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Robert Fannéy was born on November 4, 1972 in Southeastern Virginia. He lived in Virginia Beach, VA for much of his younger life and currently resides in Washington Grove, MD with his wife, Catherine, and two talkative Maine Coon cats.

The scenic Seashore State Park and the frothy Atlantic Ocean bordered Robert's world as a child. Ever changing and full of mystery, both were an inspiration to Robert as he set out to create the fantastic settings of Oesha and the Vale of Mists. A surfer since a very young age, Robert has felt a deep connection with nature and finds that his most spiritual times are while sitting on a tiny surfboard upon a vast ocean or laying on the sand beneath an even vaster sea of stars.

As a teen, Robert often wrote short

Beware!! The War of Mists is Here!!

When glimflirs golden lift and fly… Like rivers run against the sky… Upon the howl of rising air… The Blood Witch comes — Beware!! Beware!! (Excerpted from Luthiel’s Song, The War of Mists)

The War of Mists

As of this January, the second installment in the Luthiel’s Song series — “The War of Mists” has published. We are now throwing the doors wide to any interested in this continuation of Luthiel’s tale. We’ve alre Read more of this blog post »
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Published on March 26, 2009 07:40 Tags: luthiel, mists, war
Average rating: 3.74 · 3,486 ratings · 305 reviews · 4 distinct worksSimilar authors
Dreams of the Ringed Vale (...

3.65 avg rating — 2,975 ratings — published 2005 — 5 editions
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The War of Mists (Luthiel's...

4.23 avg rating — 467 ratings — published 2008 — 4 editions
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The Death of Winter (Luthie...

4.59 avg rating — 41 ratings
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Growth Shock

it was amazing 5.00 avg rating — 3 ratings — published 2013
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Dreams of the Ringed Vale The War of Mists The Death of Winter
(3 books)
3.74 avg rating — 3,483 ratings

Homer's Odyssey
Robert is currently reading
by Gwen Cooper (Goodreads Author)
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Robert Robert said: " Lovely and heart-felt writing. Homer reminds me of another great cat -- Merlin -- who only lost one eye, but lived life with passion and never met a person he didn't love. Not finished yet, but would recommend based on what I've already read. ...more "

Storms Of My Gran...

Robert Robert said: " Hansen is a scientist turned modern day prophet. Must read for anyone who cares about the future of our world and her children. "

The Hobbit
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Robert Robert said: " An amazing story that starts with a disturbance in the life of a homely Hobbit. The unpleasantness leads on to an adventure that spans the known world of Middle Earth and sets the stage for the final battle with the Dark Lord, Sauron of Mordor.

...more "

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“A song she heard
Of cold that gathers
Like winter's tongue
Among the shadows
It rose like blackness
In the sky
That on volcano's
Vomit rise
A Stone of ruin
From burn to chill
Like black moonrise
Her voice fell still...”
Robert Fanney

“May your feet ever walk in the light of two suns... and may the moonshadow never fall on you... ”
Robert Fanney

“In my experience, nothing worthwhile has ever really been all that easy. But it certainly has been worthwhile regardless how difficult it seemed. ”
Robert Fanney


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“Many persons have a wrong idea of what constitutes true happiness. It is not attained through self-gratification but through fidelity to a worthy purpose.”
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message 100: by Eric

Eric Birk Thanks for becoming my Goodreads friend.

message 99: by Robert

Robert In the process of publishing a new non-fic on sustainability entitled: "Growth Shock: Tragedy and Hope at the Limits of a Finite World."

Expected publication date: March 1, 2013.

Will have more for you soon.

message 98: by Robert

Robert John wrote: "Robert wrote: "Just getting back in the swing of things after surgery! Thanks for all the kind notes and well-wishing!


John Bailey - So Robert, what did they replace? Hope you're doing wel..."

Nothing replaced. Just taken out. Gall bladder...

message 96: by Jalil

Jalil Although dividing the life to separated parts seems to be irrational and

unscientific, to understand the problem I have to do this. We always are

experiencing two different state of life: living or understanding. In this

essay, I’m going to write about different degrees of tendency for living and


As far as I concern, the most important purpose of living

things is surviving. During billions years, we developed different behaviors

for surviving, followed by mating and reproduction. These behaviors

including war, collecting or saving money or food, forming family, fear,

avoiding dangerous situations, etc warranty our survive and consequently

our eternal development and evolution. I call this process “living”.

Another important point is “Understanding” which means personal

development. Every living thing has a special purpose in life and has been

planning to reach them as well as some plans for improving or renovating


Since “Living” is almost reachable in our developed and secure world, I

suggest we should emphasize on the personal aspects of life or

“Understanding”. Life consists of different experiences from pleasure to pain

to sadness or happiness which all of them are transitory. But our knowledge

and understanding about our self and universe are more considerable and

powerful. Consequently, I always emphasize on the pleasure of

understanding through science and knowledge which is the most beautiful

pleasure. Moreover, if you look into statistics of quarrel and violence, family

problems, addictions, alcoholism, etc you will realize most of involved

people aren’t educated enough.

