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Thomas Carlyle
“The lies (Western slander) which well-meaning zeal has heaped round this man (Muhammad) are disgraceful to ourselves only.”
Thomas Carlyle, On Heroes, Hero Worship and the Heroic in History

Lila Felix
“I’m here Corinne. I’m here waiting for you to realize that helping you, listening to you, sitting in silence with you, holding you while you cry, kissing you until you can’t think straight—I’m honored to be the one who does those things for you. I’m privileged to hear the words ‘I love you’ from your mouth and have them directed at me. But if you don’t need me, then you don’t need me. So this is me telling you that if you find that you do need me, want me, whatever, it’s your turn. Come find me. I love you. And not just today or tomorrow—I will love you always.”
Lila Felix, Hoax

Djayawarman Alamprabu
“An Idea is nothing but Information, It won't do us any harm until we accept it as perception of truth in our mind, which in time will potentially evolve and construct major events in history.”
Djayawarman Alamprabu, Feared Intellectualism

Andy Rooney
“I just wish this social institution [religion] wasn't based on what appears to me to be a monumental hoax built on an accumulation of customs and myths directed toward proving something that isn't true.”
Andy Rooney, Sincerely, Andy Rooney

Diogenes of Mayberry
“Science Class

Would you invent some irrational explanation for we lost souls that the glaciers aren’t really melting at all, that they are and will remain just as they always have been? Some rationale that claims the whole climate change scenario is really just a satanic plot, concocted by liberal secular humanists to trick the world into thinking that the glaciers have been melting for twice as long as the Bible says the Earth has been around.”
Diogenes of Mayberry, Manifest Insanity, Or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Think for Myself

Toba Beta
“Hoax needed to complete the premises of truth.”
Toba Beta, Master of Stupidity

“Many people are calling Manti Te’o “dumb” or “naïve” because he fell for the “invisible girlfriend” hoax or catfishing but when you think about it. Religion MIGHT be doing the same thing when it tells you that there is a “God” that you cannot see, or meet, that loves you, & “communicates” with you thru a book (bible).Does that make sense?”

Rebecca McNutt
“People who mock incidents in history such as 9/11 or the Holocaust, referring to it all as a hoax or stirring up crazy conspiracy theories about it, should really stop and think about their words first, both because it shows flaws in logic and rationality to deny the obvious, and because to play pretend with incidents which killed innocent people, well, that's just like laughing in the face of tragedy. It's as if to say, "no, it's not horrible enough that these people were killed, oh no, we have to drag on these incidents by indulging in melodramatic fantasies!" In essence this means that those who lost loved ones not only have to live with these losses forever, they also have to live with the people who deny that any of it ever happened. It does no good to forget history or to deny it. All it does is desensitize people; it tells them that it's all just a game, which then risks the possibility of nobody taking it seriously enough to prevent something similar from happening again.”
Rebecca McNutt

Alison Miller
“In my client who had confessed her “alien abduction” experience, an alter had been instructed that if she began to remember the ritual abuse she was to remember the alien abduction, so that nobody would believe her account of the ritual abuse. This program did not work with us, but you can imagine the larger consequences of such a ruse.
Alison Miller, Healing the Unimaginable: Treating Ritual Abuse and Mind Control

Donald Firesmith
“Woe to any climate denier who called climate change a hoax when she was nearby.”
Donald Firesmith, What Lurks Below

“One of the most effective ways to empower a group is to help them get finance.

Yes, money.

Whether it be women, minority groups etc.
Without economic independence, freedom is a hoax”
Magnus Nwagu Amudi

“Kalau masih katanya, kamu harus cari tahu faktanya.”
Iwan Esjepe

Ehsan Sehgal
“Neutrality means abusing oneself, and the height of bias, tagging in a beautiful conception. It is a pure hoax.”
Ehsan Sehgal
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