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Simone Elkeles
“Are you following me?" she asks, but doesn't meet my gaze.
"Yeah," I say.
I give her the only honest and true answer I have. "You're where I want to be.”
Simone Elkeles, Leaving Paradise

Simone Elkeles
“I cry a lot.'
'Yeah? Well I'm gonna change that.”
Simone Elkeles, Leaving Paradise

Simone Elkeles
“I gave you my heart, but it wasn't enough.”
Simone Elkeles, Return to Paradise

Maggie Stiefvater
“You're not that girl,' Cole said, sounding tired. 'Trust me, I've seen enough of them to know. Look. Don't cry. You're not that girl either.'

'Oh yeah? What girl am I?'

'I'll let you know when I figure it out. Just don't cry.”
Maggie Stiefvater, Linger

Simone Elkeles
“Why shouldn't I be introspective? We dont' make sense."
"Neither do Chocolate and Peanut Butter, but it somehow works." He says "Somehow the mixture of two things is genius.”
Simone Elkeles, Return to Paradise

Simone Elkeles
“In the end everything will be okay. But hurdles have to be jumped through first.”
Simone Elkeles, Return to Paradise

Sarah Dessen
“This thought was interrupted, suddenly, by a crash from the front entrance. We all looked over just in time to see Adam bending back from the glass, rubbing his arm.
"Pull open," Maggie called out. As Leah rolled her eyes, she said, "He never remembers. It's so weird.”
Sarah Dessen, Along for the Ride

Joe Hill
“Innocence ain't all it's cracked up to be, you know. Innocent little kids rip the wings off flies, because they don't know any better. That's innocence.”
Joe Hill, NOS4A2

Simone Elkeles
“I'm the one who got hit by that car, not you,' I tell him. 'Don't act like you're the victim here. You made choices I didn't ask you to make. I'm not sure anyone asked you to make them.' I'm screaming the words, not caring that the entire world can probably hear me. 'You think I like limping everywhere I go? I don't. I'm the victim! Be honest with me! You didn't care about me enough to trust me. I gave you my heart, but it wasn't enough.”
Simone Elkeles, Return to Paradise

Lexi Ryan
“With a dreamy sigh, I prop my chin on my fists. “Who knew that one day I’d be on a date with the lead singer from a famous boy band?”
He scowls. “Infinite Gray was not a boy band.”
“Were there any girls in the band?”
“That makes you a boy band.”
“It made us an all-male rock group.”
I bite back my smile. He’s so cute when he’s irritated. “Right, like ’N Sync.”
He winces. “Not like ’N Sync. Jesus, watch where you hurl those things. Words hurt, Maggie.”
Lexi Ryan, Unbreak Me

Simone Elkeles
“Trust me, he whispers against my lips. Maggie, you're my paradise.”
Simone Elkeles, Return to Paradise

Abbi Glines
“Now, could you maybe get some clothes on? That’s uh . . . distracting.”
“You do know you came into my room uninvited, right? If I had known you were coming, I’d have been dressed.”
He smirked. “I texted you.”
“I was in the shower.”
“Minor detail.”
Abbi Glines, Until Friday Night

Colleen Hoover
“The problem with hating yourself when you’re all alone is that you have no one to remind you of any of your good qualities. Then you just hate yourself even more, until you sabotage anything good in your life and in yourself.”
Colleen Hoover, Maybe Now

Simone Elkeles
“I'm standing here, holding a half a lemon in my hand. I'm speechless, I'm excited . . . I'm a wreck. Caleb wants to be where I am.”
Simone Elkeles, Leaving Paradise

Maggie Stiefvater
“She was so mean that she even killed her own name, and now people just pointed to her.”
Maggie Stiefvater, All the Crooked Saints

Allison Saft
“Girls like her don’t get to dream. Girls like her get to survive. Most days, that’s enough. Today, she doesn’t think it is.”
Allison Saft, A Far Wilder Magic

Sylvia Cassedy
“I love the name Maggie, he went on, and she glanced up at him suspiciously-nobody loved the name Maggie-but his face was serious. It makes your teeth feel good to say it. Maggie, Maggie, Maggie. It feels like eating peanuts. Try it, and he paused, waiting for her to recite her name aloud.

