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Charles R. Cross
“He was able to sit in silence for long stretches without feeling a need to make small talk.”
Charles R. Cross, Heavier Than Heaven: A Biography of Kurt Cobain

William Shakespeare
“There's no art to find the mind's construction in the face”
William Shakespeare

Mordecai Richler
“But the truth is, nothing delights me more than a biography of one of the truly great that proves he or she was an absolute shit.”
Mordecai Richler, Barney's Version

Christina Engela
“When religion ceases to be speculative and becomes factual and "true", it will become science. Science can be used to prove or disprove opinions, beliefs and accusations. Until any religion crosses that line, who is anyone to use their religion to judge others?”
Christina Engela, Demonspawn

Max Weber
“... Whenever the man of science introduces his personal value judgment, a full understanding of the facts ceases.”
Max Weber

Casey McQuiston
“i’ve already been in the royal box”
Casey McQuiston, Red, White & Royal Blue

Dan Brown
“Widespread acceptance of a fact is not a proof of its validity.”
Dan Brown

Sarah MacLean
“It's so beautiful and red."
Pippa nodded. "That's the chromium."
"The what?"
"Chromium. It is an additive in the crystal that turns it red. If it were anything else added... it wouldn't be a ruby. It would be a sapphire." Olivia blinked, and Pippa continued, "It's a common misconception that all sapphires are blue, but that's not the case. They can be any color... green or yellow or pink, even. It depends on the additive. But they're all called sapphires. It's only if they're red that they're called something else. Rubies. Because of the chromium.”
Sarah MacLean, One Good Earl Deserves a Lover

“You are more powerful when you’re sensual than when you’re factual. Wise women know how to make sensuality their power base.”
Lebo Grand

Ármin Vámbéry
“Religion in modern society is only artificially kept together and upheld by the Church and by those Governments to whose social or private interest it is that it should flourish.”
Ármin Vámbéry, Western culture in Eastern lands: a comparison of the methods adopted by England and Russia in the Middle East

“Somethings in life aren't as easy as drinking orange juice, see?”
William Astout

R.L. Matthies
“At the heart of all of mankind’s achievements is imagination.”
R.L. Matthies

“Ah the gods of little men ......that make them smaller still.”
LG Space

Sara Sheridan
“While what I write is always largely consistent with the records that remain I freely admit that where historical fact proves a barrier to invention, I simply move a detail a little one way or another.”
Sara Sheridan

“I'm A Speaker, Your A Listener. ”
Famous Pedro

“Historians and critics too often overlook the state of mind of the commanders in judging a military or naval action.”
Tameichi Hara

“A dream is a kind of nocturnal drama to which the only price of admission is falling asleep.”
Henry Gleitman, Psychology

Christina Engela
“Advocacy groups in the USA, as in other countries, may not be able to silence this hateful, cowardly and deceitful attack upon people’s humanity – but they can put out the correct, factual, scientifically and medically accurate information in an attempt to counter the ignorance and to restore the balance.”
Christina Engela, The Pink Community - The Facts

Criss Jami
“It is not enough to call yourself a 'free thinker' just because you can change your beliefs. A whole mess of people change their beliefs based on what is fashionable rather than what is factual, which, by always following the crowd, would be the complete opposite of the beauty of a free thinker.”
Criss Jami, Healology

Tony Alleyne
“Those is seek to profit from the torment of others will eventually pay the piper”
Tony Alleyne, Click, Click Bang!

Sophie Masson
“Truth is the first casualty of war.”
Sophie Masson, 1914

Kevin N. Fair
“Quoting Shakespeare doesn't make you an intellectual. It just makes you a fan of Shakespeare.”
Kevin N. Fair

Daniel   Kemp
“For a lie to add piquancy to a story the story would be factual. Fantasy needs no lie to stimulate or excite. But if the factual story is contrived or fallacious then it’s the fantasy that is the lie.”
Daniel Kemp, The Desolate Garden

“The economic impulse is individualistic, the cultural impulse is collective”
David Throsby

“I used to think nightmares were like memories, tactile but harmless, the fear confined to that place inside me I could never reach with my eyes...But all it would take was that first breath back into consciousness and the darkness would let go of me. I could count on that, on the morning always rescuing me.”
Leaken Zea Kemp

Susan Wise Bauer
“[Louis XIV] announced that he would now rule absolutely, without a council of advisors... No French king had ruled without advisors for almost a hundred years. And no one believed that this elegant young man... would be an efficient ruler.”
Susan Wise Bauer, Early Modern Times: From Elizabeth the First to the Forty-Niners

Criss Jami
“Not too fashionable, still, she was admirable, intellectual; and yet to many, factual, though fairly objectionable, when met through claiming: 'I don't respect you unless you respect truth.”
Criss Jami

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