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About this Challenge
◈ Wheelathon is the third of five challenges within our W.O.B.B.L.E
◈ To begin, the mods will "spin the wheel" and assign each team a W.O.B.B.L.E themed word
◈ The team's task is to read books to spell out the word for 10 points per letter
◈ The team will get an extra 15 bonus points if all the letters in the word are part of their spell-it-out (i.e. the word is completed)
◈ For each word there will also be a colour task that the team can complete for a colour bonus of 15 points. The colour task will be randomised from the colours and tasks shown under the spoiler
(view spoiler)

◈ Once teams have read their word they can "re-read" the word to gain more points (10 points per letter, and relevant bonus points) or if they don't like their word, they can re spin the wheel to get a new word and the chance at more bonus points when completed. (Note: wheel can only be re spun if both bonuses have been achieved. That is, the spell-it-out of the word AND the colour task has been completed).

◈ If the team finishes their word, and the two bonuses, and elects to get a new word, the number of colour tasks required for bonus points will increase by one with each new word.

◈ Each week the number of colour tasks required for the bonus will decrease by one (to a minimum of one)

◈ If teams spin a word that is a team name from their group of teams (i.e. land, extinct, myth, sea, air, endangered) and they complete the spell-it-out AND the two bonuses for that word, they will receive an additional 100 points!
This 100 point bonus can only be gained once per spin.

◈ Books used for the colour task MUST also be books used for the spell-it-out of that word

◈ All W.O.B.B.L.E rules apply (e.g. page number requirements)

How a "spell it out" works
Spell out the word(s) using the first letter in the book's title, the first letter in the author's, translator's or audiobook narrators first or last name,the first letter in the series name, or the first letter of a character's first, last, or nick-name.

As always, if the first letter of a title or series name starts with an indefinite or definite article ('A', 'An', 'The', etc.), you may use the first letter of the second word in the title to spell out your chosen word.

If your book starts with a number (e.g. 24 Bones) use the number to determine the first letter (in this example, it would be T).

If reading a non-English version, then that edition should be shelved and it is that edition that would be used for the spell-it-out. (e.g. Il nome della rosa could count for a I or a N for the title (as the article is optional to be used).

If reading a non-English version, and a colour in the text is the task, the word can be translated and found in the edition. For example, if reading a book in French and the colour word required to be found in the text is white, "blanc" would be acceptable.

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Team Mods receives the word ZOO at the start of Wheelathon and the colour task GOLD ; Text of colour on cover

Tea reads Sorcerer to the Crown (Sorceror Royal, #1) by Zen Cho for Z (author) and the colour tasks
Kelly reads Oolong Dead for O (title) and Hounded for O (character Oberon).
This gives 30 points (3 letters x 10) plus 15 bonus points for completion and 15 bonus points for completing the colour task. Total 60 points

The team decide they don't want to redo that word and colour task, so they elect to get a new one.
A new random word and colour task is provided, but this time to receive the colour bonus points, Two books need to read the colour task requirement for the colour bonus points.

If the team complete the second word, and still don't like their word and want a third, then three books will need to be read to meet the colour task requirement for the colour bonus points.
etc. etc.

No matter what the team decides to do, at the start of the new week, the colour task requirement for colour bonus points will be reduced by one (to a minimum of one)

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Captains notes:

For colours on covers, the colour must be 60% or more of the front cover. Use this colour extractor if you are unsure OR for colours that don't show in the colour extractor (e.g. gold) and you need a second option, get a yes or no answer from your fellow Captains in the Captains Lounge

For the other colour tasks, if you are unsure about a book, you need to get a yes or no answer from your fellow Captains in the Captains Lounge

Where a colour word is required to be found in the text, alternate spellings due to UK/US English is fine (example, Grey / Gray), but the word found must have the meaning as a colour. (So a character called Ms Silver would not work for finding the word "silver", but a silver bracelet would.)

For the 100 point bonus, this can only be achieved once per spin. So, if you receive a word that is within your team group (e.g. I am on Red Panda and I spin the word Tapirs), once we have done the spell-it-out and the colour bonus, we would have 90 points, plus 100 for getting a land team name = total 190 points.
If we decide to read that word again, we would only get 90 points (including the two bonuses). However if we decide to get a new word, and it just happens that the new spin gives us Tapirs again, we can again be eligible for another 100 point bonus.

