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Michael Bassey Johnson
“You create silent enemies by revealing how much God had blessed you. There are people who are unhappy about your success and your big dreams are just too heavy for them to bear, so they will try to break you into pieces. Extinguishers of dreams are everywhere, and you can decode them by their nosy attitude towards your affairs. That is why its pertinent to keep few friends, talk less about yourself, and focus on other things pretending as if you don't exist. It doesn't make you faded or out of life, but the chances of getting your prospects destroyed will be very slim.”
Michael Bassey Johnson, The Infinity Sign

Michael Bassey Johnson
“Be so free that nothing more than your future can distract your attention.”
Michael Bassey Johnson

Michael Bassey Johnson
“Your ultimate reason for staying in this crooked world is not to imitate its devastating physique, but trying do something about its ugly appearance.”
Michael Bassey Johnson

Michael Bassey Johnson
“One way of keeping your dreams alive is to keep it to yourself. It can save you and protect your dreams to a greater extent.”
Michael Bassey Johnson, The Infinity Sign

Israelmore Ayivor
“If you aim upward, you will at shoot higher things (future prospects). If you aim downwards, you may shoot your feet (foundation).”
Israelmore Ayivor, You Can Rise

William H. Gass
“Prospects: a prickly word, a sour betrayer. It was supposed to fill your thoughts with gold, or with clear air and great and lovely distances. Well, the metal came quickly enough to mind, but beards followed shortly, dirt and the deceptions of the desert, biscuits like powdered pumice, tin spoons, stinking mules, clattering cups, stinking water, deceiving air.
Prospects. They made him think dirt. They made him think rags, snakes, picks, and the murder of companions.”
William H. Gass, In the Heart of the Heart of the Country and Other Stories

Diane Helbig
“When you network you develop a list of resources that you can share with others. This increases your value to those prospects and clients you deal with.”
Diane Helbig, Lemonade Stand Selling: Accelerate Your Small Business Growth

Farshad Asl
“We create excuses that stand between us and other people; excuses that separate us from the happiness and the prospects these people can present.”
Farshad Asl, The "No Excuses" Mindset: A Life of Purpose, Passion, and Clarity

“Some prospects for success seems bleak but are not with hard work”
Sunday Adelaja

Henry Fielding
“Why, then,' answered the squire, 'I am very sorry you have given him so much learning; for, if he cannot get his living by that, it will rather spoil him for anything else; and your other son, who can hardly write his name, will do more at ploughing and sowing, and is in a better condition, than he.' And indeed so it proved; for the poor lad, not finding friends to maintain him in his learning, as he had expected, and being unwilling to work, fell to drinking, though he was a very sober lad before; and in a short time, partly with grief, and partly with good liquor, fell into a consumption, and died.”
Henry Fielding, Joseph Andrews