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Rachel Caine
“When I want to be lectured on strategy, I'll consult someone who's actually won battles,' Amelie said. 'Not one who ran away from them.'
'Snap,' Eve said.
'You know what they're talking about?' Shane asked.
'Don't need to know to get that one. She smacked him so hard his momma felt it.”
Rachel Caine, Fade Out

Henry David Thoreau
“Our statistics are at fault: the population has been returned too large. How many men are there to a square thousand miles in this country? Hardly one.”
Henry David Thoreau, Walden and Other Writings

Stephanie Bond
“Some people were like rubber bands--willing to stretch but eager to snap back into place at the first opportunity.”
Stephanie Bond, In Deep Voodoo

I feel that some people have a hard time with the truths around us, not
“I feel that some people have a hard time with the truths around us, not only the sexual abuse by priests, but all bad things. I call it chosen ignorance. This modified form of ignorance is found in people who, if confronted with certain truths realize that they have to accept them and thereby acknowledge evil, and that scares them. Opening up and letting the truth in might knock them off their perceived center. It is too hard, period.”
Charles L. Bailey Jr., In the Shadow of the Cross

Laurie Elizabeth Flynn
“That's your orgasm talking," I say. "You're not really in love with me."
"You can't tell me how I feel," he says. His voice gets quiet, trails off at the end. "I could be your boyfriend.”
Laurie Elizabeth Flynn, Firsts

Carol Snow
“Me and Duncan are going down to the beach to skate. I think I'm late." "Ducan and I," she said. Leonardo rolled his eyes. "What. Ever.”
Carol Snow, Snap

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