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William Goldman
“The Countess was considerably younger than her husband. All of her clothes came from Paris (this was after Paris) and she had superb taste. (This was after taste too, but only just. And since it was such a new thing, and since the Countess was the only lady in all Florin to posses it, is it any wonder she was the leading hostess in the land?)”
William Goldman, The Princess Bride

Blake Crouch
“Is déjà vu actually the specter of false timelines that never happened but did, casting their shadows upon reality?”
Blake Crouch, Recursion

Ahmed Mostafa
“I think that before and after we kissed are two different timelines.”
Ahmed Mostafa

Nitya Prakash
“People who keep timelines of mistakes in love, often lose on the memories.”
Nitya Prakash