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Kim Harrison
“That's why I want you there, he said. You're unpredictable, and that can be the difference between success and failure. Most people make decisions in anger, fear, love, or obligation. You make decisions to irritate people.”
Kim Harrison, For a Few Demons More

“What have I become?
My sweetest friend;
everyone I know goes away in the end.
And you could have it all:
my empire of dirt.
I will let you down.
I will make you hurt.”
Nine Inch Nails

Kim Harrison
“Just so you know, I’ve trusted you since camp.”
Kim Harrison, Pale Demon

Kim Harrison
“Come work for me, and I’ll tell you.”
My eyes went to his. “You are a thief, a cheat, a murderer, and a not-nice man,” I said calmly. “I don’t like you.”
He shrugged, the motion making him look utterly harmless. “I’m not a thief,” he said. “And I don’t mind manipulating you into working for me when I need it.” He smiled, showing me perfect teeth. “I enjoy it, actually.”
Kim Harrison, The Good, the Bad, and the Undead

Kim Harrison
“He sighed. "You want to live in your church, going about your life as if you're like everyone else."
"You aren't. And because of that, someday you're probably going to find yourself in a position where your choices will have an impact far beyond what you see right now. And when that happens, I want you to remember what it's like to ride through the woods on horseback under a night sky with no moon and nothing stronger than you are. I want you to know so you will fight for it. So that my children will know of it. You have to keep the demons where they are, Rachel. No one else can do it. You won't fight for us unless you know. Let me show you what you're fighting for.”
Kim Harrison, Black Magic Sanction

Kim Harrison
“We were innocent once. How could it have gone so bad?”
Kim Harrison, Pale Demon

Kim Harrison
“The car picked up speed, and the sound seemed to lull me.I could relax, I thought as I felt the tingling of circulation in my limbs. I was in Trent’s car, wrapped in a blanket, and held in his arms. He wouldn’t let anything hurt me.
He wasn’t singing, though,I mused.Shouldn’t he be singing?”
Kim Harrison, Every Which Way But Dead

Kim Harrison
“Pierce jerked his hand from Trent and pushed himself straight. “Kalamack Industries,” he said, expression twisted as he wiped his hand on his pants. “I knew your father.”
“I do not freaking believe this,” I said, shifting to stand where I could see both of them.
Al beamed. “Amazing who you can meet in an elevator.”
Kim Harrison, White Witch, Black Curse

Kim Harrison
“Trent and Ellasbeth did the nasty? Ewwww!”
Kim Harrison, Pale Demon

Kim Harrison
“Her elf is going to do just that,” he said, the red glow of the ever-after sun turning his hair auburn, almost as red as mine. “I did not work this hard at getting her to accept who she is to let you take your spoiled brat of a little-boy temper tantrum out on her. She stays on my side of the lines.”
Kim Harrison, A Perfect Blood

Jamie McGuire
“A Maddox boy? Afraid?" His face compressed. "We've already lost the first woman we ever loved. The thought of going through that again scares the shit out of us.”
Jamie McGuire, Beautiful Oblivion
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Scarlett Cole
“Pixie was still looking a little shell-shocked when they walked over to the desk. “This is Pixie, our studio manager. She’ll take your details when you’re ready.”
“Hey, Pixie, pleased to meet you.”
Trent had never seen Pixie so inanimate. She didn’t move to take the hand Dred had offered.
“Pix?” Trent smirked as she quickly collected herself with a shake of her head, reaching her hand out.
“Sorry. Miles away. Welcome to Second Circle.”
“Nice tattoo you got there, Pixie. What are those?”
“Flowers,” she mumbled. What the hell was up with Pixie? They’d had famous people in the studio before.
Dred laughed. “I can see that. I was curious what kind.”
The phone rang and Pixie jumped all over it, effectively cutting Dred off.
“Sorry,” Trent apologized. “Fortunately, we’re generally pretty busy here. Want to take a seat and we can figure out what you’re looking for?”
Trent started to walk to one of the beds toward the back of the studio. “We have a setup in the room back here if you want a bit more privacy.”
Realizing Dred was no longer with him, he turned to see him still staring at Pixie’s back.
“Hey dude,” he whispered, “we charge extra for checking out the staff’s asses.”
“What? Oh … right, yeah. How much? I’d definitely pay extra for a closer view.”
Scarlett Cole, The Strongest Steel

Jamie McGuire
“That works for you. I need to stab things. That's what brings me peace.”
Jamie McGuire, Beautiful Oblivion