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Tony Dungy
“It's about the journey--mine and yours--and the lives we can touch, the legacy we can leave, and the world we can change for the better.”
Tony Dungy

Aletheia Luna
“You are like an ocean: quietly ebbing and flowing to the rhythm of life, but wildly expansive and profoundly powerful. You are boundless. You are whole. Your quietness is your strength. Your depth is your advantage.”
Aletheia Luna, Quiet Strength: Embracing, Empowering and Honoring Yourself as an Introvert

“Some people speak a lot, but have very little to say. Some people speak very little, but have very much to say.”
Mark Hampton

Aletheia Luna
“When you fail to tap into your wellsprings of inner strength due to
toxic habits, environments or people, you wind up feeling trapped, stranded and unhappy. You end up in soulless jobs, destructive relationships and empty friendships. Most of all, you
find yourself unsatisfied with who you are, and you often become your own worst enemy,perpetuating the cycles of pain, anger and fear within you – like I did”
Aletheia Luna, Quiet Strength: Embracing, Empowering and Honoring Yourself as an Introvert

Drew Myron
“Last night your thin walls invited me to the party next door / reminded me I am a quiet person in a quiet life.”
Drew Myron, Thin Skin

“Her need was as big as the stars, and he was down there on the beach, so quiet she could hardly hear him.”
Ann Brashares, The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants

Elizabeth Lim
“Cinderella barely recognized her own voice. She sounded strong, firm- nothing like the girl she'd once been.
"Stepmother. Anastasia. Drizella."
They halted in their step, turning slowly to face her. Cinderella caught her breath, not at all surprised by Lady Tremaine's upturned nose and lifted chin. She used to fear that expression, used to fear displeasing her stepmother.
She no longer had that fear.
The crowds had gone silent, but even if they hadn't, Cinderella wouldn't have noticed the dozens of onlookers in the chamber. A strange sense of calm had flooded her; the words she was about to say were ones she'd never dared before, but she'd dreamed of them for years. No longer would they be fantasy.
"I wish we could have been a family," she said, her voice strong yet quiet. "Ever since my father married you, it's what I wished for most. Instead, you neglected me, you made me serve you, and then you tried to sell me." She paused. "But I'm not angry with you."
Now she had Lady Tremaine's attention.
"I thought I would be," Cinderella admitted. "I was. But then I realized that it would only make me unhappy. And after being unhappy in your house for so long, I would never choose to feel that way again. I've accepted we aren't a family, and that we never will be. I've also accepted that I cannot forget those years that you were cruel to me."
The height of Lady Tremaine's chin wilted ever so slightly. She wouldn't look at Cinderella, but her stepsisters lowered their eyes, shame tingeing their cheeks.
"I forgive you, Stepmother, Anastasia, Drizella. I am not angry with you; if anything, I pity you. You can't know happiness if your life is built around resentment. For your sakes, I hope your hearts change.”
Elizabeth Lim, So This is Love

Deborah D. Johnson
“Evening's soft solitude
Surrounds the day
Emitting precious peace.”
Deborah D. Johnson, Finding Me...Again?

Jamie Carie
“Drake looked down at his bride, pride nearly crushing him.
She looked the picture of virtue in a gown the color of dark cream. Her hair sat atop her head in a shining red-gold mass of thick braids and curls. A band of small pink rosebuds haloed the curls, their stems a tightly intertwined crown. There was no cap now. Her face was pale and glowing, her neck as graceful as any swan's he had ever seen on the lakes of Northumberland, her delicate collarbones as elegant and stately as the jewels of a queen.
What he wouldn't have done to give her the magnificent London wedding she deserved. He would relish seeing her in rich satin and jewels, the envy of the civilized world. But Serena would never be in London... would probably not 'wish' to be, he realized.
Gazing at her beauty, her tranquility, he had a blinding realization that caused him to grasp more tightly to her hand and almost falter as he turned toward the minister: Had he not left all behind, he never would have found her. For the first time, he had something to be thankful for in the wake of his ruined existence. Had he stayed in London, he would have wed one of the haughty women of the ton, a woman in whose eyes he would have seen a hunger that was never satisfied. Instead, he was marrying a woman of quiet strength and faith, all of which gave the very air around her peace.
Was she not worth a dukedom?
Yes. A thousand times yes. That and more. She was worth all that he had gone through to have her.”
Jamie Carie, The Duchess and the Dragon

Stewart Stafford
“When war comes, some flee with great alarm while others step forth and quietly seek directions to the battle.”
Stewart Stafford

“My kindness is not naivety. It is a strength not to be messed with.”
The Thoughtful Beast

“There’s power in not responding to everything people say about you.”
-Terraine Francois”
Terraine Francois

“You solve very little arguing with people. Wisdom will help you to be quiet."
-Terraine Francois”
Terraine Francois