When you get a new word, it is from a randomised list so it IS POSSIBLE to receive the same word more than once.

For the last week, you will be given 12 hours after the official end to post any additional books and finalise your points.


There are 3 different wheels depending on your team. We will confirm your group just before the start of wheelathon

Group A
teams reading 9 or more books per day on average during wobble
longer words
more of the "difficult" letters

Group B
teams reading 8 - 8.9 books per day during wobble
mixture of long and short words
mixture of letters

Group C
teams reading 7.9 or less books per day during wobble
shorter words
less "difficult" letters

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"Difficult" letters ; as voted by players in our past Wheelathon (in order of difficulty)

X,Z,U,O, I, Y, Q, V, E, F, W, L, J, A, N

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Group A Teams

Burning Firebirds
Dumbo Octopus
Brahminy Kites
Snarling Sabretooths
Terror Birds
Polar Bears

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Group B Teams

Woodcutter Werewolves
Hawaiian Bobtail Squid
Green Dragons
Flying Squirrels
Jewelled Umbrella Squid
Dire Wolves
Draco Lizards

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Group C Teams

Plumed Basilisk
Harpy Eagles
Slender Loris
Swimming Mermalions
Leafy Seadragons
Snow Leopards
Red Pandas
Mellow Mammoths

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Q. Does every team member need to read a book for our wheelathon word?
A. There is no requirement for every team member to read a book for your wheelathon word. So if you get the word ZOO, for example, (not one of the words, just an example) and 2 people can cover that word in one day, then go for it. Then you can elect to re-do the word or spin again.

Previously wheealthon was a new book every week, that is not the case with wobble wheelathon. You will get a word at the start, and then it is totally up to your team to decide when you want to get a new word (and increase the colour bonus requirement).
What does happen every week is that your colour bonus requirement is reduced by one. So if you spin 5 times that week, the colour bonus rerquirement will reduce to 5 at the end of the week (as you start with 1 as a colour bonus requirement, spin 5 times, you would be up to 6, every week it is reduced by 1)


Q. Can we also use the book's setting as a possible first-letter word?
A. We haven't included it for wheelathon, but have included audio narrator and translator instead


Q.Can the Narrator's name be used for any edition or is it only eligible when listening to the audio edition?
A. Any edition


Q.I've always wondered which letter counts if the family name is von something, like Sophie von Kühn. Is it V or K?
A. The rule seems to depend on the origin of the name as to if the "von", for example, is an article in the native language ; or another is people with two last names and the first one is the maiden name. There are so many variables, that I find the easiest way is to search the author on your libraries website and see how they have alphabetised the book :)


Q.So, if we decide to spin for three words one week (giving us three color bonuses to deal with), do we drop to two colors on the next week or reset to one?
A. Yes, you drop to two
Basically if you keep the same word all week and one colour bonus, at the end of the week, it won't drop to 0. The minimum is always 1


Q.Can we only read for the newest word that has been spun?
For instance, let's say we're on our fourth word, could we go back and read books for the first and the second word, or can we only read for the newest word that we've received?
A. Just the newest word. Whatever your "current" word is, is what you are allocating books to


Q. What are the rules for the banked books?
Should they all be used for the first word or can they be used for later words? I.e. can they be banked for later in the Wheel-a-Thon challenge?
A. Yes you can bank books to use later in Wheelathon


Q. What happens if the colour tasks that need to be done is more than the length of the word?
A. If your colour bonus # requirement exceeds your letters then you would just need to complete every letter with a book that includes a colour tasks (to get the bonus)

So if you word was ZOO
And your colour tasks were:
1.White - colour cover
2.Silver - text on cover
3.Red - items on cover
4.Brown - cover found in text

You may elect to do task 1,3,4 and then re-read ZOO and do 1,3,4 again.


Q. Regarding the text on cover. Can that be author or any other text found on cover of the book?
A. Any text is fine, but it needs to be on the cover, not like a sticker about an award the book has won, for example


Q. Can we use middle initials if it's part of an author's name as printed on the book?
Like: Maria V. Snyder?
A. Only First and Last name count. So no middle names or initials. As per the rules:

the first letter in the author's, translator's or audiobook narrators first or last name


Q. If a book has three narrators, we can use any of them right?
A. Right


Q.Where do we find out what color task(s) is/are associated with a word?

