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Becca Fitzpatrick
“You’re impinging on my private space,” I said, inching backward.

Patch gave a barely-there smile. "Impinging? This isn’t the SAT, Nora.”
Becca Fitzpatrick, Hush, Hush

Dave Barry
“In the words of a very famous dead person, 'A nation that does not know its history is doomed to do poorly on the Scholastic Aptitude Test.”
Dave Barry, Dave Barry Slept Here: A Sort of History of the United States

Kailin Gow
“Emotions might lead to chaos sometimes, but can be a beautiful kind of chaos. - The Return, Book 3 of The Wordwick Games by Kailin Gow.”
Kailin Gow, The Return

Holly Black
“He gave her a smile that wasn’t really a smile at all. “Eh, it wouldn’t be so bad. I wouldn’t have to study for the SATs or get a summer job or figure out my major. I can drink Elderflower wine all day, dance all through the night, and sleep on a bower of roses.”

Hazel made a face. “I’m pretty sure there are some colleges where you can do that. I bet there are some colleges where you can major in that.”
Holly Black, The Darkest Part of the Forest

Ion Druță
“Cum sînt ei, moldovenii, n-au apucat bine să iasă din sat, că oamenilor a şi început, în taină, să li se facă dor de casă. Aşa ni-e zodia, şi de cîte ori va fi să se schimbe vremea, de atîtea ori ne vor durea rădăcinile...”
Ion Druță, Frunze de dor

Ion Druță
“Oricît de frumos şi înţelept ar fi fost întocmit calendarul, pentru lumea de la sate adevăratul an începe odată cu înmugurirea, cu acea "frunză verde" cîntată din moşi-strămoşi, şi sfîrşeşte, cînd acea frunză verde se îngălbeneşte, se desprinde din copac şi cade la pămînt, pe-o margine de drum.”
Ion Druță, Frunze de dor

Christina Engela
“Beaming into the thick of a tree without becoming a lifelong tree hugger was a tricky business. A precision job. Scrooby’s job at the Time Saving Agency was a tough one. Billions of lives depended on him not screwing up. Literally billions and billions. Once, he’d screwed up in only a very small way and people wore those little yellow smiley faces on t-shirts for decades afterwards – and that was just a small screw up. He sighed. Here he sat, in the branches of an apple tree in an apple tree orchard – and without a single apple in sight. Below him, Isaac was waiting to get bonked on the noggin with an apple so that he could fulfill history by toddling off to invent gravity and shape scientific and mathematical principles for generations to come. Only one problem – no apples.”
Christina Engela

Philip Pullman
“Ovo je Fritz: beskoristan je, kao što vidiš. Posve neodgovoran. No, s druge strane, Fritz se samo igrao pripovjedača. Da je pravi majstor poput urara, znao bi kako svaki čin ima svoju posljedicu. Iza svakog tik slijedi tak. Iza rečenice - Bio jednom... - mora slijediti priča, inače će slijediti nešto drugo, a to može biti puno opasnije od priče.”
Philip Pullman, Clockwork

“This tree must be falling for me, as soon as I sat under it, it dropped its leaves.
Oh sweet October!”
Charmaine J Forde

Christina Engela
“Mykl d’Angelo groaned where he sat slumped in his chair. The irritating noise was unsettling his pet dog lying on his lap. The wickerwork garden chair creaked pleasantly under him and some native Earth birds made pleasant sounds above while the cool wind wafted over him as he lazily …”
Christina Engela, Blachart

“Vacant chairs always leave me wondering who had sat there in the past.”
Anthony T.Hincks