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Manly P. Hall
“The criers of the Mysteries speak again, bidding all men welcome to the House of Light. The great institution of materiality has failed. The false civilization built by man has turned, and like the monster of Frankenstein, is destroying its creator. Religion wanders aimlessly in the maze of theological speculation. Science batters itself impotently against the barriers of the unknown. Only transcendental philosophy knows the path. Only the illumined reason can carry the understanding part of man upward to the light. Only philosophy can teach man to be born well, to live well, to die well, and in perfect measure be born again. Into this band of the elect--those who have chosen the life of knowledge, of virtue, and of utility--the philosophers of the ages invite YOU.”
Manly P. Hall, The Secret Teachings of All Ages: An Encyclopedic Outline of Masonic, Hermetic, Qabbalistic and Rosicrucian Symbolical Philosophy

Ki Longfellow
“Men and women will forever make gods of others rather than see the god in themselves.”
Ki Longfellow, The Secret Magdalene

Carl Van Vechten
“Cats have gnosis to a degree that is granted to few bishops.”
Carl Van Vechten, The Tiger in the House: A Cultural History of the Cat

Lon Milo DuQuette
“It is only by working the rituals, that any significant degree of understanding can develop. If you wait until you are positive you understand all aspects of the ceremony before beginning to work, you will never begin to work.”
Lon Milo DuQuette, The Magick of Aleister Crowley: A Handbook of the Rituals of Thelema

C. JoyBell C.
“Many of the people in this world that you will see and that you will meet, are the versions of themselves that have come about as a result of the things that have happened to them in life. When people laugh at you, you develop a layer of skin for that and when you lose people, you develop a different layer of skin for that and when you are hurt during the times you are vulnerable, there is another special layer of skin for that; so on and so forth. We become covered in layers of different kinds of skin that we never asked to have and that we would never want to have! But there we are, underneath all of that; we walk around and we don't see ourselves, we don't see each other, we can hardly remember anything about who we are! It takes someone to look through all of that skin, to remember yourself on behalf of you. A person can give you the set of eyes that were used to view the real you, in some distant past, in some different lifetime! Then when you see them looking at you like that, you remember who you are and that's when the layers of unwanted skin begin to peel and through that peeling you become a newborn.”
C. JoyBell C.

C. JoyBell C.
“The most fundamental, basic need in magick, is the development of the will. The magus says, “I will, and not heaven nor hell can stop me.” It is in this forming and growing, creating, of the will, where heaven and hell learns to follow the will of the magus. A person who wants to develop the soul must never say, “Maybe” or “If I see a sign” because the master creates his own signs. If you need a star to align in front of a tree because that to you would be a sign, then you make the star align with the tree, if not in this world, in the other worlds and in the other dimensions. There are no “ifs” and there are no “maybes” there are only “I wills.” This is the basic platform of magick, and most people never get past it, because not all can.”
C. JoyBell C.

Namkhai Norbu
“All the philosophical theories that exist have been created by the mistaken dualistic minds of human beings. In the realm of philosophy, that which today is considered true, may tomorrow be proved to be false. No one can guarantee a philosophy's validity. Because of this, any intellectual way of seeing whatever is always partial and relative. The fact is that there is no truth to seek or to confirm logically; rather what one needs to do is to discover just how much the mind continually limits itself in a condition of dualism.

Dualism is the real root of our suffering and of all our conflicts. All our concepts and beliefs, no matter how profound they may seem, are like nets which trap us in dualism. When we discover our limits we have to try to overcome them, untying ourselves from whatever type of religious, political or social conviction may condition us. We have to abandon such concepts as 'enlightenment', 'the nature of the mind', and so on, until we are no longer satisfied by a merely intellectual knowledge, and until we no longer neglect to integrate our knowledge with our actual existence.”
Namkhai Norbu, Dzogchen: The Self-Perfected State

