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Robert Fanney
“Someone smashed a flutterfler and without even thinking she touched her Stone and used Wyrd to piece its broken body back together. She filled its empty vessels with dreams and it became the stuff it used for blood. It brushed her cheek with its wings, then flew off -- dancing in the hot air.”
Robert Fanney

Robert Fanney
“There are very few things that live in both this world and the world of dreams. Most are gods, angels and demons. The Stone you hold was made by Vlad Valkire the son of an angel and a demon. By the divine blood that ran in his veins, Valkire could see the light and hear the song of creation -- if only as glimmerings and whispers.
"Over time, he became aware of the light and the music and as he grew so did his understanding of it. At the age of twenty two, he began his greatest labor -- the making of the Wyrd Stones. In them he captured the light and song of creation and by them some of the powers of gods, angels and demons fell into the hands of elves and men. A sorcerer who knows its secret may -- like a god, angel, or demon -- stand with one foot in this world and another within the world of dreams.
"Your Stone is a gateway into the world of dreams, Luthiel. When you sing, it opens and you are, in part, taken there. Others who hold a Wyrd Stone like yours may know when someone crosses into dream. When you sang, I could hear you quite clearly.”
Robert Fanney

Terry Pratchett
“gold, gold, gold, gold, gold, gold"
'Is there a chorus?'
"Gold, gold, gold, gold, gold".' said Hwel.
'You left out a "gold" there.”
Terry Pratchett

Amanda Sledz
“Insomniacs should not be forced to exist in a realm with reflective glass. From the first look I’m boxed in a prism, rainbows charming the other dark-circled self into sharing my prison. One eye turns on the other, each accusing the other of being responsible for an appearance oddly elfin, before exiting head and bouncing like lottery balls through the mirror walls and then drifting up and out the open and unguarded Well of the Wyrd. There, everyone with mirrors and mushrooms is waiting for me, faded and dissolved into giggles.”
Amanda Sledz, Psychopomp Volume One: Cracked Plate

S. Kelley Harrell, M. Div.
“In the end, bless the darkness, hold the light, because the two aren't divisible.”
S. Kelley Harrell, Real Wyrd : A Modern Shaman's Roots in the Middle World

Rick Riordan
“Besides, killing a ring dragon is a very personal thing. You would have to wield me yourself. An act like that affects your wyrd.”
I frowned. “You mean it affects you weirdly?”
“No. Your wyrd.”
“You’re weird,” I muttered.
“He means fate,” Blitzen put in, signing as he spoke for Hearth’s benefit.”
Rick Riordan, The Ship of the Dead

“The idea of fate permeated the religion of the Vikings at every turn. Everything in the universe, even the Gods, was subject to it.”
Daniel McCoy, The Viking Spirit: An Introduction to Norse Mythology and Religion