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Joe Abercrombie
“The lamplight gleamed on the Magus’ white grin. “People like to watch the pretty puppets, Superior. Even a glimpse of the puppeteer can be most upsetting for them. Why, they might even suddenly notice the strings around their own wrists”
Joe Abercrombie, Last Argument of Kings

Orson Scott Card
“Mom," said Peter, "nobody thinks you're a lackwit, if that's what you're worried about."

Lackwit? In what musty drawer of some dead English professor's dust-covered desk did you find that word? I assure you that never in my worst nightmares did I ever suppose that I was a lackwit.”
Orson Scott Card, Shadow Puppets

A.J. Darkholme
“What separates us into engineers and robots, puppeteers and puppets, kings and pawns, is not the status we hold at any given time among others - status is irrelevant; it is the level of ever-present awareness we have of a grey-matter tailor's tools [of flattery, persuasion, and cunning.]”
A.J. Darkholme, Rise of the Morningstar

Munia Khan
“Sitting makes us think of standing
Our current stance keeps on demanding
We wish to fly without the wings
Puppets move before pulling the strings”
Munia Khan

“Jeff Dunham- "Happy Holidays!"
Walter the puppet- "You know, I've been wanting to say this for a few years: screw you it's merry Christmas."
Jeff- "You know Walter, there are people of other faiths."
Walter- "And their wrong!”
Jeff Dunham- Very Special Christmas episode

“Typically, in politics, more than one horse is owned and managed by the same team in an election. There's always and extra candidate who will slightly mimic the views of their team's opposing horse, to cancel out that person by stealing their votes just so the main horse can win. Elections are puppet shows. Regardless of their rainbow coats and many smiles, the agenda is one and the same.”
Suzy Kassem, Rise Up and Salute the Sun: The Writings of Suzy Kassem

Karl Wiggins
“I call the polar opposites to Wrong Planet people Rag, Tag & Bobtail because they’re really nothing but glove puppets. Their heads are little more than hollow wood and at times they seem to be controlled by strings and rods and levers with invisible hands inside them making them ‘perform.’ Most glove puppets have fixed facial expressions and a hinged mouth, giving them a dull, lifeless expression.”
Karl Wiggins, Wrong Planet - Searching for your Tribe

Craig Ferguson
“I do a public access show with puppets. Puppets called actors, TV and movie stars.”
Craig Ferguson

Katherine Catmull
“In her dance, she controlled the bright paper birds with invisible wires and threads. She played the human: heavy, tied to earth. Her dances weren't pretty or delightful, but they were magical, [...] They called her a dancer and a puppeteer and an artist. They might have called her a witch, and not the good kind either.”
Katherine Catmull, Summer and Bird

Jean Lorrain
“March 1898

What a strange dream I had last night! I wandered in the warm streets of a port, in the low quarter of some Barcelona or Marseille. The streets were noisome, with their freshly-heaped piles of ordure outside the doors, in the blue shadows of their high roofs. They all led down towards the sea. The gold-spangled sea, seeming as if it had been polished by the sun, could be seen at the end of each thoroughfare, bristling with yard-arms and luminous masts. The implacable blue of the sky shone brilliantly overhead as I wandered through the long, cool and sombre corridors in the emptiness of a deserted district: a quarter which might almost have been dead, abruptly abandoned by seamen and foreigners. I was alone, subjected to the stares of prostitutes seated at their windows or in the doorways, whose eyes seemed to ransack my very soul.

They did not speak to me. Leaning on the sides of tall bay-windows or huddled in doorways, they were silent. Their breasts and arms were bare, bizarrely made up in pink, their eyebrows were darkened, they wore their hair in corkscrew-curls, decorated with paper flowers and metal birds. And they were all exactly alike!

They might have been huge marionettes, or tall mannequin dolls left behind in panic - for I divined that some plague, some frightful epidemic brought from the Orient by sailors, had swept through the town and emptied it of its inhabitants. I was alone with these simulacra of love, abandoned by the men on the doorsteps of the brothels.

I had already been wandering for hours without being able to find a way out of that miserable quarter, obsessed by the fixed and varnished eyes of all those automata, when I was seized by the sudden thought that all these girls were dead, plague-stricken and putrefied by cholera where they stood, in the solitude, beneath their carmine plaster masks... and my entrails were liquefied by cold. In spite of that harrowing chill, I was drawn closer to a motionless girl. I saw that she was indeed wearing a mask... and the girl in the next doorway was also masked... and all of them were horribly alike under their identical crude colouring...

