to me. He clearly says he wants a farmwife.......can a Duke's daughter be a farmwife? Maybe he doesn't really want a farmwife? Also, can Avon and Kleypas stop using Sebastian as a marketing tactic? It's frankly so annoying and distasteful.

Okay, last thing that I want to touch upon is an unresolved plot point. I don't really care about it, but it is indeed a plot hole. Whatever happened to that estate that was bestowed to Ethan and that he was going to sell to West? Was this just a ploy on West's behalf so he could have a pretext to meet Ethan? This plot point was never resolved, which, to be honest, I don't mind because the love story matters to me the most. But it is nevertheless a plot hole.

Before I conclude my review....I NEED AN EPILOGUE FFS!!!! ETHAN AND GARRETT DESERVE AN EPILOGUE FILLED WITH SUNSHINE, RAINBOWS, PUPPIES, AND HAPPINESS OKAY 😭 Anyway, as you can see, my complaints have nothing to do with the love story itself. I absolutely adore Ethan and Garrett and I am not ashamed to say that I have already started rereading Hello Stranger. I think I might just reread the first couple of chapters though...otherwise I'll never be able to get over this book hangover. And this time...the book hangover is real, my friends.

Sept 14, 2017:
UGH. What is with this dress????? This cover is so disappointing.

April 11, 2017:
Omg. She practically confirmed the pairings for the rest of the series.

March 3, 2017:
I just read the first chapter that Avon sent me and I don't know how I am going to wait until 2018 for this book ;-;
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February 21, 2022
I am re-reading all my 5 star rated romance novels. There are 62 on my shelf (and counting). This is book 41.

(Tropes: Work Relationship, Spinster/Wallflower, Opposites Attract, Unstarched (heroine))

This is how my 41st re-read held up.


I love this book – still 5 stars.

Here’s my original review with some amendments after the second read


It’s not often I finish a book, that upon completion I IMMEDIATELY want to read it again. In my opinion the best of the series so far. Where do I even start?? This book was just soooooo romantic. And hot. And did I mention romantic? No? R O M A N T I C people!!


I read this book in one sitting. Ok, not exactly true, I dropped off at 3.30 am last night, kindle slipping out of my hands, as my traitorous body gave out.


But upon waking, I did not even rise from bed before I had finished it. And for the rest of the day I will be walking, slightly emotionally-wrung out, on a pink cloud. This book brought out A LOT of emotions for me. This book made me cry a little. A few times actually. That does not happen very often.


From the very first moment Ethan Ransom and Dr. Garret Gibson met, I was hooked. Mere pages in! (FYI, they’ve met in at least one of the previous books.)

Despite knowing better, there were moments I was almost convinced LK was going to do something I don’t think I have ever come across in a book like this; killing off the hero. I KNEW better, but I was nearly as distressed as the heroine.


The heroine is unconventional, the medical details are interesting, we get to se something other than a "ton setting", and the hero is a big softy. The highlights are all over the place.

- She was sunlight and steel, spun into a substance he’d never encountered before. The mere thought of her left him like a stray coal on the hearth.

- Amidst the elegant angles and edges of her features, there was a valentine of a mouth, tender and vulnerable, the upper lip nearly as full as the lower. A mouth with such pretty curves that it did something to Ethan’s knees every time he saw it.


- Garrett’s gaze traveled from the broad shoulders down to the slim hips, and then even lower to his thickly muscled thighs. As it occurred to her that she was staring, she glanced upward, and blushed like a schoolgirl as she met his questioning gaze. “I was just noting the unusual development of your quadriceps extensors,” she said in her professional voice.
His lips twitched. “Are you paying me a compliment, doctor?”

- Garrett regarded him coolly. “You think me naïve?”
Ransom shook his head. “I see no fault in you,” he said, with a quiet sincerity that threw her off guard.


- She had never been a woman whose presence excited the male ardor. Partly because she’d never cultivated the skills of flirtation and feminine charm. Also because when she first met a man, she was usually jabbing him with suture needles or injection syringes.
“Would… would it help if I fetch a glass of cold water?” she dared to ask, in a timid voice that didn’t even sound like hers.
Ransom replied with his forehead leaning against the wall. “Not unless you pour it down my trousers.”
A strangled laugh was wrenched from her throat.

- “The man is neither respectable nor gainfully employed,” Garrett continued. “He’s also sneaky, violent, and apparently as randy as a stoat. I can’t possibly be attracted to him.”

