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Brennan Manning
“There is the "you" that people see and then there is the "rest of you". Take some time and craft a picture of the "rest of you." This could be a drawing, in words, even a song. Just remember that the chances are good it will be full of paradox and contradictions. ”
Brennan Manning, The Furious Longing of God

“Why escape your intended purpose by copying and trying to be someone else? You will discover who you were meant to be only after you have shown confidence being yourself.”
Suzy Kassem, Rise Up and Salute the Sun: The Writings of Suzy Kassem

Janet Jackson
“You can never be happy until you understand why you're doing what you're doing.”
Janet Jackson, True You: A Journey to Finding and Loving Yourself

Mehmet Murat ildan
“What you do when nobody is there is your true you!”
Mehmet Murat ildan

Imania Margria
“Our past is what molds us into the person we are today. It does not define us.”
Imania Margria, Secrets of My Heart

Imania Margria
“Reflect onto the world what you want them to see. Let your heart help them figure out the rest of who you truly are.”
Imania Margria

Prem Jagyasi
“Your potential is limited by your thinking Your thoughts hold the key to unleash your true power”
Dr Prem Jagyasi