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Richelle Mead
“He was too perfect, despite being one of the most imperfect people I knew.”
Richelle Mead, The Indigo Spell

Richelle Mead
“I realized I’m in love. It's always been right in front of me.”
Richelle Mead, The Indigo Spell

Amit Ray
“Your greatest awakening comes, when you are aware about your infinite nature.”
Amit Ray, Meditation: Insights and Inspirations

M. Ageyev
“I was terrified as only grown men and women can be when they wake up in the middle of the night and begin to realise, in the absolute silence and solitude all around them, that it is not only their dream that has woken them, that it is their whole way of life.”
M. Ageyev, Novel with Cocaine

Isabel Allende
“He realized...that the loudest are the least sincere, that arrogance is a quality of the ignorant, and that flatterers tend to be vicious. ”
Isabel Allende, Zorro

Steve Maraboli
“One of life's challenging realizations is that sometimes you outgrow your friends.”
Steve Maraboli, Unapologetically You: Reflections on Life and the Human Experience

“I could not but wonder at the queen's unprecedented civility, until I realized with a flush of shame that it was my own improved behavior that motivated hers. So it is that we in life determine our own treatment.”
Catherine Gilbert Murdock, Princess Ben

Pooja Agnihotri
“The moment you realize that your business is made up of so many pieces, you will see that any of those things can hurt your chances of success when not taken care of.”
Pooja Agnihotri, 17 Reasons Why Businesses Fail :Unscrew Yourself From Business Failure

Tiffany D. Jackson
“Well, sometimes the people we love the most can hurt us the most.”
Tiffany D. Jackson, Monday's Not Coming

Peter    Cameron
“It was strange to see someone you have only known alone begin interacting with other people, for that somebody known to you disappears and is replaced by a different, more complex, person. You watch him revolve in this new company, revealing new facets, and there is nothing you can do but hope you like these other sides as much as you like the side that seemed whole when it faced only you.”
Peter Cameron, The Weekend

Louise O'Neill
That voice… My voice, it was my voice. How did Flora have my voice? How could I have thrown it away? The only time I was ever happy under the sea was when I was singing, and I sewed my mouth shut in the hopes that a boy I barely knew could kiss it open again.”
Louise O'Neill, The Surface Breaks

Diane Meier
“But for a long time, and probably far too long, I had a secret wish: the adolescently romantic idea that there was someone out there for me; someone I hadn't met yet who would ask me on a date and make sense of my life. I harbored the hope, I'm now embarrassed to admit, that like a girl in a Lifetime movie, I would look into someone's eyes and find a reflection of my inner life. But sometime between my teenage years and the first years in New York, that idea had pretty well evaporated. I'd grown up.”
Diane Meier, The Season of Second Chances

“I had done magic.

Sometimes, when people in stories encounter the paranormal, they react with horror as the fabric of reality shreds and they are faced with the dawning recognition that everything they once believed was a lie. As I stared down at my phone, I had that exact feeling, except the opposite: not horror but a giddy, mounting joy. This was what all those books had promised. I knew it, I thought. I knew the world was more interesting than it was pretending to be.
Kristen Roupenian, You Know You Want This

Melyssa Winchester
“That day I realized that at least for the time being, I was becoming Christian’s somebody.
And maybe, just maybe, he was becoming mine.”
Melyssa Winchester, The Space In Between

MacDonald Harris
“We only betray ourselves. No one is betrayed except by himself. One way to betray yourself is to try to be too many people at once.

"How many people should a person try to be in your opinion?"

One at the most. Most people don't even succeed in that.”
MacDonald Harris, The Balloonist

Carla Buckley
“...The lies we tell, and let ourselves believe, in the name of love.

The first thing you should know is that everyone lies. The second thing is that it matters.”
Carla Buckley

Robert R. McCammon
“All I can say is, there’re stranger things on this earth than we can ever figure out if we had a hundred lifetimes.”
Robert McCammon, Boy's Life

Angela Colleen Prendergast
“In a world muddled with madness, I made a conscious effort to stay sane.”
Angela Colleen Prendergast, Overthought Thoughts of a 21-Year-Old

Susie M. Hanley
“I am a Muse.”
Susie M. Hanley , Muse

Diane Meier
“Change rarely happens in doses large enough to choke you. Everyday you swallow a little more and expect a little less.”
Diane Meier, The Season of Second Chances

Abhijit Naskar
“The sweetest realizations of life cannot be expressed with words.”
Abhijit Naskar, Servitude is Sanctitude

MacDonald Harris
“We only betray ourselves.”
MacDonald Harris, The Balloonist

“Just when you think you have it all figured out, an epiphany arrives at the higher level of one's consciousness.”
Terry a O'Neal

Mandy Ashcraft
“Every loving, endearing, romance of language he published in the newspapers about the haunted mansion had only been to lower her guard. To weaken her. To lure her. To keep it from being demolished before he got the chance to bleed her of everything she'd ever been worth.”
Mandy Ashcraft, Small Orange Fruit

Alexa Rosa
“A filled calendar doesn't mean a filled life.”
Alexa Rosa, Bits & Pieces about Life & Relationships

Elizabeth Gilbert
“Oh, dear.
Sometimes it takes a very long while to figure things out.”
Elizabeth Gilbert, City of Girls

“God is seen. Then various sportive forms of God are also seen. By such continuous realizations the body becomes very light. At this stage it is seen that God with form comes out of the body and enters the body again. God in the body makes you know that God with form seen in the outside does not come from outside but comes out from your own body.”
Sri Jibankrishna or Diamond

“When you dream before of what you are now, that's reality. But be sure that you have paid God your 'reality'.”

“What a teensy-weensy thing 'now' is, and what a gigantic thing 'never' is.”
Mark Goldblatt, Finding the Worm

“The only things we own in life are the moments we've shared with the people we love.”
Juan Manuel Rivera Carassa

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