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About the game
If you have never played battleship, here is easy and quick explanation.

Each team will have its own board (see post below) where Mods have hidden ships. Your job is to find those ships and sink them by trying to guess right coordinates. There are 15 ships on the board with 5 different sizes. In general, ships can touch each other, but not overlap. We tried to make your life easier, so they can be connected only in diagonal (for example, if one ship ends in C3, other can start in D4). We tried to have them touch as little as possible, but with so many ships there is not that much space on the board.
Ships that are hidden are: 1 battleship (5), 2 cruisers (4), 3 frigates (3), 4 minesweepers (2) and 5 submarines (1) making it total of 35 squares with a ship on it (hit).

How will this work in reading challenge?
Each square on the board has specific task team needs to read. Tasks are assigned randomly, so each team has a different task for same square (there won't be peeking in other teams to see what tasks is so you can prepare).

Wobble battleship rules
- Standard wobble rules apply
- Each team can make 10 guesses on ships on Fridays and Mondays with exception of first one that I'll allow on Thursday 16th so you can start reading on time. So guesses can be made on 16th, 20th, 24th and 27th.
- Captain or cocaptain of each team will enter team's guesses into spreadsheet and get tasks
- New round of guesses can be made even if previous ones are still being read for. Time frame for finishing tasks is end of battleship.
- Team will need to read 2 books for each task to call it done and collect points for it. And that's only 2 books (see below for exception).
- Books for same task/square need to be read by different teammember .
- All books read during battleship can be used for tasks (it doesn't matter if book is read before team got task it fits).
- There are going to be couple of different ways for teams to collect points:
            - by guessing right square with ship (hit)
            - by page numbers of read book edition (only used books can earn points)
            - by sinking whole ship
            - bonus points
- Book once used can't be used for another task. There is no moving books around (in official spreadsheet) to better fit.
- Additional perk: when team sinks a ship, they will get bonus guess they can use at once or during next set of guessing

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To collect any and all points for specific square team needs to read 2 books for it
- hit (square with ship) = 5 points
- pages of read edition
            <199 = 1 point
            200-299 = 2 points
            300-399 = 3 points
            400-499 = 4 points
            500-599 = 5 points
            600-699 = 6 points
            700-799 = 7 points
            800-899 = 8 points
            900-999 = 9 points
            >1000 = 10 points
- sank ships
            battleship = 5 points
            cruiser = 4 points
            frigate = 3 points
            minesweeper = 2 points
            submarine = 1 point
- bonus points - 1 point per book
      - after task for hit square is done (2 books read), members that weren't
          reading that task can read book to collect extra points (page numbers
          still count). Maximum is 8 bonus points per hit.
- miss squares get only page number points

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Additional rules/faq

- in all tasks edition that was read needs to be used
- for genre tasks, book needs to be tagged (shelved) at least by 10 people. It can be subcategory or part of the shelf (for example, science fiction fantasy works for both SF and fantasy)
- in author tasks, if book has multiple authors, any author can be used
- only authors in author tasks can be used. No narrators, translators, forward, illustrators, etc. can be used.
- for name list tasks, it has to be name on the list (no Jamie for James, etc.). Gender isn't important. Only author's first name count.
- no boxed sets, bundles, omnibuses, 2-in-1 or similar can be used. If parts 'exist' separately on GR, they need to be used as such.

Questions & Answers

- Do I understand correctly that we only get tasks for our guesses that hit?
No, you get tasks for both hits and miss, Difference is that hits are easier tasks and get you more points

- When talking about tasks, I'm assuming these are based on the same task lists we've used for the past few team challenges?
Yes. Tasks are mostly taken from Gladiator Games and last Tower Teams. But picked that way that captains can figure out if book fits the tasks without waiting for additional information from reader.

- Let's say for instance, we get 2 hits in a round of guesses. I could read one book for each hit, so long as someone else on my team reads the second book for each hit.
In theory yes, you can read both hits with someone else reading other book. But still every member of the team needs to have at least one book read and used for task during the game.

- So, do we know after our guesses if they are hit or miss? Or after we read the task?
You'll know right away if guess is hit or miss (and even if you sank a ship) and what is the task for those coordinates)

- we may not be able to finish many tasks before the second round of guesses comes up. We would be able to guess for the full ten new squares regardless, right?
Yes, you can make new guesses regardless if previous ones are done or not.

- And maybe concentrate our efforts on the hit squares?
That is up to your team and your strategy.

- To get the bonus, I'm assuming the extra book must match the "hit" task, is that correct?

- If someone doesn't read a book during battleship, can another player take over that task to win points
No. Players have two weeks to finish that one book they need to read. If they don't, sadly team will lose those points. Best way is to try and minimize losing points.

- For the bonus points on a hit, do each of those have to be read by a different person, or can there be more than one book from a person?
No. Bonus points will still need to be read by different player. Spreadsheet is set up that way, that it'll notice if same member is reading for same task and just won't count those points.

- If the spreadsheet works out, let's say I'm putting guesses in and the first one is a hit - could I change my next guesses to the surrounding squares on the fly? Or do I need to stick to my original (declared?) list of guesses
It would be great if you'd stick to your original guesses. As Syn said before, if you were sending us your picks you wouldn't have known if it was hit or miss until you've done all your picks.
But since it's you who's entering them, and you don't have to let us know what are your picks before that, how would I know if you change some?
I'm going to trust you guys not to change everything and let your conscience do all the work for me ;)

- Can ships be oriented diagonally or only vertically and horizontally?
Ships are only vertical and horizontal.
They might only touch each other diagonally. You won't find ships in T or L. Also I tried to make them touch as little as possible, but with so many different boards and so many ships, I couldn't avoid it.

- What time do guesses have to be posted?
There isn't fixed time since you are entering them yourselves. Since I'll have to set up your guesses manually, I'll try to do them before going to bed so around midnight my time (GMT+2). You can start with guesses as soon as you see them in your spreadsheets :)

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Since there seems to be confusion...

Each member needs to have book used for a task

That doesn't include bonus points. It means that each member needs to have book used for that original 2 books part.

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