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Omar Khayyám
“هر یک چندی یکی بر آید که: منم! با نعمت و با سیم و زر آید که: منم!
چون کارَک او نظام گیرد روزی، ناگه، اجل از کمین در آید که: منم!”
Omar Khayyám, رباعيات خيام

Amin Maalouf
“I despise the zeal of the devout, but I have never said that the One is two.
I am not one of those for whom faith is simply fear of judgement. How do I pray? I study a rose, I count the stars, I marvel at the beauty of the creation and how perfectly ordered it is, at man, the most beautiful work of the Creator, his brain thirsting for knowledge, his heart for love, and his senses, all his senses alert or gratified.”
Amin Maalouf

Idries Shah
“Continuously, in commemoration of the Friend
We drank wine, even before the creation of the vine.”
Idries Shah, Sufi Thought and Action

Omar Khayyám
“Ne laisse point le chagrin s'emparer de toi ;
Ni ennui et tristesse assombrir tes jours.
N'abandonne ni le livre, ni le bord du ruisseau, ni la lisière du champ,
Avant que la terre ne te prenne dans son sein.”
Omar Khayyám, رباعيات خيام