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Will Advise
“A book about books is like a poem about poetry:

Books are knowledge, paid for, all.
Readers - horses in a stall.
Stallions should always run.
Lest they stale become, in turn.

Running waters are most clear.
In some books, you disappear –
lose yourself, and track of time.
How I wish that one was mine...

Mine, to have, to write, to read...
Mine, just like a flying steed.
Mine, forever, - to improve.
Would I then, of me, approve?

I would not, I can't... myself.
I'm but dust, swept off a shelf.
Fly, can I, just 'til I'm settled,
down, beside my flower, petalled.”
Will Advise, Nothing is here...

V.T. Davy
“People like to be shown around archives. I don’t know why. I’m in the business, but one row of shelves stuffed with manila files looks much like another.”
V.T. Davy, Black Art

Dorothea Jensen
“Tizzy squawked, and he bounced like a ball on the floor.
 “I completely forgot; Santa said something more.
He said that a book gives your very thoughts wings,
That carry you off to see wonderful things,
That lift you aloft, throughout time, throughout space
To every era and every place!”
Dorothea Jensen, Tizzy, the Christmas Shelf Elf

John Mark Green
“Each of us is a story, waiting for a devoted reader who will take us off the shelf and embrace all our plot twists.”
John Mark Green

Kamand Kojouri
“She might not have read many books. But when she reads a book, she swallows the very words. If you open the books on her shelves, you will find that the front and back covers encase white pages.”
Kamand Kojouri

Israelmore Ayivor
“The shelf where you can find the power to kick start is the shelf of self-confidence. No matter how loaded you are with the right information, you need to pull yourself out!”
Israelmore Ayivor, Daily Drive 365

Israelmore Ayivor
“Buying a book is not enough... You must absorb the knowledge it contains. Your personalized knowledge is not what's on your shelf, but how much you put into yourself!”
Israelmore Ayivor, Daily Drive 365