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Alexandra Bracken
“I've never slapped anyone before,” she admitted.
“How did you find the experience?”
“It would have been more satisfying if he'd gone flying out of his seat like I imagined.”
Alexandra Bracken, Passenger

Terry Pratchett
“You had to deal every day with people who were foolish and lazy and untruthful and downright unpleasant, and you could certainly end up thinking that the world would be considerably improved if you gave them a slap.”
Terry Pratchett, Wintersmith

Rick Riordan
“Chiron said the word assist as if meant slap upside the head with extreme prejudice.
Rick Riordan, The Hidden Oracle

Mario Vargas Llosa
“Death isn't enough. It doesn't remove the stain. But a slap, a whiplash, square on the face, does. Because a man's face is as sacred as his mother or his wife.”
Mario Vargas Llosa, The War of the End of the World
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T.M. Brenner
“Honesty: what a refreshing slap in the face it is.”
Timothy M. Brenner

M.F. Moonzajer
“You have right to be angry, insult and slap. But later you have to forgive.”
M.F. Moonzajer

Darynda Jones
“Her dad shows up, and instead of getting mad at Denise, he wraps his arm around her and helps her to his car like she's crippled. I could've crippled her. Missed my chance.”
Darynda Jones, Brighter Than the Sun

Seanan McGuire
“In the interests of friendship, I hope you’ll forgive me what I’m about to do.”
“Forgive you wha—”
My sentence was cut off as he clamped his mouth over mine, kissing me deeply.


“Ready to make a scene?”
He raised an eyebrow. “Do I have a choice?”
“Not really. To quote something someone said to me recently, in the interests of friendship, I hope you’ll forgive what I’m about to do.” I drew back my hand and slapped him across the face. The smack of flesh striking flesh echoed through the hall. Conversations stopped as people whipped around to stare at us. Raising my voice to something just below a shout, I snarled, “You asshole!”
Seanan McGuire, Late Eclipses

Liane Moriarty
“She wanted to hug him and at the same time she kind of wanted to slap him.”
Liane moriarty, Truly Madly Guilty

Allan Dare Pearce
“And he took the slap like a man. No whining. What else do you want from a fella?”
Allan Dare Pearce, Paris in April

Freedom Matthews
“No!" I wrestled with the covers as tears fell unchecked down my cheeks. The night terror had seemed all too real. The stinging slap echoed on my skin and I pressed a palm to my tender face. annoyed at my weakness I bundled myself in blankets and padded barefoot to the deck.”
Freedom Matthews, Inherited

Brandon Sanderson
“Each time I came crashing down into the ocean porpoiselike, water hit my face like the slap of a jilted lover.”
Brandon Sanderson, Firefight

Ahmed Ali Anjum
“Some People Deserve an Invisible
Flying Slap Right in The Face With A
Reason in its Caption.”
Ahmed Ali Anjum

Joyce Rachelle
“Have you ever had a dream so strong it slapped you in the face every time you looked away?”
Joyce Rachelle

Tom Leveen
“I should slap you.”
“But it might turn me on, and then what?”
Tom Leveen, Shackled