Overall I believe that science and knowledge make us more aware and

intelligent and consequently more strong and powerful .In addition, they

are the most important sources of understanding human existence, nature

and the universe instead of traditional lifestyle, efforts, beliefs or assumptions

message 95: by John

John Robert wrote: "Just getting back in the swing of things after surgery! Thanks for all the kind notes and well-wishing!


John Bailey - So Robert, what did they replace? Hope you're doing well all kidding aside.

message 94: by Neveen

Neveen I adore LOTR and I have LOTR madness :) .

I am glad to meet you :) ...

Marilena Mexi Hi Robert

Thanks for accepting, your books look awesome, I'm looking forward to read them.

message 92: by Melissa

Melissa Hey Robert, thanx for the add...your books sound great!

message 91: by Betty

Betty Hi Robert! Thanks for adding me as a friend. I look forward to checking out your work and to passing it on to young readers.

message 90: by Robert

Robert Work on Nightmares continues :). Will probably be up late tonight. Thinking about releasing Reign back to back with it. We'll see! Also, there's another project on the way. Will keep you posted!

message 89: by Jalil (last edited May 29, 2011 09:27AM)

Jalil Hail Love, hail Love, because Love is divine
It is tender, it is beautiful and benign
What passion, what passion, we are burning like the sun
It is hidden and obscure, it is an obvious sign.
We’ve fallen, we’ve fallen, it is hard to rise up
We know not, we know not, this complex chaotic design.
زهی عشق، زهی عشق که ما راست خدایا
چه نغز است و چه خوب است و چه زیباست خدایا
چه گرمیم، چه گرمیم از این عشق چو خورشید
چه پنهان و چه پنهان و چه پیداست خدایا
فتادیم، فتادیم بدان سان که نخیزیم
ندانیم، ندانیم چه غوغاست خدایا
Each breath is a song of love
From left and right, pass us by
We’ll return to the world above
Such fate no-one can defy.
We have come from the skies
Befriended angels in heaven
To the same place we will rise
To that city past skies seven.
We are above the skies
And angels we transcend
Why should we compromise?
The House of Songs is our end.
With good fortune may we live
Fate is contradictory,
Gladly our lives may we give
Worldly pride victory.
هر نفس آواز عشق می‌رسد از چپ و راست
ما به فلک می‌رویم عزم تماشا که راست
ما به فلک بوده‌ایم یار ملک بوده‌ایم
باز همان جا رویم جمله که آن شهر ماست
خود ز فلک برتریم وز ملک افزونتریم
زین دو چرا نگذریم منزل ما کبریاست
گوهر پاک از کجا عالم خاک از کجا
بر چه فرود آمدیت بار کنید این چه جاست
Go to sleep
Leave me alone
At nights I leap
Up, on my own.
With waves of desire
Day and night, all alone
Compassion inspire
Else vengeful fits are thrown.
From me run away
Afflictions I’ve sown
For wholeness must pray
Else hardships are grown.
رو سر بنه ببــــالین تنهــــا مـــرا رهـــا کـــــن
ترک من خـــــراب شبگرد مبتـــــــــلا کــــــن
مایم و مــــوج ســودا شب تــــا بروز تنـــهــــا
خـــــواهی بیا ببخشاء خـــواهــی برو جفا کــن
از من گـــریــز تـــا تو هـــم در بــــلا نیفتــــی
بگزین ره سلامت تــــــرک ره بـــــلا کــــــــن
I need a lover and a friend
All friendships you transcend
And impotent I remain
You are Noah and the Ark
You are the light and the dark
Behind the veil I remain
You are passion and are rage
You are the bird and the cage
Lost in flight I remain
You are the wine and the cup
You are the ocean and the drop
While afloat I remain
یار مرا غار مرا عشق جگرخوار مرا
یار تویی غار تویی خواجه نگهدار مرا
نوح تویی روح تویی فاتح و مفتوح تویی
سینه مشروح تویی بر در اسرار مرا
نور تویی سور تویی دولت منصور تویی
مرغ که طور تویی خسته به منقار مرا
قطره تویی بحر تویی لطف تویی قهر تویی
قند تویی زهر تویی بیش میازار مرا
Upon which path did I tread
So I return, all else I dread;
From Beloved being apart
In the creed of Love is being misled.
If I find another in the whole town
Ain’t but a sign pointing to the Beloved.
I said this is no easy path
In each step a thousand traps spread
آن ره که من آمدم کدامست ای دل
تا باز روم که کار خامست ای دل
در هر گامی هزار دامست ای دل
نامردان را عشق حرامست ای دل
اندر همه شهر اگر کسی هست
والله که اشارتی تمامست
گفتم که مگر رهیست آسان
در هر قدمی هزار دامست
Alas that beautiful beloved where hence?
Alas that graceful Goddess where hence?
In our midst like a candle brightly shone
Where hence, alas, without us where hence?
Like a shivering leaf my heart constantly moan
Beloved left at midnight, where hence?
عجب آن دلبر زیبا کجا شد
عجب آن سرو خوش بالا کجا شد
میان ما چو شمعی نور می​داد
کجا شد ای عجب بی​ما کجا شد
دلم چون برگ می​لرزد همه روز
که دلبر نیم شب تنها کجا

message 88: by Sarah

Sarah I just read the Foreword to The War of Mists, and I wanted to stop and say thank you before I kept reading. Although I've been blessed to grow up in a very liberal family, with friends and colleagues who are compassionate and open-minded, there are many wonderful people who haven't had that experience. I hope this book finds its way into their hands, because I know that if it does, they will find the world an easier, brighter place to be.

