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Alan Hollinghurst
“Now he had chanced on one of he standard hard-on sessions of the shower, as on both sides of him and across the room three queens sported horizontal members which they turned around from time to time to conceal or display, barely exchanging looks as they resolved. The old men took no interest in this activity, knowing perhaps from long experience that it rarely meant anything or led anywhere, was a brief and helpless surrender to the forcing-house of the shower. In a few seconds the hard-on might pass from one end of the room to the other with the foolish perfection of a Busby Berkeley routine.”
Alan Hollinghurst, The Swimming-Pool Library

Paul Russell
“When he got a story urge, there was nothing to do but grab a pen and write. Otherwise it was too much like getting a hard-on and not jerking off.”
Paul Russell, The Coming Storm

Tom Spanbauer
“You know, Rose said, You're not the first man in history who thinks his cock is the path to wisdom. You're not the first man to make his hard-on into the Holy Grail.”
Tom Spanbauer, In the City of Shy Hunters

Katie McGarry
“Zach finally acknowledges me when my elbow smacks against his side as I shove my way between him and Rachel. He straightens and mumbles so only I can hear, “Damn, she gives me a hard-on. Gorgeous, and she knows cars.”
“I suggest you back the f*ck off,”
I mutter.
Zach smirks. > “Hey, you’re the one that left her here with me.”
“What are you guys talking about?”
Rachel asks.
“Cars,” I say. “You said you needed to be home by ten. It’s nine-thirty.”
She blinks as if she just woke up. “Crap. Already?”
I step aside so Rachel can exit the driver’s seat. Because Rachel is every guy’s fantasy, Zach begs her to stay: she should see the engine, she can ride in his car, she can drive his car. Each of his attempts to lure her to stay causes me to think of one more way to hide the body parts after I kill him.”
Katie McGarry, Crash into You

Aleksandar Hemon
“Right now, it didn’t look good, the life. What doesn’t kill you makes you horny.”
Aleksandar Hemon, The Making of Zombie Wars