- "The devil knows how you could doubt my attraction to you after our lesson at Baujart’s. Or didn’t you notice that being near you made me as randy as a prize bull?”
“I noticed,” Garrett whispered sharply. “However, the male erection isn’t always caused by sexual desire.”
His face went blank. “What are you talking about?”
“Spontaneous priapism can be caused by scrotal chafing, traumatic injury to the perineum, a flare-up of gout, an inflamed prostatic duct —”
Her list was interrupted as Ransom hauled her against him, front to front. She was alarmed to feel his entire body shaking. It wasn’t until she heard a ragged chuckle near her ear that she realized he was struggling not to laugh.

- As she looked up into his hard face, exhilaration flooded her as if it had been injected directly into an artery. She was shocked at how good it felt to be with him. Her soul was leaping.


- “I summoned you.” Her cheek curved against his shoulder as she added, “My genie of the whistle.”
“I don’t grant wishes,” he said.
“A second-rate genie. I should have known I’d get one of those.”
A last whisk of amusement sank into her hair, and his fingertip charted the soft rim of her ear.

- Ransom stared at her as if spellbound. “A queen, you are,” he said softly. “I could travel the world the rest of my life, and not find another woman with half your ways.”

- “You’re used to being in charge,” he murmured, “every second of the day. With no one to catch you if you set a foot wrong.” His voice curled around her ear, making her shiver. “But I’m giving you the night off. You’ll have my arms to hold you steady. Drink more wine, if you like. There’ll be music and dancing later. I’ll buy a ribbon for your hair, and waltz you across the green at midnight. What do you say to that?”


- “Do the windows have sash locks, at least?”
“I think some of them do…” she said vaguely. At his quiet curse, she said in a soothing tone, “You really mustn’t worry: it’s not as if we’re keeping the crown jewels in here.”
“You’re the jewel,” he said gruffly.

- “I have insect wings… pollen grains… flower petals… What would you like to see?”
“The inside of a hansom cab,” he said softly. “I can’t be alone with you, darlin’.”

- “Christ, you’ve ruined me,” he whispered. His arms went around her, one hand gripping the heavy silken mass of her braided chignon. She guided his head down, and he lost the battle, all his will vanquished as he began to kiss her as if the world were about to end.

- “I’d love you night and day, if I could,” he whispered.


- “Come back to me,” she whispered. “Find a way to see me.”

- “He knows that where you’re concerned, I… have… a preference.”
“Preference,” Garrett repeated cautiously. “What does that mean? You prefer me to what?”
As they stopped in a corner, Ethan’s head and broad shoulders were silhouetted in the faint glow of a sconce on the opposite wall. She began to tremble as he stood over her, big and dark, his nearness awakening a pulse of high music in her.
“I prefer you to everything,” he said gruffly, and bent to take her mouth with his.

- “Your trapezius and deltoids are remarkable,” she said dreamily, her hands wandering over him. “And your latissimus dorsi are so perfectly defined.”
A low laugh broke from him as he unfastened her nightgown. “You’ll embarrass me with all these flowery compliments.”

- “I’ve dreamed of this for so long,” he whispered. “The first time we met, part of my brain said, ‘I want that one.’”


- “I’m dying, love,” she heard him whisper.
The words shook Garrett by the spine, as nothing ever had before. She was distantly amazed that she could manage a coherent reply. “I’ll thank you to leave the diagnosing to me.”

- Setting aside the hypodermic syringe, Garrett looked down at the perfect shape of his ear. She bent to rub her lips softly against the lobe. “Éatán,” she whispered, “listen to me. This is what I do. I’ll bring you through this and take care of you. I’ll be with you every minute. Trust me.”

- “Tell me you love me,” he whispered.
Panicked words fluttered and darted inside her… I love you I need you Oh God please stay with me… but she had the terrifying premonition that saying it would allow him to let go. As if she would be giving him permission to pass away peacefully instead of fighting for his life.
“Later,” she said gently. “When you wake up after the surgery, I’ll tell you.”

- “This is mine.” Her fingers spread wider over his heart, collecting precious heartbeats as if they were scattered pearls.
“You’re mine, you belong to me now.”

- “There, now,” she heard him murmur. “It’s only for a few hours. When you awaken, you’ll have any revenge you want.”
“Going to dissect you,” she sobbed, “into a million pieces —”


- “The first moment I saw you, I knew you were my share of the world. I’ve always loved you. If I could choose my fate, I’d never be parted from you. Acushla… pulse of my heart, breath of my soul… there’s nothing on this earth more fair and fine than you. Your shadow on the ground is sunlight to me.”



- “I don’t have time for another patient,” she told him, her brows rushing down.
“’Tis a serious affliction I have,” he said somberly.
“The old tiblin bone is actin’ up again.”
She had to gnaw furiously on the insides of her cheeks and clear her throat to keep from laughing.



