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Anton Chekhov
“Don't tell me the moon is shining; show me the glint of light on broken glass.”
Anton Chekhov

Justin Somper
“What's the idea with Moonshine joining the team?"
Cate leaned forward. "It's politics, Connor," she said. "Pure politics. When Barbarro persuaded Molucco to loan us out, he insisted that Moonshine come, too. He's under the impression it will be character building for him!"
"Character building?" Connor exclaimed. "Are you sure that Barbarro isn't secretly hoping a Vampirate will do us all a favor and finish him off?"
Bart laughed.”
Justin Somper, Black Heart

Kristen Callihan
“And who shall you be once you don your grand disguise?"
"La luna," she said with a smile.
"Then I shall be la notte to your moon" Archer lifted the hard black mask he held and slipped it over his thinner silk one”
Kristen Callihan, Firelight

Jenny  Lawson
“Refrigerators are good for keeping homemade moonshine less gross. Freezers are good for keeping rattlesnakes less angry. Garages are good to hide in when your wife finds either.”
Jenny Lawson, Furiously Happy: A Funny Book About Horrible Things

Guru Z.S. Gill
“I am aware of my heart, my mistakes, and my sins, and I will be free when the moon shines on my dark soul.”
Guru Z.S. Gill

“The manufacturing of illicit whiskey in the mountains is not dead. Far from it. As long as the operation of a still remains so financially rewarding, it will never die."
--from "Moonshining as a Fine Art" (1972) by Brooks Eliot Wigginton”
Foxfire Students, Moonshining as a Fine Art: The Foxfire Americana Library

Allie Ray
“Thirty bucks for a little Mason jar of 'shine they couldn't even drink; now who was stupid?”
Allie Ray, Children of Promise

“One of my friends bought a "bottle" of rotgut and demonstrated its dangerous properties. He poured some onto my jeep fender and drop by drop it ate through the paint and left a rough spot in the metal.”
Rena Gazaway, The Longest Mile