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Isaac Asimov
“Life is pleasant. Death is peaceful. It's the transition that's troublesome.”
Isaac Asimov

Tom Stoppard
“Look on every exit as being an entrance somewhere else.”
Tom Stoppard, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead

Jeanette Winterson
“In the space between chaos and shape there was another chance.”
Jeanette Winterson, The World and Other Places: Stories

Tom Stoppard
“We do on stage things that are supposed to happen off. Which is a kind of integrity, if you look on every exit as being an entrance somewhere else.”
Tom Stoppard, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead

Vera Nazarian
“The great miraculous bell of translucent ice is suspended in mid-air.

It rings to announce endings and beginnings. And it rings because there is fresh promise and wonder in the skies.

Its clear tones resound in the placid silence of the winter day, and echo long into the silver-blue serenity of night.

The bell can only be seen at the turning of the year, when the days wind down into nothing, and get ready to march out again.

When you hear the bell, you feel a tug at your heart.

It is your immortal inspiration.”
Vera Nazarian, The Perpetual Calendar of Inspiration

Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni
“Fennel, which is the spice for Wednesdays, the day of averages, of middle-aged people. . . . Fennel . . . smelling of changes to come.”
Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni, The Mistress of Spices

Benjamin X. Wretlind
“I've always believed there are moments in our lives which can be defined as a transition between the before and after, between the cause and the effect.”
Benjamin X. Wretlind, Castles: A Fictional Memoir of a Girl with Scissors

Mark  Rice
“I was ten when I heard the music that ended the first phase of my life and cast me hurtling into a new horizon. Drenched to the skin, I stood on Dunoon’s pier peering seawards through diagonal rain, looking for the ferry that would take me home. There, on the everwet west coast of Scotland, I heard it: like sonic scalpels, the sounds of electric guitars sliced through the dreich weather. My body hairs pricked up, each one a willing receiver for the Thunder-God grooves. To my young ears, the sound of these amplified guitars was angelic (although, with hindsight, I don’t suppose angels play Gibson guitars at ear-bleeding volume). A voice that suggested vocal chords of polished silver soared alongside razor-sharp overdriven riffs. I knew that I was hearing the future.”
Mark Rice, Metallic Dreams

Siddhartha Mukherjee
“It is tempting to write the history of technology through products: the wheel; the microscope; the airplane; the Internet. But it is more illuminating to write the history of technology through transitions: linear motion to circular motion; visual space to subvisual space; motion on land to motion on air; physical connectivity to virtual connectivity.”
Siddhartha Mukherjee, The Gene: An Intimate History

Kate McGahan
“It takes love to hold on when you want to let go. It takes love to let go when you want to hold on.”
Kate McGahan

Maggie Nelson
“Trans” may work well enough as shorthand, but the quickly developing mainstream narrative it evokes (“born in the wrong body,” necessitating an orthopedic pilgrimage between two fixed destinations) is useless for some—but partially, or even profoundly, useful for others? That for some, “transitioning” may mean leaving one gender entirely behind, while for others—like Harry, who is happy to identify as a butch on T—it doesn’t? I’m not on my way anywhere, Harry sometimes tells inquirers. How to explain, in a culture frantic for resolution, that sometimes the shit stays messy? I do not want the female gender that has been assigned to me at birth. Neither do I want the male gender that transsexual medicine can furnish and that the state will award me if I behave in the right way. I don’t want any of it. How to explain that for some, or for some at some times, this irresolution is OK—desirable, even (e.g., “gender hackers”)—whereas for others, or for others at some times, it stays a source of conflict or grief? How does one get across the fact that the best way to find out how people feel about their gender or their sexuality—or anything else, really—is to listen to what they tell you, and to try to treat them accordingly, without shellacking over their version of reality with yours?”
Maggie Nelson, The Argonauts

Kate McGahan
“I knew then why I had to suffer. The older we get, the more reasons God gives us to seek His comfort. In the end, He sends us just enough pain and suffering so that we will want to leave. If everything were perfect, we would never choose to go. He wants us to seek an end to our suffering because He wants us to want to come Home.”
Kate McGahan, JACK McAFGHAN: Reflections on Life with my Master

Lucy H. Pearce
“We hardly dare trust that this is a process of transformation – that out of the ashes will rise the phoenix of humanity.”
Lucy H. Pearce, Burning Woman

C.S. Lewis
“There was no sudden, striking, and emotional transition. Like the warming of a room or the coming of daylight. When you first notice them they have already been going on for some time.”
C.S. Lewis, A Grief Observed

Lucy H. Pearce
“Those in the System, would like us to share their belief that all the changes [we are witnessing] are not connected: they are simply anomalies, isolated symptoms to be treated or preferably ignored, before the all-powerful Western capitalist patriarchal model goes on to ever greater heights and grander ejaculations. Most are numb to it, caught in fear, denial or resistance.

