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E.M. Forster
“Like many other who have lived long in a great capital, she had strong feelings about the various railway termini. They are our gates to the glorious and unknown. Through them we pass out into adventure and sunshine, to them, alas! we return. In Paddington all Cornwall is latent and the remoter west; down the inclines of Liverpool Street lie fenlands and the illimitable Broads; Scotland is through the pylons of Euston; Wessex behind the poised chaos of Waterloo. Italians realize this, as is natural; those of them who are so unfortunate as to serve as waiters in Berlin call the Anhalt Bahnhof the Stazione d’Italia, because by it they must return to their homes. And he is a chilly Londoner who does not endow his stations with some personality, and extend to them, however shyly, the emotions of fear and love.”
E. M. Forster, Howards End

Jasna Horvat
“The map of the world is drawn by travelers and nomads. Built into it are steps, nights and days, stations and encounters.”
Jasna Horvat, Vilijun

A.J. Arberry
Mujāhada, a collateral form of jihād (the so-called "holy war"), taken [by Sufis] to mean "earnest striving after the mystical life." The term is based on the Koranic text, "And they that strive earnestly in Our cause, them We surely guide upon Our paths." A Tradition makes the Prophet rank the "greater warfare" (al jihad al-akbar) above the "lesser warfare" (al jihad al-asghar, i.e., the war against infidelity), and explain the "greater warfare" as meaning "earnest striving with the carnal soul" (mujāhadat al-nafs).”
A.J. Arberry, Sufism: An Account of the Mystics of Islam

Mehmet Murat ildan
“He who is in love with the station will never be attracted by the trains!”
Mehmet Murat ildan

Richard L.  Ratliff
“subway stations...
passengers who token through life”
Richard L. Ratliff

Jasna Horvat
“The last thing I want to give to the Great Master is a wooden plate inscribed with the word million . This word has been created all these years of my service with the Great Khan. Recounting to the Great Khan about his Great Empire I lacked a word which would at the same time represent a number, and yet so big to stand for the countless values of his Great Empire.”
Jasna Horvat

Blaise Cendrars
“তখন আমি বেশ তরুণ ছিলুম
আমি সবে ষোলো বছরের হবো হয়তো কিন্তু ছেলেবেলার স্মৃতি মুছে গিয়েছিল
যেখানে জন্মেছিলুম সেখান থেকে ৪৮,০০০ মাইল দূরে
আমি ছিলুম মসকোতে, তিনঘণ্টির হাজার মিনার
আর সাতটা রেলস্টেশান
আর ওই হাজার আর তিন মিনার আর সাতটা রেলস্টেশান
আমার জন্যে যথেষ্ট ছিল না
কারণ আমি ছিলুম গরমমেজাজ আর পাগল তরুণ
আমার হৃদয় ইফিসিয়াসের মন্দির কিংবা
মসকোর রেড স্কোয়ারের মতন ছিল তপ্ত
সূর্যাস্তের সময়ে
আর আমার দুই চোখ ওই পুরোনো রাস্তা-ধরে চলার সময়ে জ্বলজ্বল করতো
আর আমি আগেই এমন খারাপ কবি ছিলুম
যে আমি জানতুম না তা কেমন করে নিজের সঙ্গে বয়ে নিয়ে যাই”
Blaise Cendrars