I wrote in my original review, that I had fallen quite hard for his brother West who came off with a fantastic sense of humor in this book, and that I predicted and anticipated a great addition to the series – and after having read that too – I was right – highly recommended!

Review Here
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August 4, 2021
Lisa Kleypas out here delivering stories on a woman that changed the course of British history.

I loved Garrett as soon as we met her in Marrying Winterborne. She’s a very ‘unusual’ heroine in that she’s the only female doctor and naturally, because men and their poor, fragile egos couldn’t handle this at the time, shunned her wherever she went.

Garrett was an incredibly headstrong character who was intelligent, had an attitude for days but was also extremely compassionate. I can’t even imagine the type of armour you would have to have had in the 1800s as a woman. As a working woman. This fictional character who’s based on a real-life person (Elizabeth Garrett) was just amazing to read about.

Lisa Kleypas is so great at building her characters and their world. She’s someone that does her research, and you can tell that as she continues to write about the regency era, she focuses on changes that were happening at the time. I’m always swept away by her stories.

As for the romance, it was close to perfection. These two were so well-suited and fell for each other pretty quickly. I liked that they both didn’t fit into society, but instead of moulding to that world, they made that world fit them instead, regardless of the consequences.

There were parts to the story where I lost a bit of focus and didn’t connect to emotionally, especially pertaining to the plot (I rather have had more focus on the characters and their backstory, their development and the romance, but that’s a personal preference), but other than that, I loved this book.
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February 9, 2021
4.5 Upheaval and Follow Through Stars
* * * * 1/2 Spoiler Free-UPDATE: The 2019 Fresh Fiction Awards- Winner Historical Romance
2018 Best Romance Semifinal Round Nominee
I have been so fortunate to have read many of these Semifinalists. If this review helps in deciding your voting choice, then I have done my job. Happy Reading

I have been a fortunate reader. When I started my reading of this series almost all of the books were published. I was able to know for sure I would have the next entry sitting there waiting for me...At least until now...

I was taken by the hand and introduced to the Ravenels, the only brothers left of this long lineage family. Devon and West were a part of the family but not very active with the main chain. All of that changed when the direct heir died from a riding accident. This caused the men to leave London and take on the Estate. They also decided to support and protect the three daughters and the young widow. All involved went through an emotional arc resulting in Devon marrying Kathleen and us following the engagement and marrying of Helen to Rhys Winterborne in the second book of the series.

It was in Marry Winterborne we met Dr. Garrett Gibson, the only female physician in England, and
Ethan Ransom, a former detective for Scotland Yard. From the very first introduction, we knew these people were special. They had added weight to the story and had a serious function to move the tale forward. Those of us who read as much as we do know they were characters we would meet again through the series. Hello, Stranger is their book.

With over 1001 reviews out there, my review focus is what I was able to take away from this. Lisa Kleypas stated in the author's notes she discovered the existence of Dr. Elizabeth Garrett Anderson, the first licensed female physician in Britain. The British Medical Association immediately changed its rules to prevent any other woman from joining the association the way Dr. Anderson did. She had studied at the Sorbonne, earned her degree, and was more than qualified. It took another twenty years for the advancement of women to practice medicine. Dr. Anderson continued to break the rules in all the ways that mattered.

So Kleypas had her perfect role model for Garrett Gilbert. Her woman was confident, brilliant, and focused to make a difference in women's lives as well as all of humanity. She had to overcome daily all of the insults, the threats to work, and bodily harm. She took care of her father who had a serious illness and regularly risked harm to assist those in the workhouses and prisons.

It was after the visit to an orphanage when Garrett first meets Ransom. Dr. Gibson exchanges polite yet firm comments to Ransom and from that first sighting...we know there will be something more, it is the Kleypas way.

Ransom is a man who was an accident by birth and carries the hate for the family name he was never given. He learned all from the streets and his stepfather. His mind was quick and a sponge in absorbing all that interested him. He became a police officer and then was quickly moved up the ranks finally being mentored by a man high up in the government.

This story is a combination of many elements. You have the political; a look at the status of women in the world. How their lives are considered less than men's, how they become their husband's property once they are married. How women were not able to practice as doctors.

There was the incorporation of all the improvements medicine was experiencing. How learning to disinfect and clean all surgical instruments was revolutionary. These things were just the tip of the iceberg of change.

These elements were researched and used while the arcs of understanding who you truly are, how your moral and ethical standards shape you, and most of all, allowing yourself to love fully.
Both Garrett and Ransom find each other and because Garrett is so incredibly strong, she will not allow Ransom to turn away from what both of them feel for each other.

