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Knut Hamsun
“I have no respect to merchants and preachers; as far as I’m concerned, their only talent is coming up with the right word at the right time. What is a professional preacher, really? He is a kind of middleman who for the wrong reasons tries to make people buy his goods. The more he sells, the more his stock rises. The louder he hawks his wares, the larger his business grows.”
Knut Hamsun, Mysteries

Dorothy Dunnett
“Think for yourselves for a change. You've been pedlars: go and be merchants. You've been mercenaries: go and find something of your own to defend. You've finished teething and there's the world: crack it open if you can.”
Dorothy Dunnett, The Game of Kings

Robert Lynn Asprin
“Deveels are some of the meanest characters you'd ever not want to tangle with. They're some of the most feared and respected characters in the dimensions."

"Are they warriors? Mercenaries?"

Aahz shook his head.

"Worse!" he answered. "They're merchants.”
Robert Lynn Asprin, Another Fine Myth

“Lopez made sandals out of one tire. He sold them at ten cents each, because people sometimes needed only one.”
Warren Eyster, The Goblins of Eros

Petter Dass
“Men dersom Nordfarernes Troe var saa stoer,
De kunde faa Bergen henfløttet i Noer,
Ved ongefahr hundrede Miile;
Hvor skulle den ganske Nordlendingens Tract,
Af inderste Hierte sig fryde med Magt,
Med lystige Ansigter smiile.”
Petter Dass, The Trumpet of Nordland

Murray N. Rothbard
“Furthermore, those seeking government privileges, or lucrative posts in the bureaucracy, perform an economic role entirely different from that of people genuinely engaged in trade; those so engaged oppose interference with their trade. It is highly misleading to lump the two together into the term “merchants.”
Murray N. Rothbard, Conceived in Liberty