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J.K. Franko
“Yet, all armor—from a lobster’s shell to a Navy SEAL’s
flak jacket—ultimately reveals the same truth. All armor highlights
vulnerability. It trumpets the fact that below that hard exterior lies
an interior that is soft, fragile, and in need of protection.”
J.K. Franko, Eye for Eye

“A smart person is not one that knows the answers, but one who knows where to find them...”
William Petersen, Underground

Charles A. Cornell
“No evil ever came from a woman’s womb that wasn’t placed there first by a man.’... Tantie Neptune, Lucifer's Key by Charles A. Cornell, due 2013”
Charles A. Cornell

Leslie Parrish
“Would you believe I was in the neighborhood?”
“Well, how about that I needed to see you.”
“Why? Did one of my neighbors call and say my cat’s been stalking their bunny?”
One corner of his mouth went up. “You know, that sounds like a euphemism. A kind of salacious one”
“Ooh, big words for Mr. Average Joe street cop,” she said, knowing she sounded bitchy but unable to help it.
“Can you take out the angry eyes, Mrs. Potato Head, and just let me talk to you?”
Leslie Parrish, Cold Touch

“When I go on to wherever I’m going, I’m gonna look over you every day. If what I’m thinking is a prayer, maybe God will grant the only thing I can think of to ask for. Thanks for bein’ the greatest momma ever was. I sure don’t know why you loved me as much as you did, momma, or what you saw in me, but you did everything right.
         This is my little opinion.”
John M Vermillion, PACKFIRE: Simon Pack # 9

Bob Mayer
“In darkness there is death.”
Bob Mayer

William Shakespeare
“Love's not Time's fool, though rosy lips and cheeks within his bending sickle's compass come.”
William Shakespeare, Love Poems and Sonnets

Sameer Kamat
“In the business world, there is no gray. Either you are black, or you are white-washed.”
Sameer Kamat (Author), Business Doctors: Management Consulting Gone Wild

Leslie Parrish
“She closed her eyes briefly, feeling sick. Olivia had experienced strangulation before. Having to look directly into the face of the person who was killing you made the experience beyond awful. But there were worse things than that. Staring into the void of unresolved memory, living an eternal mystery, waking up night after night seeing the face of someone you desperately wanted to save but having not the slightest clue how to do it—all that was worse. If going through with this experience gave her the answers she needed, if it gave her peace, it would be well worth one-hundred-and-thirty seconds of fear and pain.”
Leslie Parrish, Cold Touch

“Tough tims never last but tough people do..”
robert schuller

Zoran Drvenkar
“Pienso que la iglesia va a excomulgarnos. Repartimos la absolución y llevamos la luz a algunas almas oscuras.
-Y somos más caros.
-Cierto, somos más caros, pero tampoco nadie tiene que ponerse de rodillas a la hora de acostarse y darnos las gracias.”
Zoran Drvenkar, Sorry

David      Bell
“Taut, intelligent, and intense suspense that is deeply human.”—Mark Greaney, New York Times Bestselling Author of Gunmetal Gray

“Exciting and well-layered....David Bell is a master storyteller with a sure hand at crafting characters you feel for and stories you relish.”—Allen Eskens, USA Today Bestselling Author of The Life We Bury

“A tense and twisty suspense novel about the dark secrets that lie buried within a community and a father who can save his daughter only by uncovering them. Will leave parents wondering just how well they truly know their children.”—Hester Young, author of The Gates of Evangeline and The Shimmering Road

“A gripping, immersive tour-de-force full of twists and turns. BRING HER HOME kept me flipping the pages late into the night. Don’t expect to sleep until you’ve finished reading this book. I could not put it down!”—A. J. Banner, bestselling author of The Good Neighbor and The Twilight Wife

“In David Bell’s riveting BRING HER HOME, the unthinkable is only the beginning. From there, the story races through stunning twists all the way to its revelation, without letting its heart fall away in the action. Intense, emotional, and deeply satisfying. This one will keep you up late into the night. Don't miss it!”—Jamie Mason, author of Three Graves Full and Monday’s Lie