The added bonus of all of this book is West. He has been the one character who has the largest arc of all. We have watched his changes and enjoyed Every Single Moment he has been on the page. In this book, he has a solid presence and we are teased as to how fantastic it will be when we get his book.

My luck has run out. I thought all of the books of the series were out...but no, West's story is coming on February 26th, 2019. I will have to wait and behave...

Cold-Hearted Rake (The Ravenels, #1) by Lisa Kleypas Cold-Hearted Rake (The Ravenels, #1)
Marrying Winterborne (The Ravenels, #2) by Lisa Kleypas Marrying Winterborne (The Ravenels, #2)
Devil in Spring (The Ravenels, #3) by Lisa Kleypas Devil in Spring (The Ravenels, #3)
Hello Stranger (The Ravenels, #4) by Lisa KleypasHello Stranger (The Ravenels #4)
Devil's Daughter (The Ravenels, #5) by Lisa KleypasDevil's Daughter (Ravenels, #5)
Chasing Cassandra (The Ravenels, #6) by Lisa Kleypas Chasing Cassandra (Ravenels, #6)
Devil in Disguise (The Ravenels, #7) by Lisa Kleypas Devil in Disguise (The Ravenels, #7)

~~~~~ Before Reading ~~~~~
Leave it Kleypas to present us with the most forward thinking, advanced woman...
Garrett Gibert, the only Female Physician in England...
She is this woman who has all of the education, better training than her male counterparts...
She is independent and decides what is good for them...
Might as well be for her...

Temptation comes in the form of Ethan Ransom, past Scotland Yard detective...
They have their time together and then separate as strangers should...
Yet, Ethan is quite taken and wants more...

These two then are thrown together again due to dangerous circumstances..
The only thing left to say when they meet is...

Hello Stranger

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August 26, 2019

"Do you want to know why I gave you violets? They're beautiful and small, but tough enough to grow in the cracks of city pavement."

I loved it. And I loved even more that our Dr. Garrett Gibson was based on a real person (read the Author's Note at the end). Great series, one book is as good as the next. I may as well just give them all 5 stars. I haven't even started book 5, and I'm already in love with West. God help me, I'm such a sap. I hope he get's someone special. He is a wonderful character. In fact, he had all the good quotes in this one. Ok.. I'll given Ethan a few.

Whenever you want me
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July 18, 2022
the setup…
Dr. Garrett Gibson is the only female doctor in England, having been educated and trained in France since women were banned from doing so in her home country. She was given an opportunity by Rhys Winterborne when he hired her to assist his doctor in providing medical services to his workers. It’s given her credibility and a successful career, though sometimes it means visiting some of the rougher areas of the city to see patients. For some time she’s had the feeling she’s being watched and one evening when three men try to assault her, the man who’s been following her shows his face and assists her in taking the attackers down. Ethan Ransom is an inspector with Scotland Yard’s secret service and he’s made it his mission to protect the beautiful doctor. But protecting her isn’t the only thing on his mind.

the heart of the story…
Ethan and Garrett had crossed paths in an earlier story so that spark of attraction began before this night. Both are very attractive people who are very skilled at what they do and the attraction is no wonder. I enjoyed their romance but the intrigue around Ethan’s paternity and his job are even more compelling. There’s a conspiracy afoot at the highest level in Scotland Yard that threatens the stability of the government and Ethan’s in the thick of unearthing the traitors. I liked this bit of mystery and suspense that eventually affects his relationship with Garrett and introduces him to the family ready to embrace him.

the narration…
Four books in and the narrator continues to be the voice of this series. She’s such a good storyteller no matter who’s front and center. I’ll be listening to the rest of the books as she delivers such great performances and heightens the reading experience.

the bottom line…
I enjoyed the story for the romance, mystery and suspense. Suspicions about Ethan’s paternity were hinted about earlier so it came as no surprise but his acceptance by his new family made the story more interesting. I also loved seeing Garrett’s skills being put to use as she adds to the cast of remarkable women in this series. It’s not a complicated story but I liked everything about it.

Posted on Blue Mood Café
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September 19, 2021
Garret Gibson is a strong independent woman who can stand her ground. As the only female doctor in 1870s England, she's seen her fair share of blood and gore. Aaaand... she has studied self defense with the best fencing master London has to offer.

So really, she'd thank Ethan Ransom to not stick his handsome nose in her business. Granted, his remark about her civilized fighting style does have some merit... but other than that: how dare he?!