Martha Char Love
“And becoming aware of one's true inner nature, instinctive gut feelings, is not generally thought by those who experience it to be in conflict with the essence of one's spiritual knowledge, but more of a Gnostic direct experience of the Sacred experienced in the gut or all of nature that is greater than us and is connected to us through the gut instincts.”
Martha Char Love, What's Behind Your Belly Button? A Psychological Perspective of the Intelligence of Human Nature and Gut Instinct

C.G. Jung
“As understanding deepens, the further removed it becomes from knowledge.”
C.G. Jung, The Essential Jung: Selected Writings

Éliphas Lévi
“The triad, being the fundamental principle of the whole Kabalah, or Sacred Tradition of our fathers, was necessarily the fundamental dogma of Christianity, the apparent dualism of which it explains by the intervention of a harmonious and all-powerful unity. Christ did not put His teaching into writing, and only revealed it in secret to His favored disciple, the one Kabalist, and he a great Kabalist, among the apostles. So is the Apocalypse the book of the Gnosis or Secret Doctrine of the first Christians, and the key of this doctrine is indicated by an occult versicle of the Lord's Prayer, which the Vulgate leaves untranslated, while in the Greek Rite, the priests only are permitted to pronounce it. This versicle, completely kabalistic, is found in the Greek text of the Gospel according to St Matthew, and in several Hebrew copies, as follows:

Ὅτι σοῦ ἐστιν ἡ βασιλεία καὶ ἡ δύναμις καὶ ἡ δόξα εις τοὺς αἰῶνας. ἀμήν.

The sacred word MALKUTH substituted for KETHER, which is its kabalistic correspondent, and the equipoise of GEBURAH and CHESED, repeating itself in the circles of heavens called eons by the Gnostics, provided the keystone of the whole Christian Temple in the occult versicle. It has been retained by Protestants in their New Testament, but they have failed to discern its lofty and wonderful meaning, which would have unveiled to them all the Mysteries of the Apocalypse. There is, however, a tradition in the Church that the manifestation of this mysteries is reserved till the last times.”
Éliphas Lévi, Transcendental Magic: Its Doctrine and Ritual

Stefan Emunds
“Spirituality is the realization of the totality of our being.”
Stefan Emunds, A Modern Crash Course in Spirituality

Jorge Amado
“Does truth lie in the everyday events, the daily incidents, in the pettiness and vulgarity most people’s lives are compounded of, or does the truth have its abode in the dream it is given us to dream to flee our sad human condition?”
Jorge Amado, Home is the Sailor

Stefan Emunds
“People are a soul-ego-spacesuit.”
Stefan Emunds, A Modern Crash Course in Spirituality

“When the rose opens its heart, you will smell the fragrance of its soul.”
Jit Sharma

Jay Woodman
“The Conditioned Mind / shuts off magical vision and gnosis / gives up freedom, truth, real choices / loses sight of love, trust, and social coherence / loses touch with organic life, gives way to interference // risks personal wellbeing, peace of heart, balance of mind / is tricked into believing we need power, money, lies / and people to lead us by the nose into violence and war / is hypnotised, drugged, poisoned, misinformed.”
Jay Woodman

Stefan Emunds
“The universe is a gigantic amusement park in which we can have a ride or two.”
Stefan Emunds, A Modern Crash Course in Spirituality

مصطفى مستور
“ليتني كنت صخرة، قطعة خشب، حفنة تراب. ليتني كنت زبالًا، خبازًا، خياطًا، بائعًا متجولًا، طبيبًا، وزيرًا، ماسح أحذية. ليتني كنت شخصًا آخر لا يعرفك. ليت قلبي كان حجرًا. ليتني لم أملك قلبًا قط. ليتني لم أوجد قط. ليتك لم تكوني موجودة. ليت بإمكاننا محو كل شيء بماسحة السبورة. آه يا مهتاب! ليتني كنت لبنة في جدار بيتك، أو حفنة تراب في حديقتك. ليتني كنت قبضة مزلاج باب غرفتك، حتى تلمسيني كل يوم ألف مرة. ليتني كنت عباءتك. كلا؛ ليتني كنت يديك. ليتني كنت عينيك. كلا؛ ليتني كنت رئتيك، لتدخلي فيّ أنفاسك وتخرجيها مني. ليتني كنت أنتِ. ليتك كنتِ أنا. ليتنا كنا واحدًا؛ شخصًا مُثنى.”
مصطفى مستور, وجه الله

