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Franz Kafka
“It would have been so pointless to kill himself that, even if he had wanted to, the pointlessness would have made him unable.”
Franz Kafka, The Trial

Chuck Palahniuk
“Without pain, without sacrifice we would have nothing. Like the first monkey shot into space.”
Chuck Palahniuk, Fight Club

Molly McAdams
“Kinda pointless to fight for what you want when what you want continues to break your heart”
Molly McAdams, Stealing Harper

Criss Jami
“Being nice merely to be liked in return nullifies the point.”
Criss Jami, Killosophy

“And then, a strangely comforting thought trickled through me—I had nothing, so I could do anything now. Anything I wanted. I had nothing left to lose.”
Rachel Ward, Numbers

Jeff Lindsay
“I had become a perfect fake human, saying the stupid and pointless things that humans say to each other all day long.”
Jeff Lindsay, Dearly Devoted Dexter

Sarah Kane
“And when I don’t feel it, it’s pointless.
Think about getting up it’s pointless.
Think about eating it’s pointless.
Think about dressing it’s pointless.
Think about speaking it’s pointless.
Think about dying only it’s totally
fucking pointless.”
Sarah Kane

Vera Nazarian
“Don't bother to argue anything on the Internet. And I mean, ANYTHING.... The most innocuous, innocent, harmless, basic topics will be misconstrued by people trying to deconstruct things down to the sub-atomic level and entirely miss the point.... Seriously. Keep peeling the onion and you get no onion.”
Vera Nazarian

John F. Kennedy
“I was born an American, I live like an American, I will die an American.”
John F. Kennedy

Gerhard Richter
“To talk about paintings is not only difficult but perhaps pointless too. You can only express in words what words are capable of expressing-- what language can communicate. Painting has nothing to do with that.”
Gerhard Richter

“knowledge without application is like a book that is never read' Christopher Crawford, Hemel Hempstead.”
Christopher Crawford

Sebastian Faulks
“Time makes us pointless.”
Sebastian Faulks, Engleby

Toba Beta
“Too much ends in smoke.”
Toba Beta, My Ancestor Was an Ancient Astronaut

Michael Ben Zehabe
“So pointless to play over how our years might have been put to better use. They can't be recovered now. We do well not to grieve on and on. Ancient voices may have much to tell, but no one's listening.”
Michael Benzehabe, Persianality

Rachel Hartman
“We won’t know what hit us, because we’ll be dead; or we will know, and we’ll die in protracted agony. There’s no point worrying about it beforehand.”
Rachel Hartman, Tess of the Road

Sandra Newman
“It was beautiful to be heartbroken, it was as pleasurable as a thing could be. But pointless.”
Sandra Newman, The Heavens

Awdhesh Singh
“We must understand that each one of us is unique in this universe. Hence, it is pointless to compare ourselves with any other person. Just like a cow is not inferior to a dog, since both of them are perfect in themselves, we too are perfect in the way we are. We can make ourselves better and reach higher levels of perfection, but we can’t become like anyone else.”
Awdhesh Singh, 31 Ways to Happiness

Zøe Haslie
“It's hard, and it's painful, and it's tiresome, and it's lonely, and if on top of i, you really don't think you're gonna make it, it's just cruel and pointless.”
Zøe Haslie, Just For A While

“It is pointless to be called by God’s name and not have His respect”
Sunday Adelaja

Joe Abercrombie
“That got him thinking about his life. It seemed a bitter, pointless sort of a life now.”
Joe Abercrombie, The Blade Itself

P.J. O'Rourke
“PJ's suggested chant, for pointless protest marches:

"Five, four, three, two.
We don't have a doggone clue!”
P.J. O'Rourke, Peace Kills: America's Fun New Imperialism

Emma Richler
“And as he recalls the old soldier's wisdom regarding bullets and fate, how pointless evasion is when each shot has a man's name on it, he lurches upright, to the waist, a roaring sound in his ears.”
Emma Richler, Be My Wolff

Iris Murdoch
“Of what value after all is a power which one could never use, or at any rate did not know how to use?”
Iris Murdoch, The Message to the Planet

Dorothea Lasky
“Because poetry reminds you
That there is no dignity
In living
You just muddle through and for what”
Dorothea Lasky, Rome: Poems

“Blue river nameless, sky blank, pointless”
Emily Skaja, Brute: Poems

“Artificial Intelligence Is Pointless without Human Intelligence.”
Khalid Masood

Knut Hamsun
“Thus, he walks and walks in his wilderness, a futile, foolish trek made not in order to arrive somewhere but simply and solely in order to be one of those who walk in the wilderness. And this work of his is a life sentence.”
Knut Hamsun, The Women at the Pump

Aspen Matis
“But in creative fields, a degree is a prerequisite for nothing.”
Aspen Matis, Your Blue Is Not My Blue: A Missing Person Memoir

“I'm sick of chasing shadows.
But that's where the bad guys are.”
Keith Wright

Emil M. Cioran
“Getting up with my head full of plans, I would be working, I was sure of it, all morning long. No sooner had I sat down at my desk than the odious, vile, and persuasive refrain: "What do you expect of this world?" stopped me short. And I returned, as usual, to my bed with the hope of finding some answer, of going back to sleep...”
Emil M. Cioran, The Trouble with Being Born

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