pamper me

Overall, Hello Stranger was a good investment. It proved to be a nice change of pace from the serious-business type of novel I had previously finished. The characters had very nice chemistry between them, and handled the "no shy violet" trope without it getting into either cheesy or overbearing territory.

Personally, I'm not too bothered by historical (in)accuracy in my guilty pleasure reading material. Meaning, I can stomach a moderate amount of feminism in Victorian England, provided it doesn't veer into bra-burning territory. And even then, I'm relatively easy to win over (see Then Came You). Still, for those of you wrinkling their nose at Dr. Gibson's behavior, you should know that there has indeed been a British female doctor who had earned her medical license in 1873.

Dr. Elisabeth Garret Anderson

The one thing missing from the main characters' interaction however, was Kleypas' usual humorous banter. She writes it extremely well, but for some reason it was missing here. Maybe she was trying for different characterization? Unfortunately, for me it felt like both our heroes were much too serious about things.

"You haven't one romantic bone in your body," he muttered.
That sounded so much like his usual self that Garrett almost smiled. "I reassembled an entire disarticulated skeleton in medical school. There's no such thing as a romantic bone."

Good thing, West Ravenel was on hand to lighten the atmosphere:

To Ravenel's credit, if he was rattled by [Ransom throwing money at him], he didn't show it. Turning to Winterborne, he remarked casually, "No one's ever showered me with cash before. I must say, it inspires feelings of instant affection."

"Do you have any problems with the sight of blood?"
"Lord, no, I'm a farmer. I'm around blood all the time, both animal and human."
Garrett regarded him dubiously, blotting her cheeks with the edge of her sleeve. "There's that much blood involved in farming?"
Ravenel grinned. "I didn't say I was any good at it."

"Mrs. Abbot, I'm going to the kitchen to wash. You'll want to warn the housemaids to shield their eyes from the sight of my manly torso."
Kathleen, Lady Trenear, came to Garret."Whose housemaid would he be referring to?" she asked dryly. "Ours will be crowding into the scullery to obtain the best possible view."

Score: 3/5 stars

The story was interesting, featured a fair amount of delicious stomach butterflies on the menu, and didn't veer into WTF-territory, as was poor Pandora's case at the end of Devil in Spring.

Speaking of the truckload of misfortune from the previous book, we now learn the reason behind it all. But the fact still stands: the (sub)plot would've worked so much better as part of this book, instead of the rush job that was done in the prequel.

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1,129 reviews398 followers
June 2, 2018
***3 if you want to hear an Irish brogue STARS***
La reseña ya en el blog...

Para mí el punto flojo de este libro fue la trama, no hablo de la parte del romance entre los protagonistas, eso me gustó mucho. Hablo del fondo de la historia, la intriga que se termina desinflando y los momentos en los cuales no pasa absolutamente nada. A pesar de que Lisa trata de imprimir ese halo de feminismo en la doctora no termina por desarrollar todo el potencial. A pesar de que enfatiza la intriga al principio, no termina por concretar los hechos y al final todo sale apresurado. Si así lo ibas a hacer desde el principio...


Fue como cuando pones un suflé al horno y lo abres antes de tiempo... esa sensación de ver tu postre desinflado es la que me dejó este libro. Con su dichosa intriga y espionaje...

Porque el romance es bueno, los protagonistas a pesar de mis ideas preconcebidas son muy buenos y me terminaron gustando mucho, pero hay fallos en la estructura de toda la historia en sí, que no terminan por convencerme.

Los protagonistas

Garret, fue una grata sorpresa. La verdad con todo lo que había conocido de ella en libros anteriores pensé que sería ese tipo de chica 100% feminista extremista. Me gustó porque a pesar de serlo, no fue de esas feministas molestas que se creen más y mejores que los hombres y que cualquiera, es autosuficiente pero también vulnerable y tan femenina como podría serlo. Una ola de frescura para mi alma . #WomanPower
Ethan Ramson... bueno, bueno, bueno... Es que fue escuchar su acento irlandés y yo ya estaba #EnDerretidaComoNieveAlSol así de fácil soy y así de encantador era él.
Me parece que de toda la serie estos dos han sido de los personajes mejor construidos de Lisa , sabemos sus convicciones, su pasado, sus personalidades son tan coherentes y comprensibles que es muy fácil conectar y empatizar con ambos.

¡West! Si hay un personaje que me ha enamorado desde el primer libro (que no me encantó) ese fue West Ravenel... y es que LO AMO LOCAMENTE CON LOCURA. No me pregunten porqué, pues no lo sé. Simplemente así es y espero con ansias su libro. Sorry, no podía no mencionarlo jajaja porque mi fangirleo intenso era real. En cada aparición y frase suya yo estaba así...

Era "Ahí viene West, actúa normal"