Stefan Emunds
“Spirituality is 80% attitude and 20% knowledge.”
Stefan Emunds, A Modern Crash Course in Spirituality

Stefan Emunds
“Spirituality wants to know and experience higher states of mind and being. It wants to wrestle with angels and look the Creator in the eye.”
Stefan Emunds, A Modern Crash Course in Spirituality

“People who hear the call to conscience follow what they know inwardly --- what they know in consciousness or at higher levels of awareness. I call this irresistible knowing. It is a form of divinely transcendent memory”
Carlton D. Pearson, God Is Not a Christian, Nor a Jew, Muslim, Hindu...: God Dwells with Us, in Us, Around Us, as Us

Stefan Emunds
“As I stumbled into confusion about what was real and what was not, the strangest thing happened: The world disintegrated. Reality collapsed, or my perception of it. It ripped apart like a dry skin under pressure, giving way to something I can only describe as ineffable dimensions, depths upon depths.”
Stefan Emunds, The Priest Whisperer

Pamela Dean
“Seeming and knowing made hideous faces at one another across the breadth of her mind.”
Pamela Dean

“Creation is always an act of affirmation, a lust for life or activity, a restlessness accompanied by art. That art is what pleases and invigorates and mystifies me.”
Jean Moreau, Abbey of Kervennec, France

Karim El Koussa
“Perfection only happens when one has both faith and gnosis.”
Karim El Koussa

Charles Eisenstein
“To be fully in service to something one has experienced as real is the essence of leadership in a nonhierarchical age. A leader is the holder of a story, someone whose experience of its reality is deep enough so that she can hold the belief on behalf of others.”
Charles Eisenstein, The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know Is Possible

“Thou seekest Lailâ. Yet she manifesteth herself within thee.
Thou deemest her to be elsewhere, but elsewhere existeth not.
That is a madness, well-known to lovers.
So be on your guard, for otherness is the epitome of separation.
Seest thou not, how her beauty enfoldeth thee.
She disappeareth only if thou refusest part of thee.
Come close to me, thou sayst to her, to her who is thine All.
And when she loveth thee, she leadeth thee to thyself.
Bliss ineffable is the meeting with her.
No one reacheth her, who knoweth not essence without form.
I have dissimulated about her,
After I had truly displayed her through my veil.
I hid her from myself, with the garment of mine own existence,
And, out of jealousy, I hid her from the envier.
Dazzling beauty! Should the light of thy countenance
Touch the eyes of a blind man, he would see each particle of dust.
She is adorned with every grace pertaining unto beauty.
And wherever she appeareth, she is desired by those who love.
Muhammad al-Harrâq

“The hidden influence of such thinking on Protestant Christianity, of course, has been enormous. No Protestant body would professor even consider what the religious humanists said in 1933. Yet on a practical level, a metaphysical doubt is present. When the doubt remains unchallenged, it leads modern Christians into a position very similar to that of the ancient gnostics. If the heresiarchs devised archons to be responsible for the mistakes of the cosmos, thereby free­ing God of responsibility, a scientifically oriented generation has in­terposed its own archons: the big bang, probability, evolution, all of which provide some distance between God and this deficient cosmos.”
Philip J. Lee, Against the Protestant Gnostics

“Armaggedon Buenos Aires

Before going to Jesus, I was Jesus.
Before going to Shiva, I was Shiva.
Before going to the Great Mother,
I was the Great Mother.
You know….
Before the "Awakening"
the "Real Awakening" is be an not born.”
Daniel Wamba

“I commit suicide, because there are things in me that should not die.”
Daniel Wamba

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