She turned away, but she did try it anyway, to herself, and she felt a surprising tingle around her upper molars.”
Sylvia Cassedy, Behind the Attic Wall

Theresa Breslin
“I must tell you this, Maggie. Your letters are my lifeline. Your threat to stop them terrified me. Never stop writing to me, I implore you.”
Theresa Breslin, Remembrance

Stephen Crane
“But as the girl timidly accosted him, he gave a convulsive movement and saved his
respectability by a vigorous side-step. He did not risk it to save a soul. For how was he to
know that there was a soul before him that needed saving?”
Stephen Crane, Maggie: A Girl of the Streets & Other Stories

Tabitha Caplinger
“Funny. Pick on the girl with no superpowers-real nice.”
Tabitha Caplinger, The Chronicle of the Three: Bloodline
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Amy Lunderman
“…penny for your thoughts?” Gabe says as he sits down beside me on the cot, and joins me in watching the girls play. “Just a penny…is that all? With what’s on my mind, you could make a fortune.” I say as I lay my head on his shoulder. “Well I somehow lost my wallet, but we could use kisses as a substitute. What do you think?”
Amy Lunderman, They Walk

Amy Lunderman
“When I was little, I loved running in the rain. There was something almost freeing about it. The exhilaration of your blood pumping, the quick shallow breaths, and the way the wind brushes past your body. Want to know my most favorite part? That unstoppable feeling from pushing myself to the breaking point gets me every time. Now though? Well…it’s complicated.”
Amy Lunderman, They Walk
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Maggie Georgiana Young
“Incarceration is when nobody writes a happy ending for a woman without a man.”
Maggie Young, Just Another Number

Shelly Crane
“Let’s go get dressed.”

I looked down at him and saw that he was in his underwear still. I couldn’t help but smile, but then we heard a door open. Gran came out of her room, stopping dead in her tracks at seeing her grandson in his skivvies.

I waited for her to blush, or something, anything, but she just stood there. Caleb coughed uncomfortably and pulled me in front of him. It was the first time he’d ever put me in front of him. Usually it was the other way around. And then Gran’s cackle started. She laughed so hard and pointed, even doubling over as she did so.

“Gran, come on,” Caleb complained to her and then bent his head to look at me when I started laughing too.

“I’m sorry,” I said,”but its funny!” “Caleb,” Gran laughed and gasped for breath, “just tell me you didn’t walk all the way from your cell that way and I’ll be fine.”
Shelly Crane, Defiance

Shelly Crane
“Caleb jerked me into the room and quickly shut the door as he flipped on the lights. “Well, that was just great,” he said sarcastically.
“I’m sure she’s seen your cute behind before,” I told him as I went to my suitcase. “I’m sure she changed plenty of your diapers.” He grimaces. “I don’t want to think about it.” I just laughed at him more”
Shelly Crane, Defiance

Stuart Hill
“I know you’ll probably think it superstitious nonsense, Maggie, but I’m going to ask Oskan to perform…” Thirrin shrugged her shoulders as she struggled to find the right word, “something…a ceremony of some sort before we go into the trees. Something that’ll help the people believe they’re protected in some way.”

“On the contrary, Madam, I agree with the idea,” Maggiore answered and smiled. “It’s wise to use everything you can to keep the citizens calm. I’ll be there chanting whatever you want and waving around as much incense as you think necessary.”
Stuart Hill, The Cry of the Icemark

Sherrilyn Kenyon
“But it's the hope of something better that keeps us going”
Sherrilyn Kenyon, Unleash the Night

Jessica Shirvington
“Gus leaned back in his chair, appearing satisfied.
"Good," he said. "Cause Maggie's all the nightmare I can take."
I smiled. "Gus, I never knew you dreamed of me."
He gave me a one-fingered salute”
Jessica Shirvington, Disruption

Jessica Shirvington
“Good,’ he said. ‘Cause Maggie’s all the nightmare I can take.’
I smiled. ‘Gus, I never knew you dreamed of me.’
He gave me a one-fingered salute.”
Jessica Shirvington, Disruption

George Eliot
“In their death they were not divided.”
George Eliot, The Mill on the Floss
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