Y yo:

tengo los WhatsApps para comprobarlo.

¿Qué si me gustó?

Me gustó, pero no terminó por convencerme. Le compré totalmente la historia de amor a pesar de que es más instalove que ninguna, me pareció tierna, romántica y sexy... porque vamos, ese Ethan es todo un semental para poder hacer todo lo que hacía y en los momentos en los que lo hacía.


A ti querido lector:

Estamos frente a uno de los libros con los personajes mejor fundamentados y trazados de toda la serie, pero sencillamente la trama de intriga es floja y termina en nada. El final es sumamente apresurado y a pesar de que Ethan enamora, no es la mejor historia de Lisa. Un libro entretenido, con momentos chispeantes pero que, a mi modo de ver, no llega a ser sobresaliente. No puedo decir que esperaba más porque francamente pensaba que lo iba a odiar, al contrario... terminó por sorprenderme para bien.


Ya se los digo, este West es muy MUY Leo Hathaway y yo ya lo AMODORO.

ESTOY SUMAMENTE MOLESTA POR LA EXCLUSIÓN DEL EXTRACTO del siguiente libro en su edición en español. Mal ahí EDITORIALES. ¡MAL! porque ya lo leí y es PERFECTO!!!!!
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March 28, 2018
Maravilloso. Creo que la Kleypas se ha lucido con los dos protagonistas y su historia de amor. Me ha faltado un poco más de desarrollo en la trama de intriga, pero la historia de Garret y Ethan me ha parecido absolutamente deliciosa.
Dos personajes creados con absoluta maestría. Garret una mujer fuerte, inteligente, la primera mujer médico de Inglaterra. Ethan un personaje oscuro, fue detective y ahora anda metido en historias mayores. A los dos los conocemos de libros anteriores. Dos personajes que sientes cercanos y profundos.
Te enamoras total y absolutamente de Ethan, por su manera de comportarse con Garret, por la admiración que siente hacia ella cómo mujer y por lo que hace. Muerta de amor con cada cosa que le dice, hay unos momentos absolutamente maravillosos entre ellos, dulces, bonitos, de esos que te hacen recordar lo maravilloso que es que te guste la novela romántica (hay unos momentos románticos y sentidos que no puedes más).
Aparece un par de veces mi amado Rhys (lo adoro) y West, divino West! para comérselo (esperando su historia como loca).
Lo volveré a leer porque es delicioso, disfrute total.
Querida Kim, tu sabías que amaría a Ethan :)
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February 28, 2018
This review can also be found at Carole's Random Life in Books.

I loved this book! I have been a huge fan of Lisa Kleypas for a long time but for some reason I haven't read a lot of her work during the past few years. I can see now that this has been a big mistake on my part and that I should have made time for the Ravenels series because this was oh so good. I loved it on the first page, the last page, and all the pages in between.

The characters in this book were amazing. Dr. Garrett Gibson was such a refreshing character. She was willing to do what made her happy instead of what society expected of her. Can you even imagine the guts it would take to be the only female doctor in England? Garrett had the toughness needed to excel in her profession. Ethan Ransom was so easy to like. He started out as a bit of a mystery and worked to help keep Garrett safe. The more we learned about Ransom the more that I liked him.

Garrett and Ethan were wonderful together. I love that we get to see them with each other at the start of the book and the chemistry is there from the start. It only grows stronger as the book progresses. Ethan quickly showed that he is a romantic at heart and his words had me swooning quite a few times. While the chemistry between them was off the charts, they also really showed a lot of respect for each other and just seemed to enjoy being in each other's company. These two just belonged with each other.

There are some pretty exciting moments in the story. I did worry about how things would work out for a little while. There are some pretty serious nail biting moments in this book and a few characters that seemed to make the perfect villain since they were easy to hate. There are also some really lovable secondary characters in this book. I haven't read the other books in the series so I am not sure if West has played a large role in the other stories or not but I loved him. Just as Ethan had the ability to make me swoon, West often made me laugh. I really hope West gets his own book very soon.

I highly recommend this book to others. This book had all of the elements that I hope for when I pick up a romance with a fantastic plot, amazing characters, off the chart chemistry, a few laughs, and moments that melted my heart. The only thing about the book that I am not sure that I like is the cover. I think that the cover is very pretty but it looks way too modern for the story. I can deal with a cover that I am not sure about because watching Garrett and Ethan find their happily ever after was a wonderful reading experience. I am definitely going to be reading the other books in the series very soon.

I received an advance reader edition of this book from HarperCollins - Avon.

