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Rich Mullins
“We walk by faith and not by sight – not because we are blind, but because faith gives us the courage to face or fears and puts those fears in a context that makes them less frightful. We walk by faith and not by sight because there are places to go that cannot be seen and the scope of our vision is too small for our strides. Faith is not a denial of facts – it is a broadening of focus. It does not deny the hardness of guitar strings, it plucks them into a sweetness of sound”
Rich Mullins, The World as I Remember It: Through the Eyes of a Ragamuffin

Lydia Millet
“What was a face on television but a code, and what was the difference between these faces but a realignment of line and color to shift among signals? If he grasped deeply this language of symbols, grasped it beneath the surface, he could course through the currents of authority as they coursed through him like heat or the tremble of cold.”
Lydia Millet, How the Dead Dream

KaraLynne Mackrory
“For whatever it is worth, I never believed Wickham's stories of maltreatment at your hands. Other than being a rather boring, disagreeable fellow, I did not think you so dishonorable that you would go against your father's wishes.”
KaraLynne Mackrory, Bluebells in the Mourning

“I emote on paper and I hunger for people to read it. I want to affect people. I will write stories I dream up until the day I die and live in between the spaces of sentences and paragraphs.”
Sarabeth Purcell

Scott Westerfeld
“But doesn’t real love work the other way round?”...... “You start by thinking someone’s fabulous, and by the end of the piece you realize he’s a monster!”
Scott Westerfeld, Afterworlds