If you spin for a new word do you keep your original color task and then get a new one? Or do you lose your first and get two new random ones?

A. There will be magic spreadsheets!
You'll choose either new or existing. If you choose existing, it submits your current word and makes a new section with exactly what you had before. If you choose new, it submits your current word and makes a new section with a new word and new color/tasks plus 1 more than you had before.
So if you're doing existing and don't do all your color tasks you can't fill the old ones once you submit them, but you get new ones to fill.


Q. how prominent does a character have to be for their name to count? Is it anyone mentioned or do they have to appear? Can it be a very side character or do they have to, for example, speak?"
A. they should have a speaking role or at the very least be an active part of the story.
So not something like "Anna remembered her parents Frank and Mary who had died so long ago."
But this can squeak by "Anna could hear Frank, her father, speaking to her even beyond the grave. "Anna," she would hear him say, "You can't judge people by what they do without considering their intentions." She applied that to her life every day, especially today."
Also, if there's something crazy like a mute main character, you can of course use them even though there's no speech.


Q. characters: can we use an inherited or professional title? Ex. Queen Elizabeth or Inspector Gamache

A. I'm going to go with no. We state that names first and last and nicknames are available for use.
As far as I can tell nicknames don't include "Queen" for the Queen. She apparently has different ones.
But if for instance you have some sort of female drug lord whom everyone refers to as Queen Elizabeth, you can use it :)


Q. To clarify - you can't spin for a new word, and start reading for that word, until you've completed your current word?
Does the spreadsheet recognise that, and not let you spin again until the current word is completed?
A. Yes. You have to have all the letter rows in to respin. If you want to respin for existing that's all you need. If you want to respin for new you need all the bonuses (or up to the number of letters you have) filled in.


Q. Is there a minimum number of books each team member has to contribute for WaT?
A. There is no requirement for wheelathon, however, for Wobble we expect people to read as per their sign up and a minimum of one book per week


Q. Let's say a team sticks with one word for an entire week, not rolling again until week two is underway. Will they have one book for the color bonus, or two?
A. If you stay with one book in week one, then you won't reduce the colour bonus, it stays as one. In week two if you respin, it will go to two. (So basically you can't "bank" your colour bonus reductions)


Q. Audiobook narrator works no matter what edition you read, but I'm guessing for translator you need to read that translated edition?
A. Yes, translator only counts if you read that edition. Same as for translated title


Q. If we have finished the spell-it-out but not the colour task, we can still choose to repeat that word, right? (But to spin for a new word, the colour task must also be done.)
A. Yes, to respin all the color tasks must be done (or up to the number of letters in the word if there's not enough letters to cover all the tasks).

The spreadsheet will enforce this


Q. Do we get the 15 point completion bonus on a re-read or just on our first iteration of the word?
A. For each time you read the word


Q. If we spin and increase our color task to 2, do we get two separate color tasks (ie Read one book with a red cover, and read one book with black in the text)? Or just one task that we need to read two books for (ie read two books with pink items on the cover)?

A. Yes, two separate colour tasks - one book per task


Q.If we are up to three bonuses, do we get 15 points for each of the three (netting 45 bonus points) or do we just get 15 points for completing the bonus as a whole?..."

A. Do you mean you are up to 3 colour tasks? Then, no, the bonus points for the colours stays as 15 points no matter how many you need to complete to get the bonus


Q. Is there a limit to how many times you can spell a word? Like, if we get a REALLY good spin, can we do it for the entire 4 weeks
A. No limit. You can re-do the same word as many times as you like.

The benefit for spinning a new word is:

a) You really don't like the word you were given and/or
b) You want to try and respin to get the word that is the team name in your group and get that 100 point bonus


Q. if we spin for a new word do we keep the same colour task or do we get two random new ones?
A. Two new random ones

Q. If we re-do the word do we get a different colour task? Do the numbers go up?
A. No, if you redo the word you stay with just one colour task and it doesn't change.

Only when you respin for a NEW word would you get two colour tasks (assuming you started with one) - one book per task


Q. How do characters in non-fiction books count?

A. Non fiction depends on the book.
So, a memoir is non-fiction, but because it is told like a story you can use the characters as per the usual character rules. If the book is more like a factual account of something - let's say a battle during WWII, then Churchill wouldn't be a character as he is just mentioned as part of the facts, he isn't there as a character.



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