I was alone with the masks, with the masked corpses, worse than the masks... when, all of a sudden, I perceived that beneath the false faces of plaster and cardboard, the eyes of these dead women were alive.

Their vitreous eyes were looking at me...

I woke up with a cry, for in that moment I had recognised all the women. They all had the eyes of Kranile and Willie, of Willie the mime and Kranile the dancer. Every one of the dead women had Kranile's left eye and Willie's right eye... so that every one of them appeared to be squinting.

Am I to be haunted by masks now?”
Jean Lorrain, Monsieur De Phocas

Initially NO
“Fuck I hate fucks
Who think they’re so fucking great
They know everything about fucking,
When they’re just fucking fucks fucking!
And no one changes the fucking world
When they keep fucking to another fuck’s fuck.”
Initially NO, Coal fire cream

Lance Conrad
“Fear sticks like a barb in the mind. Someone cold enough to take advantage of it can attach strings to those barbs and make puppets of men and women.”
Lance Conrad, The Price of Loyalty

Susan Elizabeth Phillips
“You should have made porn puppets. You could have charged a lot more for the shows.”
Susan Elizabeth Phillips, Heroes Are My Weakness

“I have seen a puppet, dancing to the tunes. I have seen a kite flying with a string.
I have seen people working for someone else without knowing this reality.

I have seen prisoners who think they are free.”
Himanshu Bisht

Zeinab Alayan
“And we saved your life, y’know,” Andrew said, jerking his head in Oliver’s direction. “I mean, the least you could do is thank us.”
“Of course!” Oliver said hastily. “Thank you very much.”
“It was really dangerous back there,” Patricia said earnestly, as though wanting to make sure he understood the severity of the situation.
“Yes, beheading is a serious business, I suppose,” Oliver said kindly. “I think it would have been difficult to keep on living once my head was chopped off.”
Zeinab Alayan, Puppet Parade

Rainbow Rowell
“Why would you want to act, anyway?" was Seth's take on the subject. "Stand there and say other people's words, let everybody else tell you what to do... Actors are just beautiful puppets.”
Rainbow Rowell, Landline

Jacques Yonnet
“You know, a carving, especially if it’s polychrome, is not meant to move. These faces, these half-bodies, when you animate them, they’re more live than the living. They can be dangerous for those who don’t really understand them. With contained energy, no one can predict what will happen when it’s released.”
Jacques Yonnet, Paris Noir: The Secret History of a City

Neelam Saxena Chandra
“We are but puppets
Our strings in His hands
Knowing not where he will take us
With naked feet we walk on life’s sands…”
Neelam Saxena Chandra

“Those who earn their living by puppetry must satisfy the public demand, and so are to a large extent compelled to be conservative. As so often in other branches of the performing arts, it is only the amateur who can safely afford to experiment, to explore new forms and techniques, and to run the risk of failure.”
Peter D. Arnott, Plays WIthout People: Puppetry and Serious Drama

Edward Gordon Craig
“Perhaps one of the chief distinctions between a Drama for Marionnettes and a Proper Drama is this ... that whereas a Proper Drama has to be vague and roundabout in its movements, a Marionnette Drama had always better be direct and rapid and even obvious ... A Marionnette is not at all clever -- not subtle. He must fit the characte rlike a hand fits a glove, or all is undone. Therefore when we make a character in one of our Dramas we make the Marionnette to fit it. And so it comes about that a Marionnette does not play a number of parts, he plays only one... that is himself.”
Edward Gordon Craig

Mandy Ashcraft
“Kelvin could request favors within the administration easily, as those marionette strings looked remarkably like lines of ink that read 'Pay to the Order of'.”
Mandy Ashcraft, Small Orange Fruit

“Puppets do not have thoughts, they are more like our thoughts, images of our thoughts, as if our minds were populated with remnants of the older, more cliched stories that we manipulate and that manipulate us.”
Kenneth Gross, Puppet: An Essay on Uncanny Life

Brian Jay Jones
“Indeed, [Jimmy] Dean believed in Rowlf so completely that he would sometimes genuinely break up when Rowlf delivered one-liners, laughing so hard that he was unable to sing. "I treated Rowlf like he was real, but he WAS real to me," Dean said, "and I think that's one of the reasons he made such an impression on everyone.”
Brian Jay Jones, Jim Henson: The Biography