Initial Thoughts
It has been way too long since I read a Lisa Kleypas book. Seriously, why have I not made time for her books lately? This book had so much going for it. I had absolutely no trouble jumping into this series with this book. I loved the main characters and thought that they were amazing characters. And West! He seemed to be there when needed and kept everything fun. There were intense scenes, swoony scenes, funny scenes, and scenes that will make you wish you had a fan. This was a 4.5 star read for me so I am rounding up for now.
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January 10, 2020

Book world confession time…again.

Before I start this review I have a confession...

I use my hubby’s snoring as an excuse to read more…

You may laugh, but that burden has been weighing on me for quite a while now and I've been feeling guilty. I tell hubby that his snoring woke me, he then feels guilty so goes out of his way to make things easier for me and gives me more reading time.

It’s a never-ending cycle. He feels guilty…I feel guilty…BUT WHY THE HELL WOULD I STOP?

I love my hubby! I love getting more reading time!

So, getting back to the book. First off, THIS OR THAT? I love the look of this bright and colourful cover, but is it really the right cover for a historical romance? I think that is very appropriate for the time, but do you think it’s a little dull? I almost wish I could have both. But, alas, us Aussies get the closer to historically accurate bland cover. Oh well, in the end, the inside is what counts.

I really enjoyed Hello Stranger. I’ve been dying to know these characters better for a long time. Garrett is one of the first female doctors practising in England and she takes her job very seriously. Ethan is a detective/spy/undercover operative and he takes his job very seriously. Because their work is so important to them, they have both written off the opportunity to find their happy ever after with the one they love. The funny thing about attraction, though, sometimes it can’t be denied.

Lisa Kleypas is one of my favourite historical romance authors. Her stories delight my senses and give me the step back in time that I crave. It’s obvious that she does her research and I’m fascinated with her mix of facts with fiction. I will admit, there are times I think the heroine is a little too ahead of her times, but I guess, we’ll never know if that is what women thought and felt back in the day.

I loved seeing the strength in both Garrett and Ethan. Garrett uses her mind and confidence in her abilities to show her strength. Ethan uses his physical strength and ability to blend in, to get the bad guys. Both Garrett and Ethan are admirable in their protection and healing of people. Station in life plays no part, they want everyone to be safe and healthy.

One of the highlights of Hello Stranger would have to be West Ravenel. His humour and kindness make him lovable and quirky. I hope we get more of him in the future, I’m even guessing that he might be up next.

Sorry, for the long and rambling review, but I woke up this morning at 4:45 (Sassy approved reading time) and battled my guilt to bring you this confession…I mean review.

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June 15, 2018
Reseña completa: http://masromance.blogspot.com/2018/0...
Me han gustado mucho los dos y la historia en general también. el tema del final no lo termino de encajar, no era necesario pero es como si a la autora se le haya resistido (mucho) explicarnos cómo se han enamorado estos dos. Porque a mí es algo que no me ha quedado claro y ese ha sido mi gran problema. Ella, fuerte, decidida independiente es como las protagonistas de Kleypas que me gustan y, él, enamora desde el principio. Ese pilluelo encantador de los bajos fondos, que tanto nos recuerda a Dereck
La relación entre ellos está muy bien, divertida y con chispa pero, en mi opinión, ahí lo deja y daba para mucho más.
Tiene frases muy muy bonitas y escenas de lo más emocionantes. Pero me ha faltado algo y un giro en el personaje masculino al final de la novela, de lo más prevesible, pero no por eso me ha molestado menos. Creo que cambia mucho el sentido, tanto del personaje como del mensaje de la novela y la pareja en sí.
Aún así, por ahora, creo que es mi favorito, y también he de decir que West está mejorando mucho como personaje, Deseando leer su novela.
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613 reviews810 followers
June 3, 2018
Awesome romance!!! Hello Stranger is the 4th book in the ravenel series and it's Garrett and Ethan's book. Garrett is a woman phycian and Ethan is a spymaster,how can two such different people fall in love? Between the passion,suspense and intrigue in back streets and alleys these two such different people will find a passion and love that can last a lifetime! Lisa Kleypas is a awesome storyteller and one of the best romance writers,I love her characters and this series is one of my very favorites! And I love spending time with the ravenel's they are so interesting!
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659 reviews208 followers
June 10, 2018
