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John Steinbeck
“They said I looked like a foreign devil; they said I spoke like a foreign devil. I made mistakes in manners, and I didn't know delicacies that had grown up since my father left. They wouldn't have me. You can believe it or not - I'm less foreign here than I was in China.”
John Steinbeck, East of Eden

Elaine Castillo
“You already know that the first thing that makes you foreign to a place is to be born poor in it; you don't need to emigrate to America to feel what you already felt when you were ten, looking up at the rickety concrete roof above your head and knowing that one more bad typhoon would bring it down to crush your bones and the bones of all your siblings sleeping next to you; or selling fruit by the side of the road to people who made sure to never really look at you, made sure not to touch your hands when they put the money in it. You've been foreign all your life. When you finally leave, all you're hoping for is a more bearable kind of foreignness.”
Elaine Castillo, America Is Not the Heart

Edmond Jabès
“«No adoptes esa idea errónea de que todo extranjero, porque exhibe su diferencia, es incapaz de ser solidario»”
Edmond Jabès, Un extranjero con, bajo el brazo, un libro de pequeño formato

Toni Morrison
“Our uneasiness with our own feelings of foreignness, our own rapidly fraying sense of belonging. To what do we pay greatest allegiance? Family, language group, culture, country, gender? Religion, race? And if none of these matter, are we urbane, cosmopolitan, or simply lonely? In other words, how do we decide where we belong? What convinces us that we do? Or put another way, what is the matter with foreignness?”
Toni Morrison

Samantha Hunt
“I feel something foreign bloom between my husband and me, an intruder, a mold. I see my husband with eyes that don’t know him, as if he quite suddenly became a man from Brazil, or grew a beard, or started speaking in a southern accent. As if after eleven years of marriage he somehow had all of his secrets returned to him, made secret again.”
Samantha Hunt, The Dark Dark

Jean Baudrillard
“[...]Cosmopolitan evolutionism is an illusion, and it is everywhere being exposed as such.
There is no solution to Foreignness. It is eternal - and radical. It is not a matter of wanting it to be that way. It simply is so.”
Jean Baudrillard, The Transparency of Evil: Essays in Extreme Phenomena

Jean Baudrillard
“So the secret of philosophy may not be to know oneself, nor to know where one is going, but rather to go where the other is going; not to dream oneself, but rather to dream what others dream; not to believe oneself, but rather to believe in those who do believe: to give priority to all determinants from elsewhere. Whether they are legible or not, decipherable or not, is of no consequence - the main thing is to embrace the foreign form of any event, any object, any fortuitous being, because in any case you will never know who you are. Today, when people have lost their shadows, it is of the utmost importance to be followed by someone; today, when everyone is losing their own tracks, it is of the utmost urgency that someone be on your tracks: even if he wipes them out and makes you disappear as a result, at least your disappearance will have occurred in a collusive mode; at least a symbolic form of obligation, an enigmatic form of conjunction and disjunction, will have been brought into play.”
Jean Baudrillard

Wisława Szymborska
“Only what is human can truly be foreign.
The rest is mixed vegetation, subversive moles, and wind.”
Wisława Szymborska, View with a Grain of Sand: Selected Poems