But we, Burning Woman, know this process intimately. Amongst Burning Women and Men, there is a fierce, quiet knowing that these are both the death pangs of the old, and the birthing pangs of the new.”
Lucy H. Pearce, Burning Woman

Anna-Marie McLemore
“Look," Aracely said. "I know what you're going through."

"No you don't." Sam sat up. "I still have to live like this. Nothing is gonna fix me. There's no water that's gonna make me into something else."

"And I'd start from where you are if it meant what happened that night didn't have to happen," Aracely said. "We don't get to become who we are for nothing. It costs something. You're fighting for every little piece of yourself. And maybe I got all of me at once but I lost everything else. Don't you dare think there's any water in the world that makes this easy.”
Anna-Marie McLemore, When the Moon Was Ours

Sarah Bessey
“I know now that the Spirit is trying to birth something in my life when I find myself craving silence and darkness, when I find myself editing my circle down to just the trusted few whom I know will midwife me through this birth. It's nothing to fear; it's the time of transition.”
Sarah Bessey, Out of Sorts: Making Peace with an Evolving Faith

Helen S. Rosenau
“One More Time: When your issues cycle around look at them unafraid. Your transition is
already underway. The biggest Yes is behind you. A thousand smaller ones may lie ahead. But now we are insulated and buoyed by hope and have more courage.”
Helen S. Rosenau, The Messy Joys of Being Human: A Guide to Risking Change and Becoming Happier

Meredith Russo
“I thought of going the rest of my life pretending I sprang to life from nothing at sixteen years old and felt my cheeks flush with shame and anger. I was so tired of cowering. I was so tired of hiding. I wanted to tell the truth, to say it out loud.”
Meredith Russo, If I Was Your Girl

“As one life ends another is born.
We cannot cheat death, but we can enjoy life while we are alive.”
Anthony T. Hincks

Victoria L. White
“A radical transition to loving yourself often requires physical separation. It requires physical separation because you must relearn love beyond the physical body.”
Victoria L. White, Learning To Love: And The Power of Sacred Sexual Spiritual Partnerships

Nick Trout
“Returning home can be awkward for any college-age kid. We spend our teenage years learning to be obnoxious and short with our parents. We prefer to confide in friends. We connive, we become reclusive, we strive to become remote. We may still have a little voice somewhere deep inside pleading, 'Just keep loving me, I'll come back,' but for the most part, coming home from college is like reaching for the end of an umbilical cord we worked so hard to cut. We enjoy the security, the lazy familiarity, but we have left the nest, proven our capacity for independence, and now demand the respect afforded adults.”
Nick Trout, Ever By My Side: A Memoir in Eight [Acts] Pets

Veronica Chambers
“Writing is architectural. Letters become words, and words become sentences, and sentences become paragraphs, and paragraphs become chapters and chapters become books.”
Veronica Chambers

“Life is a fleeting cameo, and the reason for the short season is to reason for our season.”
Martin Ugwu

Ana Claudia Antunes
“Time is an illusion that passes way too fast!”
Ana Claudia Antunes, The Tao of Physical and Spiritual

Ana Claudia Antunes
“Because Time is not something to be measured with the eyes, but by the Heart, it's never too late to go and change.”
Ana Claudia Antunes, A-Z of Happiness: Tips for Living and Breaking Through the Chain that Separates You from Getting That Dream Job

Candy Gourlay
“And then I couldn't see (Banawa) any more because the plane tilted up and we flew straight into a fierce light.

This must be what it's like to be reborn.

First, there you are in the darkness of your mother's womb, not knowing anything and not wanting anything to change.

And then suddenly you are out, naked and starving hungry in a shining new world.”
Candy Gourlay, Shine

Maggie Nelson
“Exasperated, you finally said, 'You think I'm not worried too? Of course I'm worried. What I don't need is your worry on top of mine. I need your support”
Maggie Nelson, The Argonauts

“Being is not full transcendence. We learn about ourselves by discovering our imperfections. Experience corrupts any romantic notions that we ever held of achieving perfection. We must live with our limitations and our imperfections. We must cherish the blemishes in people who we love.”
Kilroy J. Oldster, Dead Toad Scrolls

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