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Colleen Houck
“Wow Kelsey!" Kishan whistled. "I'm going to have to beat the other guys of with a stick!”
Colleen Houck, Tiger's Curse

Colleen Houck
“Can I kiss you now?" he asked.
"I think you'd better, tiger," I replied.”
Colleen Houck, Tiger's Destiny

Russell Hoban
“There is a tiger in my room,' said Frances.
'Did he bite you?' said Father.
'No,' said Frances.
'Did he scratch you?' said Mother.
'No,' said Frances.
'Then he is a friendly tiger,' said Father. 'He will not hurt you. Go back to sleep.”
Russell Hoban, Bedtime for Frances

“God made the cat to give man the pleasure of stroking a tiger.”
Joseph Méry

Jim Corbett
“Tigers, except when wounded or when man-eaters, are on the whole very good-tempered...Occassionally a tiger will object to too close an approach to its cubs or to a kill that it is guarding. The objection invariably takes the form of growling, and if this does not prove effective itis followed by short rushes accompanied by terrifying roars. If these warnings are disregarded, the blame for any injury inflicted rests entirely with the intruder"- Jim Corbett”
Jim Corbett

Bill Watterson
“Van Gogh would’ve sold more than one painting if he’d put tigers in them.”
Bill Watterson

Colleen Houck
“So you do have some claws after all!' (Wyea)
'You have no idea,' Ren responded and charged.”
Colleen Houck, Tiger's Destiny

John Vaillant
“The impact of an attacking tiger can be compared to that of a piano falling on you from a second story window. But unlike the piano, the tiger is designed to do this, and the impact is only the beginning.”
John Vaillant, The Tiger: A True Story of Vengeance and Survival

Elisabeth Hewer
“i dream nights and
girls like tigers,
claws and teeth on both.”
Elisabeth Hewer, Wishing for Birds

John Vaillant
“Since well before the Kung's engine noise first penetrated the forest, a conversation of sorts has been unfolding in this lonesome hollow. It is not a language like Russian or Chinese but it is a language nonetheless, and it is older than the forest. The crows speak it; the dog speaks it; the tiger speaks it, and so do the men--some more fluently than others.”
John Vaillant, The Tiger: A True Story of Vengeance and Survival

Téa Obreht
“In my earliest memory, my grandfather is bald as a stone and he takes me to see the tigers.”
Téa Obreht, The Tiger's Wife

Mokokoma Mokhonoana
“It goes without saying that even those of us who are going to hell will get eternal life—if that territory really exists outside religious books and the minds of believers, that is. Having said that, given the choice, instead of being grilled until hell freezes over, the average sane human being would, needless to say, rather spend forever idling in an extremely fertile garden, next to a lamb or a chicken or a parrot, which they do not secretly want to eat, and a lion or a tiger or a crocodile, which does not secretly want to eat them.”
Mokokoma Mokhonoana, The Use and Misuse of Children

“There is no off switch on a tiger.”
German Proverb
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Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
“No one can walk beneath palm trees with impunity, and ideas are sure to change in a land where elephants and tigers are at home.”
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Elective Affinities
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D.M. Raver
“(From Danielle Raver's short story THE ENCHANTRESS)
Thick chains attached to the wall hold a metal collar and belt, restraining most of the tiger's movements. Open, bloody slashes cover his face and back, but he shows no loss of strength as he pulls on the chains and tries to rip the flesh of the surrounding humans with his deadly claws. Out of his reach, I kneel down before him, and his lightning-blue eyes cross my space for a moment.

“Get her out of there!” I hear from behind me.

“Numnerai,” I speak urgently to the tiger. “They will kill you!”

He growls and gnashes his teeth, but I sense he is responding to me.

“Great white tiger, your duty is to protect the prince. But how can you do that if they sink the end of a spear into your heart?” He looks at me for a longer moment. The fighters respond to this by growing still. In their desperation, they are overlooking my foolishness for a chance to save their fellows' lives. I crouch on my feet and begin to nudge closer to him. The tiger growls a warning, but does not slash out at me. “Think of the prince, protector of the palace. Right now he prays for you to live.”
D.M. Raver, The Story Tellers' Anthology

“Don't hide in the trees when you know that tigers can climb.”
Anthony T. Hincks

Seanan McGuire
“Most cats don't like water, and despite her pretensions of tigerhood, Julie was no different. Yes, tigers have stripes; so do tabbies. If you want to know the difference, try tossing one of each into your swimming pool. Then I would recommend running.”
Seanan McGuire, Rosemary and Rue

J.E. Fison
“It was probably my mother's screaming that frightened the cat. It's just a guess. No one knows for sure why a cat fell from a ten-storey building onto my head.”
J.E. Fison, Tiger Terror

“I don't like sleeping in the dark jungle by myself.

Colleen Doran

“It reminds him of a tale the elder monks told him once, when he was a youngster: the Last Ride of the Tiger Tickler. There was, according to fiction, a man who came upon an untended tiger cub. He took it home and raised it, and, when it was fully grown, he took to riding into town on its back. He steered the beast with a silk handkerchief: he’d lean forward and flick the tiger’s left or right ear to make it turn, or brush its nose to make it start or stop. Of course, the tiger, brought up on milk and honey lapped from a bowl held in the kind man’s hands, didn’t know any better, so he went along with it. Disregarding the tiresome details of the tale, when the Tiger Tickler mistakenly rides into town on a different tiger, who despite similar build and markings has a radically different opinion as to the rightful place of mankind (namely in, not on), everybody gets eaten up.”
David Whiteland, Book of Pages
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Stephen King
“Life is a tiger you have to grab by the tail, and if you don't know the nature of the beast it will eat you up.”
Stephen King, Different Seasons
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Adrienne Rich
“They do not fear the men beneath the tree;
They pace in sleek chivalric certainty.”
Adrienne Rich

John Vaillant
“...the tiger is a bellwether--one of thousands of similarly vulnerable species, which are, at once, casualties of our success and symbols of our failure. The current moment is proof of our struggle to evolve (perhaps "mature" is a better word) beyond outmoded fears and attitudes, to face the fact that nature is neither our enemy nor our slave.”
John Vaillant, The Tiger: A True Story of Vengeance and Survival

John Vaillant
“And this is precisely where the tension lies: Panthera tigris and Homo sapiens are actually very much alike, and we are drawn to many of the same things, if for slightly different reasons. Both of us demand large territories; both of us have prodigious appetites for meat; both of us require control over our living space and are prepared to defend it, and both of us have an enormous sense of entitlement to the resources around us. If a tiger can poach on another's territory, it probably will, and so, of course, will we. A key difference, however, is that tigers only take what they need.”
John Vaillant, The Tiger: A True Story of Vengeance and Survival

Valis Umbra
“Blake was right. They're a force of nature, like a hurricane or an earthquake.'
Rose's smile faded as she registered the intensity of Jake's stare as he watched the tiger. It was as if he was trying to take in more about the animal than normal sight could give, trying to fit the essence of the thing through senses that weren't up to the task.
'Burning bright!' Jake whispered, nodding.”
Valis Umbra, Mortlake and Other Stories

Téa Obreht
“- "I once knew a girl who loved tigers so much she almost became one herself.” Because I am little, and my love of tigers comes directly from him, I believe he is talking about me, offering me a fairy tale in which I can imagine myself—and will, for years and years.”
Téa Obreht, The Tiger's Wife

“Tigers and Women ! Tigers and women have something in common, it is their disposition; they must be treated majestically.”
Henrietta Newton Martin