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Scott Lynch
“[T]he more we do this, the more I learn about what I think Chains was really training us for. And this is it. He wasn't training us for a calm and orderly world where we could pick and choose when we need to be clever. He was training us for a situation that was fucked up on all sides. Well, we're in it, and I say we're equal to it. I don't need to be reminded that we're up to our heads in dark water. I just want you boys to remember that we're the gods-damned sharks."

"Right on," cried Bug. "I knew there was a reason I let you lead this gang!”
Scott Lynch, The Lies of Locke Lamora

Eoin Colfer
“Nobody ever got rich by wearing a heart on their sleeve, unless it was someone else's heart.”
Eoin Colfer, Screwed

“In my experience, what defines a crime depends on who’s getting screwed.”
Mark Frost, The Secret History of Twin Peaks

Robyn Bachar
“In short, if you should find yourself in a fight against a vampire, you are really right and proper fucked.”
Robyn Bachar, Blood, Smoke and Mirrors

Rhoda Belleza
“If all we are is what people think we are, then we're all screwed.”
Rhoda Belleza, Empress of a Thousand Skies

Michael Cunningham
“Women are kind of screwed, in the world,” Andrew says.”
Michael Cunningham, The Snow Queen

“Our country is failing to live up to its promise of opportunity and fairness. It used to be true that if you went to college and you worked hard, you could count on having a decent middle-class life - but that's just not true anymore. Economic and political changes that have occurred over the past three decades have made the middle-class American dream for today's twenty- and thirtysomethings far less possible than it was for their parents' generation. It's not that we're lazy, that we have no work ethic, or that we have outrageous spending habits. It's that we've been screwed.”
Camille Perri, The Assistants

Curtis Tyrone Jones
“We light up around anyone who makes us feel screwed in, to the universe.”
Curtis Tyrone Jones

Nitya Prakash
“You try to reason~leave messages, send gifts, make calls that aren’t returned. You rummage over the hows and whys and watch your faith go dry.

There’s no chance given to explain, to change, to convince, to know better. Just a bang and it’s done. The mind is fucked, life screwed, never the same.”
Nitya Prakash

Katherine McIntyre
“Hair-braiding salons and mystic shops littered the block, but she didn’t need a psychic to predict her cards read “royally screwed.”
Katherine McIntyre, Poisoned Apple

“I heard sad choirs in my mind. There was nothing left of Rachel in the world. He cherished what he'd shown me, and now it was gone. Eureka.”
Scott Kelly, [sic]

“Under the spreading chestnut tree, I screwed you and you screwed me.”
Joyce Haber, The Users

Nitya Prakash
“When you can figure it out, it's not love. When you can't, it is. Plus, you're screwed.”
Nitya Prakash

“It happens in life that you are screwed to the point that you feel that nothing in this universe will save you”
Lara Zubaidia