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“Domination is a relationship, not a condition; it depends on the participation of both parties. Hierarchical power is not just the gun in the policeman's hand; it is just as much the obedience of the ones who act as if it is always pointed at them. It is not just the government and the executives and the armed forces; it extends through society from top to bottom, an interlocking web of control and compliance. Sometimes all it takes to be complicit in the oppression of millions is to die of natural causes.”
CrimethInc., Contradictionary

Michael Harrington
“Managers receiving hundreds of thousands a year—and setting their compensation for themselves—are not being paid wages, they are appropriating surplus value in the guise of wages. ”
Michael Harrington

Bob   Anderson
“When direction and meaning are confined to Executive Leadership, value is minimized.”
Bob Anderson, Mastering Leadership: An Integrated Framework for Breakthrough Performance and Extraordinary Business Results

Crystal Kadakia
“Millennials, instead of a danger, are really a reflection of the society in which they grew up in, and in which all of us now live.”
Crystal Kadakia, The Millennial Myth: Transforming Misunderstanding Into Workplace Breakthroughs

Crystal Kadakia
“Despite the continual rise of the knowledge worker over the last 60 years, we haven’t done enough to question “how we’ve always done things” and redefine effectiveness in organizations.”
Crystal Kadakia

Kim Stanley Robinson
“There's all kinds of phantom work! Unreal values assigned to most of the jobs on Earth! The entire transnational executive class does nothing a computer couldn't do, and there are whole categories of parasitical jobs that add nothing to the system by an ecologic accounting. Advertising, stock brokerage, the whole apparatus for making money only from the manipulation of money--that is not only wasteful but corrupting, as all meaningful money values get distorted in such manipulation." She waved her hand in disgust.”
Kim Stanley Robinson, Red Mars

Nick Drnaso
“What I’m talking about is the order of chosen men who inherit power. From Pharaohs and kings to bankers and executives. Their path is paved for them, and life is but a child’s lavish play pen. It used to be that the peasants would toil in meaningless servitude, unable to see the big picture, without a chance to break the cycle. Now we have computers to help us do our research. Suddenly, the rhythms and patterns of oppression and deceit since time immemorial come into startling focus.”
Nick Drnaso, Sabrina