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Flying Squirrels

Mentor: Amanda

Judith ~ Captain
Cathy M ~ Co-Captain
Angela ~ Co-Captain
Beth NC
Erika Barrett
Linda C

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Battleship Board

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Judith (brownie72011) | 4723 comments Mod
Team's Wobble Shelves:

✴ Judith ~ Captain: Wobble Shelf
✴ Cathy M ~ Co-Captain: Wobble Shelf
✴ Angela ~ Co-Captain: Wobble Shelf
✴ Beth NC: Wobble Shelf
✴ Erika Barrett: Wobble Shelf
✴ Erin: Wobble Shelf
✴ Linda C: Wobble Shelf
✴ Sarah: Wobble Shelf
✴ Shanna: Wobble Shelf
✴ Tati: Wobble Shelf

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Team Spreadsheet
Flying Squirrels

Team BOOKS READ Thread:
Flying Squirrels Books Read

Team Rankings Spreadsheet:
Wobble Team Rankings

Check Cover Color:
Cover Color

Word Count Check:
Word Count

Labors of Bookules Ends:
Countdown to End of Labors

Emerge the Victor Begins:
Countdown to Beginning of Emerge the Victor

Emerge the Victor Rules:
Emerge the Victor Rules

Currently Reading - Emerge the Victor Tracking
Emerge Tracking Sheet

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Judith (brownie72011) | 4723 comments Mod

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Judith (brownie72011) | 4723 comments Mod

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message 10: by Tati (new)

Tati | 1103 comments Hello everyone!!

message 11: by Linda C (new)

Linda C (libladynylindac) | 739 comments Hi everyone!
Love our mascot. Soaring to a win!

message 12: by Judith, Yeah Boi! (new)

Judith (brownie72011) | 4723 comments Mod
Hello!! This is your captain speaking. haha

Thanks for checking in so quickly :)

I hope everyone is excited to WOBBLE!!

message 13: by Tati (new)

Tati | 1103 comments Oh, I am!

This is the longest challenge I've signed up to so far, so bring it on!

message 14: by Erin (new)

Erin | 153 comments I'm a squirl as my son says! Yeah so excited to start : )

message 15: by Erika (new)

Erika | 548 comments Woop Woop! Flying Squirrel! :)

message 16: by Judith, Yeah Boi! (new)

Judith (brownie72011) | 4723 comments Mod
Welcome Erin & Erika!

As people check in I'll be sending friend requests and don't be surprised if our co-captains do the same. It makes it easier for us to link things to your shelf. Although I think most of the team has open profiles, so if you don't want to be my friend, I promise not to get butt-hurt about it.

But that reminds me, make sure you have a wobble shelf! As long as this challenge is lasting, it will make things simpler to track/link.

message 17: by Tati (new)

Tati | 1103 comments I must say that the card in the first post reminds me of one of the Arcana calls in Poison Princess (The Arcana Chronicles, #1) by Kresley Cole (eyes to the sky, lads!)

message 18: by [deleted user] (new)

Hey everyone!!!! This is my first team challenge and I am super excited.

message 19: by Tati (new)

Tati | 1103 comments I've done team challenges before, in another group, but never one this big both on length and team size

message 20: by [deleted user] (new)

I'm finishing up a two person team challenge a few days before this one starts, and I am having so much fun with it. This big one is no doubt going to be even better. Plus it seems like this is a chatty team which is nice.

message 21: by Shanna_redwind (new)

Shanna_redwind | 598 comments Hi everyone.

We've got flying squirrels in the woods near our house, but I've never seen a live one.

I've not done a team challenge before, but am looking forward to it.

message 22: by [deleted user] (new)

Shanna_redwind wrote: "Hi everyone.

We've got flying squirrels in the woods near our house, but I've never seen a live one.

I've not done a team challenge before, but am looking forward to it."

That's so cool, having flying squirrels around, we only have the regular black and grey ones at my place. Still cute though :)

message 23: by Linda C (new)

Linda C (libladynylindac) | 739 comments I am also new to this challenge and all these games. Looking forward to doing one this long with this variety and a large team.

I finished 2 team challenges recently and I have 2-3 mini challenges that are ending soon. I hope to complete them in the next week or so. That will leave me with yearly and no-deadline challenges. I should be good for this one.

message 24: by Cathy M. (new)

Cathy M. (mccathy77) | 5663 comments Hi Team Flying Squirrel! Nice to "meet" everyone!

Let's start with introductions shall we?!

