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“The greatest shortcoming of the human race is our inability to understand the exponential function.”
Albert A. Bartlett

Michel de Montaigne
“It is not reasonable that art should win the place of honor over our great and powerful mother Nature. We have so overloaded the beauty and richness of her works by our inventions that we have quite smothered her.”
Michel de Montaigne, Cannibales

Ha-Joon Chang
“Sometimes it is in the long-run interest of the business sector to restrict the freedom of individual firms so that they do not destroy the common pool of resources that all of them need, such as natural resources or the labour force.”
Ha-Joon Chang, 23 Things They Don't Tell You About Capitalism

Agona Apell
“Global warming will not end by Earth finding a shade under the trees but under our hands joined together”
Agona Apell, The Success Genome Unravelled: Turning Men from Rot to Rock

“De retour au village, nous demandons aux Indiens : "Pourquoi n'avez-vous tué qu'un seul caïman ?" Le guide n'a pas l'air de comprendre. Nous reposons la question. Et le petit chasseur de répondre : "Il faut laisser des animaux pour nos fils et les fils de nos fils.”
Christian Kempf

Jesse Jackson
“I was born in a slum, but the slum wasn't born in me.”
Jesse Jackson

“Et là-bas, au fin fond de "l'enfer vert", un chasseur indien, plus clairvoyant que tant de spécialistes, donnait en une phrase la clé de tout le problème : nous sommes tous, individuellement et collectivement, responsables de notre terre.”
Christian Kempf, Les forêts meurent aussi : Pluies acides et dépérissement forestier

Lailah Gifty Akita
“Our ancestors did great work for humanity. What will we do for the next generations?”
Lailah Gifty Akita, Think Great: Be Great!

Lailah Gifty Akita
“It is only individual great forces, which must be pulled together, in our common vision of combating the climate change.”
Lailah Gifty Akita, Pearls of Wisdom: Great mind

M.F. Moonzajer
“Sustainable Development is more than meeting the needs of today and the future generations; to my understanding this definition better fits sex industry.”

“[...] obtenir la baisse de notre dépendance aux combustibles fossiles demande de la méthode et de la gestion, et non une croyance aveugle dans des objets techniques particuliers qui seraient nécessairement adaptés partout et tout le temps.”
Jean-Marc Jancovici, Transition énergétique pour tous : Ce que les politiques n'osent pas vous dire

Lailah Gifty Akita
“We have a duty to care for the environment.”
Lailah Gifty Akita, Think Great: Be Great!

“Benefits of Going Green

The benefits of going green are sometimes not similar to obvious right away. For some people, because of this that going green can be so difficult. They have to see immediate or near immediate results of their green efforts. Unfortunately, some benefits take a while and dedication. Now and dedication can be a good thing about going green in itself. When we become more commited to an environmentally friendly lifestyle we study that lifestyle, the aspects of the life-style that is effective on our behalf and then we study new tips that make the lifestyle much better to create. Other merits of going green can be found especially zones of green lifestyles.

Benefits of Going Green at Home

Going green at your home is among the few places that green lifestyle benefits are shown quickly or in the next short space of time. The first home benefit that many individuals who go green see, is a drop in utility bills and spending. As people commence to make subtle and full blown changes in the volume of energy they use and the manner they make use of it, the utility bills will drop. This benefit shows itself within the first three billing cycles no matter the effective changes. Spending also reduces. The spending pattern of green lifestyles shows a spending reduction because of switching from disposable items to reusable items, pricey chemical items for DIY natural options and swapping out appliances for higher energy levels effiencent models. Simply not only are the advantages observed in healthier lifestyle options, but on top of that they are seen in healthier financial options.

Benefits to Going Green at Work

Going green at work is problematic to implement and hard to see immediate results from. However, the avantages of going green in the workplace might be incredibly financially beneficial regarding the business. A clear benefit for businesses going green that is the alleviates clutter and increased organization. By utilizing green techniques in your business such as cloud storage, going paperless and energy usage techniques a business will save many dollars each month. This is a clear benefit, but the additional advantage is increased business. Consumers, businesses and sales professionals love aligning themselves with green businesses. It shows an ecological awareness and connection and it has verified that the green business cares about the approach to life of their total clients. The green business logo and concept means the advantage of a higher customer base and increased sales.

Advantages and benefits of Going Green within the Community

Community advantages and benefits of going green are the explanation as to why many individuals begin contribution in the green movement. Community efforts do take time and effort to develop. Recycling centers, landscaping endeavors and urban gardening projects take community efforts and dedication. These projects can build wonderful benefits regarding the community. Initially the advantages will show in areas similar to a decrease in waste, increased organic gardening options and recycling endeavors to diminish waste in landfills. Eventually the avantages of going green locally can present a residential district bonding, closer knit communities and environmental benefits which will reach to reduced air pollution. There can also be an increase in local food production and local companies booming which helps the regional economy. There are numerous other benefits of going green. These benefits might be comprehensive and might change the thought of how communities, states and personal lifestyles are changed.”
Green Living

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