4’5 Estrellas. Éste sí que sí, por fin un libro de los Ravenel que merece la pena, y que está a la altura de lo que Kleypas publicaba en histórica hace muchos años.

Antes de nada me gustaría decir que no iba muy convencida cuando lo empecé, porque el personaje de Garrett me parecía muy irreal. Cierto que Lisa se basó en la figura de la primera mujer en tener licencia para ejercer la medicina en Inglaterra, pero ello no hace que me choque menos el hecho de ver a una mujer en 1876 ejerciendo la medicina y con consulta propia. Y no solo esto, si no que Garrett proviene de una familia de clase media, e imagino que las primeras mujeres en entrar a la universidad entrarían porque tendrían mucho dinero, porque ni serían pobres, ni tendrían derecho a beca por ser mujeres, y creo que el sueldo de su padre no daría para pagarle la carrera en la Sorbona.

Por un lado esto me parecía irreal, y por otro, que este sí que me cuesta un poquito más creerme, fue leer que la doctora sabe luchar con un bastón. A ver, me parece genial que las mujeres puedan luchar y se sepan defender, pero no sé hasta qué punto una mujer podía recibir formación para defenderse, y sobre todo poder acudir a un gimnasio o escuela donde les enseñaran estos menesteres. Pero ¿Qué sé yo? En asuntos de investigación Kleypas nunca me ha decepcionado, así que espero que escriba con conocimiento de causa.

Esto fue quizás lo primero que me echó un poquito para atrás cuando conocí a la doctora en anteriores libros. Garrett me parecía una mujer irreal, a la vez que algo fría, pero es que lo es. Es una mujer inteligente y adelantada a su época, una mujer con conocimientos que otras mujeres ni podrían soñar tener, y vive volcada en su vocación y estudios. Al ser una mujer extraña, pero muy lejos de ser una dama ¿Cómo podría no aspirar a tener un interludio amoroso? Ella misma no es una mujer romántica, es una mujer fría y racional, pero algo ocurre en sus primeros encontronazos con Ethan Ransom.

La vida de Ethan Ransom es un misterio, nadie sabe de dónde proviene, ni a qué se dedica exactamente. Es un hombre prácticamente hecho a sí mismo, como todos los protagonistas masculinos de Kleypas. Ethan es un hombre de aspecto tosco y duro, pero lleno de ternura, pues cuando está en compañía de Garrett se convierte en uno de los hombres más dulces y románticos de Kleypas. Porque lo dice la sinopsis, sabemos que Ethan es un Ravenel, de ahí que el libro se incluyera en la serie de esta familia, pero al ser un hijo natural y no reconocido, si no despreciado, le ha hecho ser reticente respecto a esta clase.

En los anteriores libros supimos que Ethan trabajó para la policía, pero en esta novela descubrimos que no es sólo a esto a lo que Ethan se dedica, pues tiene otro tipo de trabajo, más arriesgado, que tendrá en jaque a los protagonistas durante toda la novela, porque los secretos que Ethan conoce pueden poner en peligro tanto a su país, como a él mismo y a la relación que ha iniciado con Garrett.

El libro lo dividiría en dos partes, una primera donde empieza a desarrollarse el romance, a partir de los primeros encuentros de los protagonistas; y una segunda parte que me ha tenido los pelillos como escarpias por el giro de los acontecimientos que da la novela. Eso sí, engancha como pocas que haya leído de Kleypas, lo que tiene mucho mérito, normalmente las novelas de Kleypas fluyen solas, pero “Como dos extraños” la he devorado.

El romance me ha gustado mucho, de los que más puedo destacar de Kleypas, pues curiosamente ninguno de los protagonistas pertenece a una clase noble, y aparentemente ninguno tiene motivos como para no poder estar con el otro; ambos son jóvenes, trabajadores y sanos ¿Por qué no habrían de conocerse y enamorarse? Sus primeros encuentros serán algo castos y tiernos, pero poco a poco nuestros protagonistas irán gustándose más e iniciando algo más serio. ¿El inconveniente? Que Garrett no sabe si al día siguiente volverá a verle, porque Ethan es un misterio, y no sabe en qué trabaja, ni por qué él se muestra tan reticente respecto a su trabajo, o a por qué no deberían iniciar una relación. Todos ellos motivos muy nobles y que tendrán su peso en el desarrollo.

De modo que tenemos una novela que para mí ha ido de menos a más, que he cogido con reticencia, pero que a medida que pasaba los capítulos la iba devorando. Unos protagonistas muy carismáticos y con una buena evolución desde que empieza hasta que acaba la novela. Un ritmo que no decae, y un misterio por resolver que ha tenido el peso justo pero no eclipsando al romance. Así que, en “Como dos extraños” puedo decir que Kleypas ha hecho los deberes, y en éste caso le han salido bien. Sí, sí, hasta la nota de autora.

Gracias a esta novela siento que la Lisa Kleypas histórica ha vuelto, y ahora mismo me ha dejado con muchísimas ganas de la siguiente novela, pues sabiendo que es de West, que ha tenido un peso muy importante en éste libro, estoy convencida de que me gustará. Con lo poco que ha dejado caer Kleypas en esta novela, estoy segura de que el próximo libro merecerá la pena ¿Quién será ésa pelirroja que le odia?
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