My name is Cathy & I am one of the co-captains here. If there are any questions or issues, please make sure you let either Judith, Angela or I know! We will be working together to try to make this as painless and fun as possible :) We'll be around on the thread or you can always PM us should anything come up. This is going to be a long 18 weeks but we hope that everyone is as committed to making this one of the best challenges yet as we are :D

A little about me - I live in Los Angeles and work as an Office Manager in a law firm. There might be times I won't be able to log on for long during the weekdays but I'm always on GR at night and weekends.

I read pretty much all genres except Christian or non-fiction but read mostly romance (contemporary or MM), fantasy/UF (HUGE fan of The Dresden Files), and mysteries. I always have at least 2 books going at the same time - 1 ebook & 1 audio. I usually can't handle much more than that :P I read several books per week and can usually find something for any task so I'm an easy reader.

message 25: by Shanna_redwind (last edited Jun 08, 2016 11:18AM) (new)

Shanna_redwind | 598 comments Hi, I'm Shanna (Though I have an alternate identity where I am called Leah by all those around me) I live in Ontario, Canada near Lake Erie. My husband and I own a market garden farm where we grow green and yellow beans, sugar snap peas, sweet corn, squash, asparagus, strawberries and tomatoes and we produce maple syrup. We go to local farmer's markets several days a week to sell our produce.

I spend most of the summer picking snap beans, so I get my reading done through my ears. (Having a job where you can listen to recorded books all day has its advantages. It does make my work time much less tedious)

I read science fiction, fantasy, dystopian, some urban fantasy, YA, techno-thrillers and romance. I'm also willing to venture into most other genres if there's a need. I think Cozy mystery is the only one that I said "Nope, not reading another," but even that I could be persuaded to try again if someone suggested one they thought was really good.

I've got 3 daughters and a husband who think I should occasionally do something other than read, but I'll try to put them off as much as possible ;).

Mostly I'll be on in the evenings, though I do sneak on during the day occasionally.

message 26: by Judith, Yeah Boi! (new)

Judith (brownie72011) | 4723 comments Mod
Almost the whole team has checked in already! Only 4 more members to go and considering the teams haven't even been out 12 hours and we all aren't in the same time zone, I'd say that's pretty good.

message 27: by [deleted user] (last edited Jun 08, 2016 11:21AM) (new)

My name is Amy, this is my first team challenge with this group. I have some yearly and no deadline challenges as well as monthly one going on at the moment, but I read so much that it should interfere with this challenge.

I live in Ontario, Canada and I am a publications assistant at a mining company, kind of a family business there's always one of us working for this company :) I have enough freedom at work that I log in at all hours of the day and night.

I ready primarily romance/thrillers( Nora roberts, Amanda Quick, Tami Hoag), Fantasy (Also a huge fan of the Dresden Files,Juliet Marillier and a few lesser known authors) Supernatural (Patricia Briggs being my favorite) and YA novels. I have a habit of finishing books too quickly then reading them again, and I read several books a week.

Nice to meet everyone!

message 28: by Linda C (last edited Jun 08, 2016 11:41AM) (new)

Linda C (libladynylindac) | 739 comments My name is Linda. I'm a retired librarian from Upstate NY, near Rochester. My husband and I like to travel and plan on doing plenty of that. But I have an ipad and kindle to keep me book connected. We also watch our grandson 2 days a week and that keeps us young.

We are in the process of downsizing from a 2 story home to a single level condo, but will be all settled and hooked up at the new place by the time this game begins.

I read about 3 books a week in a wide variety of genres. I like a little romance in everything, but I read non-fiction as well as fiction and non-romance as well as romance. I have an enormous TBR pile that I'm hoping will be useful for this challenge.

I like scifi/paranormal/UF. mysteries/thrillers, bio/memoir, historical fiction and history, and am willing to try anything that is strongly recommended. I'm not a fan of vampires.

message 29: by Erin (new)

Erin | 153 comments My name is Erin and I am from South Carolina. I am currently a stay at home mom with a degree in teaching. I read mostly YA books and fantasy. Harry Potter is my favorite series followed by Game of Thrones. I am excited to be doing a big challenge this is my first one!

message 30: by Rachel (new)

Rachel C (rachcl) | 53 comments Hi everyone (: Today will be a long day, so I'm just passing by to say i'm alive, and really happy to be here as a Flying Squirrel with all you guys!
Will we have a secret group to confabulate? :D
I'm still reading all the introductions, so, sorry to if this question already popped out.