message 87: by Robert

Robert Just getting back in the swing of things after surgery! Thanks for all the kind notes and well-wishing!


message 86: by Nenangs

Nenangs Hi!
Thanks for the add.

I see that you're a high-fantasy writer, my favourite genre ^_^

I'll be looking forward to have your books here in Indonesia & wish you the best of luck with your books. :)

message 85: by Ashley

Ashley Thank you for the request. I will have to check out your books. I saw that you too have read some of Riane Eisler's books =).

message 84: by O'Death

O'Death Thanks for the add. Your books look very interesting and I can't wait to start reading some of them.

Ashley ~twisted_illusions~ Thanks for the request. I'm looking forward to reading your books. Also I noticed while looking at both your to read and read bookshelfs that we have similar tastes in books.

message 82: by Robert

Robert Jenn wrote: "Robert! When does the third installment come out? Amazon doesn't even have it for pre-order!! :("

I'm working on it!! Hope to have it out soon!!!

message 81: by Jenn

Jenn Robert! When does the third installment come out? Amazon doesn't even have it for pre-order!! :(

Ashleigh Glad to see someone understand my question!

message 79: by Dana

Dana Davis Thanks for the friendship. Happy writing!

Lady Allison Thanks for the request, Robert!

Alexandra Thanx for adding me! :)

message 76: by Cheryl

Cheryl Hi! Thanks for adding me as a friend. I will have to check out your books, they sound good!

message 75: by Gwen

Gwen Thanks for becoming a friend ;)

message 74: by Mary

Mary Hi Robert, thanks for the connect, and have a great one!

message 73: by Chris

Chris Neal You too, Robert!

message 72: by Dora

Dora Traynor-Coberly Hey Rob,
I'm catching up to you with friends!!! I NOW HAVE 2!

Dominique Hello Robert.
Interesting seeing you here. ^^

message 70: by Cara

Cara Hi Robert! Thanks for being my friend. I'm enjoying reading Concrete River Boulevard very much, I just love reading poetry.

message 69: by Mandie

Mandie Thank you for adding me!


Victoria Thank you for the add... Happy New Year!!:)

Mahsaa I hope this finds you well!

message 66: by ana

ana thaks for the nice add.

i like ur photo too! *look nice :p*

im looking forward to ur book, not translated in Indonesia yet.

Delitealex Thanks for the friend request happy holidays

message 64: by Monica

Monica Sinha Happy Holidays to you as well!

Donna (weegraydog) Thank you for the friend request. I'm looking forward to reading your books!

message 62: by Richard

Richard Novak Happy birthday, Rob!

Love & blessings

message 61: by Robert

Robert Fall reading tour begins tomorrow. Look forward to seeing you!!

Maria Tanya Thanks for the lovely add;)xox

message 59: by Vanessa

Vanessa Hi Robert!

Thank you both for your friendship and kind words! Your books looks awesome!


message 58: by Dahlia

Dahlia Thanks, if only I had time to read them all! Your book looks great; I just put it on my to-read list. Honestly not sure when I'll get to it, but after I do I'll let you know. =)

message 57: by Thenia

Thenia Hello there!
I've been meaning to read your books for a very long time but unfortunately I still haven't gotten to it!
I know I'll love them, though!
Keep writing!! :)

Christine Hi Robert dropped by to see what is new with you. I would like to invite you to check out Shadow Forrest Authors for charity and help support illiteracy issues. We also have a SFA group here on goodreads. Have a great week.
Blessing CJ

Carolynn (Molly.Groot) Evans Thanks for the "friending" request- I don't know your books yet, but they look like the sort I would enjoy! I review for curled up dot com, and if I managed to get my hands on a copy of the first in the series, I'll see about letting you know what I think! Btw, big fan of Maine Coons, especially the opinionated sort- good man! :)

message 54: by Kristin

Kristin E. do u know of like alot of anime or manga?

message 53: by Jaime

Jaime H Thanks! I am reading through your books and it's looking like once I catch up on all the books I am reading to review, I need to read and review yours! I love a good fantasy!

message 52: by Jaime

Jaime H Thanks for the friends request! Sounds like you are my kind of author!

message 51: by Sam

Sam haha I've actually only read the first chapter because I thought I should spend more time on Love in the Time of Cholera but I'll pick it up again soon, probably sometime this week.

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