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F. Scott Fitzgerald
“You've got an awfully kissable mouth.”
F. Scott Fitzgerald, Gatsby Girls

Pepper Winters
“Kiss me"
“You’re a fucking nightmare.”
“Kiss me.”
“You’re ruining my life.”
“Kiss me, Jethro. Kiss me.”
Pepper Winters, First Debt

F. Scott Fitzgerald
“It's all life is. Just going 'round kissing people.”
F. Scott Fitzgerald, Gatsby Girls

F. Scott Fitzgerald
“I hope I haven't given you the impression that I consider kissing intrinsically irrational.”
F. Scott Fitzgerald, Gatsby Girls

Emme Rollins
“Every day for a week, sitting in my idling car, saying goodbye without saying anything at all—the touch of his hand, his forehead pressed to mine, the way he brushed my hair out of my face, tucking it behind my ear. And still, he hadn’t kissed me. Not once. Nothing but that brief brush of his lips. I was beginning to go a little crazy.”
Emme Rollins, Dear Rockstar

Chance Carter
“You ever seen that painting on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel in Rome, where God’s reaching out and touching the finger of an angel? That was what it felt like at the moment my lips touched hers. It was more than just a kiss. It was something spiritual.”
Chance Carter, Bad Boy Daddy

“When she bites my lips,
I see stars dancing right next to the sun.”

“It was raining that night, when we kissed for the first time.”
Avijeet Das

Tara Sim
“Danny had never been so aware for anyone else in his life. Everything shrank from a universe to a pinpoint, every turn of the earth dependent on his next breath, each touch lingering until those eyes found his.
Colton pressed a hand to Danny’s chest and laid his mouth gently against his. Danny wasn’t prepared for it—the reminder that Colton was not like him, that his palms were smooth and free of flaws, that his wrist showed no veins, that his mouth tasted of copper and of sweet clean air.
He was a boy of air and dust and sunlight. Everything that had gone into the making of the world.”
Tara Sim, Timekeeper

Ahmed Mostafa
“I think that before and after we kissed are two different timelines.”
Ahmed Mostafa

Jacqueline Simon Gunn
“She ached for him to touch her. As much as her words said "we can't" and as much as she was saying "no" in her head, her heart was saying "please kiss me."

"Please just grab me and kiss me before I can say no.”
Jacqueline Simon Gunn, Forever and One Day

D.L. Hess
“The kiss is different than I expected. It’s slow and tender, his lips soft and warm against mine. He tastes sweet, like the powdered sugar I spilt and the coffee with chicory he’s always drinking. It’s a perfect first kiss.”
D.L. Hess, Sir

Ahmed Mostafa
“I'd like to believe that my kiss has made you see me in a whole different light.”
Ahmed Mostafa

“And then in a moment of pure magic, our lips touch tenderly and sensitively!”
Avijeet Das

Musa M.
“I want to kiss you hard enough to matter”
Musa M., I Am

Mariyam Hasnain
“Kissing Yasir was like feeling the safest soul on earth. The touch of his lips felt like he touched my soul. It took away all the pain and agony I had been enduring for the past six years.”
Mariyam Hasnain, The Wedding Planner

Tara Sim
“The clock chimed five. It sounded almost celebratory as they stood there, hands clasped between them like the meeting of continents. Colton’s mouth was soft and warm, sunlight on silk. Danny was swallowing light. It dived down inside of him until he imagined it bursting out of every pore.”
Tara Sim, Timekeeper

Munia Khan
“When twilight sleeps holding the night
In your arms you embrace me tight
Runaway hours clenched by kisses
More of your love my heart misses”
Munia Khan

“Silence thoughts...
Let me get lost in this kiss right now; In the morning you will convince me I shivered because of the cold.
Let my head whirl and spin for a little while longer; When I wake, we will blame it on that sweet wine.
Let my heart flutter and dance just for a moment; Tomorrow, I will not forget the beat that my heart skipped belonged to my favorite song that was on.
Let me slip to fall deep in his eyes; When the sun rises and we remember the moon reflected in that stare, I'll be fine.”
Evy Michaels

Shannon A. Thompson
“Her kiss was a good-bye and a promise and a dream.”
Shannon A. Thompson, July Lightning

“I hope one day love will find you and kiss all the places in your soul that's been scarred”
Micheline Jean Louis

Wayne Gerard Trotman
“This world needs much more kissing and far less fighting.”
Wayne Gerard Trotman

Wayne Gerard Trotman
“If your romance is dying, perform mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.”
Wayne Gerard Trotman

“Thrilling, is when I kiss my wife with love.”
Vinod Varghese Antony

“We had the longest kisses under the Acacia tree.”
Avijeet Das

E.M. Denning
“There was no slow build. No peaceful meander to the summit. It was like sheet lighting stretching across a stormy sky—beautiful and blinding. I leaned forward and seized his mouth with mine.”
E.M. Denning, Measure For Measure

“She blushed and I smiled when we saw the Magpie look at us while we kissed below the Acacia tree!”
Avijeet Das

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