Anyway, I'm ready for Wobble ;D
Flying Squirrel FTW
Jedi Flying Squirrel

message 31: by Erika (new)

Erika | 548 comments I am from Southern Maine and am currently working 3 part time jobs (one that I'm hoping to rid myself of soon) and a (reluctant) care taker to my mom.
I have this habit of starting a whole mess of books at once. I find challenges force me to actually attack the insane amount of books i have in my home. I love fantasy, paranormal romance, historical fiction, ya in general and middle grade fairy tale retellings. Cant wait to get started!!!

message 32: by Erin (new)

Erin | 153 comments Does anyone kno what the fjrst game is and what we can expect?

message 33: by Judith, Yeah Boi! (new)

Judith (brownie72011) | 4723 comments Mod
Battleship is first but it's being done differently than last time they played it. It's actually not a reading challenge game I've done before but the mods said its a lot simpler than the last time they played it.

Once I get a chance to I'll post the rules in one of my reserve posts at the top of the thread. And as we move through the different games, I'll update the post with the current game rules for easy reference.

And when everyone has checked in and we see our game card, we'll come up with a plan of attack as a team.

Just please ask questions in the thread if you are confused once you see the rules or at any point in the games.

message 34: by Judith, Yeah Boi! (new)

Judith (brownie72011) | 4723 comments Mod
OMG Rachel, that picture

message 35: by Sarah (new)

Sarah | 3273 comments Hello team. Sarah here. This will be my longest challenge yet. My reading has gone down this year so this will get me back to my books. However, I can only keep up with one per week. But some are long. Something about me. I live in Portland OR. I am an ER nurse at a big hospital here in Portland. I have a six year old daughter I love more than anything. And I feel the Bern. I love good discussions, friendly debate, and good books... and traveling. Can't wait. Go flying squirrels!

message 36: by Foxy Grandma (new)

Foxy Grandma (foxygrandma) | 433 comments Hi teammates
I am a juvenile and community mediator in Western North Carolina. I read an average of 5 books a week covering lots of different genres. Everytime I say I don't read a specific genre, I find one I actually like. My main genres are Urban Fantasy, Mystery and Historic Fiction.
I am looking forward to this challenge.

message 37: by Sarah (new)

Sarah | 3273 comments Oh, I read a lot of genres, but I also don't love some like romance and YA. I love literary and historical fiction the most. I'll have non-fiction to contribute. I will do a good dystopian or sci-fi or fantasy or thriller/mystery. I will also read a classic - many I need to get to.

message 38: by Angela (new)

Angela | 504 comments Hi all!

I'm Angela, one of the co-captains, and I'm really excited for this challenge! I live in Northern California with my husband and two little ones, 7 and 5. I work for a wealth advisory firm. I always have my phone on me to keep up with what's going on and just in case questions come up.

My favorite genres are women's and literary fiction, though I will try just about anything. Diane Chamberlain and John Le Carre are names I consistently go back to. I'm also currently in love with a spy series by Daniel Silva. I get through 2-4 books per week. When I'm not reading I'm writing or messing around with my guitar or violin.

Looking forward to getting to know you guys!

message 39: by Cathy M. (new)

Cathy M. (mccathy77) | 5663 comments Love all the intros! I kept meaning to respond earlier but kept getting called away by work :/

Rachel - that picture is AWESOME :D You just know I HAD to look up other pictures on the net and they are so funny looking, I love it!

Shanna - that is SO COOL! I would love to learn to do something like that!! And I'm right there with you on Cozy Mysteries - don't particularly like them but I will read anything to complete a challenge.

I believe both you and Amy are now doing the NRPG (my fave challenge on GR :) ) so it's nice to chat more with you here!

Amy - this is a great group for these types of challenges! It also happens to be the biggest one (I believe) so what better time to join in one right?!

Linda - good luck on your move! That sounds like it will be a bit of an adjustment. Hopefully all goes smoothly.

Erin - my fave series of all time is HP as well. I just started a re-read of it earlier this year but was only able to fit in the first 5 so far. Will probably end up reading the 6th & 7th during this game. Still haven't read GoT but I LOVE the TV show :)

Erika - that's a lot of responsibilities wow! Hopefully it calms down for you (you're able to rid yourself of 1 of them) soon!

Sarah - each member is expected to read at least 1 book so if that is what you can manage, that's fine. All books will help and your contribution will be appreciated!

Beth - are you affected at all by the storms? Or are you too far north?

Angela - guitar AND violin? Wow that's impressive! I haven't read anything by either of those authors. Will need to check them out!