“Spellbinding and pulse-raising, BRING HER HOME hooked me from the first sentence and surprised me until the final pages. Sharply written and richly observed, this book is about the secrets we keep, the mysteries that keep us, and the lengths a father will go to for the daughter he loves. David Bell is a masterful storyteller who has perfected the art of suspense in BRING HER HOME.”—Sarah Domet, author of The Guineveres”
David J. Bell, Bring Her Home

Norm Applegate
“He brought the Glock up to shoulder height. He had one up the snout giving him fourteen rounds of influence.”
Norman Applegate, First to Die

Zoran Drvenkar
“Estar enamorada de alguien y amar a alguien son para ella dos estaciones de tren distintas.”
Zoran Drvenkar, Sorry

Zoran Drvenkar
“En la oscuridad de tus pensamientos quisiera ser una luz.”
Zoran Drvenkar, Sorry

“Several Terminal Policy readers got together to tell Raker jokes:
- Raker CAN piss into the wind.
- Raker donates a lot of blood to the Red Cross -- just never his own.
- Superman wears Raker pajamas.
- When Raker jumps into the pool, he doesn't get wet -- the pool gets Raker.
- Why did the chicken cross the road? Because Raker THREW her there!!
- Raker's daughter lost her virginity ... he got it back.
- Raker doesn't cheat death, he wins fair and square.
- Raker turns on a light at night … not because he's afraid of the dark but because the dark is afraid of him.
- When the boogy man goes to bed he checks under his bed for Raker.
- Don’t tread on Raker’s cape!”
Liam McCurry

J. Alexander Greenwood
“The professor’s motive was in the grand scheme of things terribly petty ” Greenwood said. “"Pilate’s Cross" is inspired by the questions this terrible crime created but as a work of fiction it is set in a different place and time and has a more complex motive for the murders.”
J. Alexander Greenwood, Pilate's Cross

Cheyenne Mitchell
“Only God is the Giver and Master of Creativity and imagination because they are gifts that can only come from Him Alone!”
Miss Cheyenne Mitchell, The Covering

Rhys Chamberlain
“Listen, we got two stiffs and a river of red in a villa in Herne Bay...”
Rhys Chamberlain, Emotion

Daniel Borough
“my new website is now live on There are free short stories to download on it. Have fun!”
Daniel Borough

Marc Berlin
“Art is a rebellion against fate.”
Marc Berlin, Oddball in 3G

“You're not afraid of heights, you're afraid of not being in control.”
Elena Wilkes, The Man I Married

Marc Berlin
“Art is a rebellion against fate." - Andre Malraux”
Marc Berlin, Oddball in 3G

Simone St. James
“Being with people was easy, but being alone was hard”
Simone st. James

Godfried Bomans
“Alleen mensen die het goed hebben, lezen thrillers. Zij die in nood verkeren lezen rustige boeken.”
Godfried Bomans

“The child’s words cut through her like a knife, for she knew there was nothing she could do to stop the young boy’s departure.
“Oh, I love you, too, dear child,” she said, rubbing her fingers through his hair. Eva caressed his small face between her palms and kissed his cheeks gently. “I have something for you,” she said, removing the gold diamond-studded cross from around her neck. She placed the large cross over the boy’s head.
“With this, we’ll always be together. Whenever you have a problem, hold onto this real tight and pray to God. He’ll answer your prayers”
Penny Wise, Raw Ice

Birgitte Märgen
It has a way of hiding things.
Everything seems pure, covered in a layer of white.
Until you dig underneath and find the gray, ugly truth.”
Birgitte Märgen, The Puritan

Jeffrey Rasley
“The President held up a Bible, an assassin aimed a gun. What happened next?”
Jeffrey Rasley

Swaraj Bhatia
“People don’t change, Emma, especially for their enemies.”
Swaraj Bhatia, Our Days :A Survival Odyssey

Jake Varanger
“I'm thrilled to announce the release of my second novel, The Last Good Death!”
Jake Varanger, The Last Good Death

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