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Julian Barnes
“If you'll excuse a brief history lesson: most people didn't experience 'the sixties' until the seventies. Which meant, logically, that most people in the sixties were still experiencing the fifties--or, in my case, bits of both decades side by side. Which made things rather confusing.”
Julian Barnes, The Sense of an Ending

Will Self
“If the seventies were bulbous, and the eighties sharp, the nineties were nothing but bogus.”
Will Self, How the Dead Live

Jaffe Cohen
The Summer of Love had already given way to the the winter of Who the f--k are you?
Jaffe Cohen, The King of Kings and I: The Greatest Story Ever Kvetched

Laurel-Rain Snow
“Sometimes I feel as if I've lived about six lifetimes...all fictionalized in my six books.”
Laurel-Rain Snow, Miles to Go

Andy Seven
“If I'm an archangel, you can hide under my wing
until the sun
comes up”
Andy Seven, HSTQ: Fall 2020

Kaimana Wolff
“Why were we so full of hope in those days? Looking back, I see so clearly that violence was worsening. Living through that time, we didn’t see that. We believed in our capacity to grow a great country. A just society.”
Kaimana Wolff, La Chiripa

Mehmet Murat ildan
“You don't have to go to another planet to see the aliens, just look at the people in the interesting dresses of the seventies!”
Mehmet Murat ildan

Rick Moody
“The idea of betrayal was in the air. The Summer of Love had migrated, in its drug-resistant strain, to the Connecticut suburbs about five years after its initial introduction.”
Rick Moody, The Ice Storm

“There was an urge growing through the Seventies - and perhaps after all it was the normal urge of the British - to look for offence, to feel morally affronted, and to make someone suffer for it.”
Norman Shrapnel, The Seventies