Whew that was a lot of posts :)

message 40: by [deleted user] (new)

Cathy: Yeah I just started the NRPG about 2-3 weeks ago, I love it. I've already got quests going, monster fought, attack levels up, and working on a few of the classified to get myself a pet. I'm having a blast.

message 41: by Cathy M. (new)

Cathy M. (mccathy77) | 5663 comments Hahaha that's great Amy! I joined it last June & have loved it ever since! It may be a little confusing at first, but the veterans/mods playing are always up to answering questions. And it's nice that you're able to see their threads to see if you're doing things correctly.

message 42: by Sarah (new)

Sarah | 3273 comments Erin - GOT is my favorite series - but I have yet to read the fifth book. I want to wait for the next book release... if that ever happens.

message 43: by Judith, Yeah Boi! (new)

Judith (brownie72011) | 4723 comments Mod
We only have one more team member left to check in :)

FYI - there is also a chat thread for all Air teams. The captains and Amanda (the mentor for the Air teams) are coming up with a pre-Wobble mini-challenge for the Air teams.

It's not for any points, but just for fun and so people can get to know each other. Look for something to pop up soon with details.

message 44: by Judith, Yeah Boi! (last edited Jun 09, 2016 03:14AM) (new)

Judith (brownie72011) | 4723 comments Mod
I kept meaning to do this yesterday. . .

I'm Judith and the team captain. I live in Maryland and work as an economist for the Environmental Protection Agency in the Toxic chemical office. I'm married but no kids yet.

I take the commuter train to work everyday so it allows for a lot of reading time. I'm a bit of a magpie when it comes to choosing books, I read almost everything. Not really into horror or books with a lot of gore. I do read a lot of historical fiction, YA, fantasy, mystery, and romance.

I'm really looking forward to this challenge and think we have a great team with a wide variety of genres covered. I'm expecting my to-read list to explode with additions from what you all read.

message 45: by Foxy Grandma (new)

Foxy Grandma (foxygrandma) | 433 comments Cathy M. wrote: "Love all the intros! I kept meaning to respond earlier but kept getting called away by work :/

Beth - are you affected at all by the storms? Or are you too far north?

I am in the foothills of the mountains, so we don't get lots of the storms, just lots of rain......

message 46: by Shanna_redwind (new)

Shanna_redwind | 598 comments Amy: Are you from Northern Ontario? Just guessing with the mining.

Cathy: Yes I joined the NRPG last March and then faded a bit for a year, rejoining it this past Feb/March. I'm having a lot of fun with it.

message 47: by Tati (new)

Tati | 1103 comments Good morning everyone!

I'm a bit away from all of you, all the way in Brazil. I'm 26 years old, single and have a Labrador. I work as a Compliance Analyst. I spend at least two hours every day on my commute, so plenty of reading time, not to mention my reading in bed.

I usually read more than 4 books a week. I read mainly fantasy and romance (YA, NA and Adult). I also read a bit of historical fiction (loooove Bernard Cornwell). I tend to steer clear of horror, though. I have dabbled in the genre (I enjoy Anne Rice's books, though they're not really hardcore), but it's really not my thing. In fact, Anna Dressed in Blood gave me nightmares...

message 48: by Erin (new)

Erin | 153 comments Sarah wrote: "Erin - GOT is my favorite series - but I have yet to read the fifth book. I want to wait for the next book release... if that ever happens."

It is so hard waiting. We watch the tv shows and I am hoping they don't spoil the books. It has been so aggravating to me I couldn't read the book first to look for differences!

message 49: by Tati (new)

Tati | 1103 comments Well, some things have already been spoiled by the TV shows. Others, not so much, I thinnk

message 50: by Rachel (new)

Rachel C (rachcl) | 53 comments I Think is time for me to do a proper introduction (:

I'm Rachel and like Tati, I'm Brazilian (: I'm 28 years old, Architect, Capricorn and work with sales (Lately everyone asks about my sign).
I used to have more time to read, but now it's just bed time.
My readings are almost all done in english, but i don't have much practice in write or speak (and when i'm really tired, I can't think in english at all, so somethimes i'll be monossilabic. Sorry)

The amount of books that I use to read a week varies a lot! If i'm on a wave of good books, I can read around 3-4 a week, but if the last books are kinda bad, i spend almost a month without reading anything. But i'm very compromissed when other people are depending on me and i'm 100% sure I can keep at least 1 book a week, even on time of "meh" books.

My fav genres are Classical Romance (Jane Austen ;D), Contemporary Sci-Fi (Ann Leckie!) and Fantasy. Almost never I read out my confot zone, but i would love some nice recomendations of another genres (: Let the wobble start and i'll want some recommendations ;D

Cathy M - There are amazing photos of Flying Squirrels online :D i'll save some of the nicest to post here!
And yes! I'm on the NRPG almost the same time as Amy
I got a little excited when I saw her in our team :D we never spoke, but we entered the NRPG about the same time!

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