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Ann Aguirre
“... Where did you go?”

“Down below.”

“Ugh,” she said. “I’ve heard they’re little better than animals.”

Funny. I thought the same thing about most Topsiders I encountered. Tegan touched my hand in silent sympathy, and I set my jaw.


I stepped forward and pasted on a false smile. We were in her home, after all. The least I could do was be polite. “I’m Deuce, animal from the underground.”
Ann Aguirre, Enclave
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John Green
“I make a gesture that is intended to convey, "Hey, no hurry, talk as long as you'd like," and probably actually conveys, "Hey, look at me! I have spastic hands.”
John Green, Will Grayson, Will Grayson

Dawn Cook
“If you ever try to change my memories again, I will slap you into next spring.” I took a breath, knees shaking as I felt small beside him, my white dress brushing against his black trousers. Some women get flowers or poems from their suitors. I get insults and threats.”
Dawn Cook, Princess at Sea
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Jillian Dodd
“They have two moods, hungry and horny. So if you see a boy without an erection, you should go make him a sandwich. - Girl, don't you dare listen to them. You tell them to make their own damn sandwiches.”
Jillian Dodd, Kiss Me

Christina Engela
“Joe!” he groaned, attempting to speak clearly. “Joe! Good ol’ Joe!”
“Captain, you’re drunk!” Lofflin said, stating the obvious while trying to keep his voice level. Blaine grinned at him lopsidedly and giggled, almost choking. He slapped the table, knocking his empty glass over.
“Ye-ss, I am! Don’t ssup-pose you – think I co-uld ssit here an’ calmly wait t’die – dýou? Weee-ll, not ssob-er anyway. Ha ha ha.”
Disgust and hopelessness were swelling inside him. He felt like punching that drunken face till it was either sober or unconscious.
“Damn it, Captain! We need you – the crew needs you! You’re turning your back on them – in our most desperate time!”
Christina Engela, Demonspawn