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Abigail Gibbs
“I knew what I had left behind. The question was: What was I going to find ahead?”
Abigail Gibbs, Dinner with a Vampire

Lilith Saintcrow
“Really, I scolded myself, you should have known that you'd end up in a stone dungeon with no facilities. That's how these things always end up, isn't it?”
Lilith Saintcrow, Working for the Devil

Jenna-Lynne Duncan
“This just didn’t happen to girls like me. This just didn’t happen to anyone.”
Jenna-Lynne Duncan, Hurricane

Jenna-Lynne Duncan
“She doesn’t even have shoes on” He was trying to reconcile something in his head while talking to Luke.
“In all the time you spent in that shack, you forgot to pack her shoes?” Luke asked rhetorically, shaking his head in both wonder and disappointment. “Look, we’re in the boonies. I am sure shoes are optional, as are a full set of teeth.”
Jenna-Lynne Duncan, Hurricane

Kelley Armstrong
“What gave it away? When she loaded me bound and gagged into the back of her truck? Or when she actually said. "I'm ready to kill you and throw your body inn the swamp?

"Hey for a while there, it looked like you were going to talk your way out of it. I didn't want to interfere.”
Kelley Armstrong

“A good book is a good place to go.....
to dream!”
Donna Lee Comer

Michelle D. Argyle
“... Other students lived on campus and got drunk at parties. Other students dated and graduated and got married and led normal lives. She wanted to marry an ex-con and pretend being kidnapped had been a normal thing she could forget about. ...”
Michelle Davidson Argyle, Pieces

Natascha Kampusch
“That day wasn't the first time I had attempted suicide. Simply disappearing into the distant nothingness where there was no pain and no more feelings - back then I thought it an act of empowerment. Otherwise I had very little power to make any decisions about my life, my body, my actions. Taking my own life seemed my last trump card.”
Natascha Kampusch, 3,096 Days

Missy Lyons
“She could end up on the news if she wasn’t careful, with her face plastered on the back of milk jugs. Missing and too stupid to live.”
Missy Lyons, Alien Promise

Fran Elizabeth Grubb
“Cruel Harvest by Fran Elizabeth Grubb is a memoir that will touch your heart.”
Fran Elizabeth Grubb, Cruel Harvest

Fran Elizabeth Grubb
“CRUEL HARVEST by Fran Elizabeth Grubb is a compelling, riveting, unforgetable memoir that will keep you turning the pages. Published by Thomas Nelson and due for release August 2012. Kidnapped from an orphanage Frances is dragged across the country working in the fields. Youtubefrangrubb to see video book trailer.”
Fran Elizabeth Grubb

Anna Zaires
“In recent months, the emotional aspect has become as necessary to me as the physical. It amuses me, this strange quirk of mine. I want my little captive to love me, to care about me. I want to be more than just the monster of her nightmares.”
Anna Zaires, Keep Me

Rita Stradling
“I’m tied up, gagged and about to be bludgeoned to death by a lawn ornament. Jeez, that’s depressing.
- Raven Smith”
Rita Stradling, The Deception Dance

Elizabeth Smart
“I didn't understand most of what he was saying. I should have had to understand what he was saying. I was still so young. And I certainly should not have had to learn it this way!”
Elizabeth Smart, My Story

Kay Botha
“No! Please no," she feels the cool metal
of the handcuffs again. "Please, I'm
Madison, I'm Madison!"
Her arms lock into place above her head.
She jerks her body, pain snapping at her
"You can stay like this for the day." He
rises from the bed, bends down, and
blows out the candles on her birthday
cake. "Night, night, Rosie."
He opens the door, letting a stream of
sunlight into the room.
"Please don't leave me here, please!"
And then the door closes, and the
sunlight is gone.”
Kay Botha, Hush

“How can he possibly think that I'll do whatever that he will ask of me? Oh right, I forgot. He's my kidnapper and I'm the one being kidnapped. That's why.”
Ritika Chhabra, A Dark Love

Robert Magarian
“We all have something special in us, it's a matter of finding it, and knowing what to do with it.”
Robert Magarian, You'll Never See Me Again: A Crime to Remember

Marc Ashton
“I wonder if my kidnappers know who my father was in Haiti, or if they know what powers they are dealing with.”
Marc Ashton

Carrie Jones
“My fingers try to grab onto the net. I’m pulled away too quickly, dragged through the snow. Everything is white and flying and painful.
I claw at the snow, trying to slow down. There’s nothing to hold on to. I kick and kick. The hands clutch my ankles. Flipping my torso over I get one quick glance of their backs. They’re wearing parkas and hats and look normal, like people, but faster. I smash onto my face again and lift up my head just in time to see Nick snarling inside the net. He’s transformed again.
“Nick!” I yell, but snow pours into my mouth. Sharp cold pain smashes through my teeth and into my skull. I cough and try again. “Nick!”
He raises himself up onto four legs and howls, a long, searing cry of anguish and rage.
My heart breaks for him, caught there. I have to help him escape. I have to get free.
I kick again. “Let me go.”
Pain shoots through my head. Fireworks. Explosions. All inside my brain. The white world goes dark and I know what’s about to happen. I’m the one leaving. I am the one gone.”
Carrie Jones, Need

Michelle Knight
“Every time i see a butterfly, it reminds me of how precious life can truly be. To be able to turn from a caterpillar into a beautiful butterfly and fly away so freely and gracefully wherever she may please, without no one in the world to tell her what to do. I wait for that special moment in time when I get to live freely, without no worries, pain or tears. I just want to be happy. I want the laughter in the air without all of the pain. One special day I’ll get to live my life just like that beautiful butterfly. I will no longer feel blue inside.”
Michelle Knight, Finding Me: A Decade of Darkness, a Life Reclaimed - A Memoir of the Cleveland Kidnappings

Grace Willows
“He was built like a mountain. Tall, dark haired ,silver eyed , muscular and rugged. Nathaniel Hawkins was a man that most men wouldn’t want to tangle with and most women fantasized about.”
Grace Willows, The Ultimate Prize